More Black on White violence…crickets

Posted on August 10, 2012


Here we have yet another example of the cowardly and reprehensible racial violence aimed at defenseless (dare I say?) White victims.  This latest atrocity took place in Kansas City, Missouri.   An elderly gentleman aged 93, whose name was not disclosed by authorities was resting peacefully in his home, when a piece of human garbage named Tony Putnam, 18 broke into the home for the purpose of theft – and no doubt, the bonus of assaulting the occupants.

Putnam discovered the homeowner and commenced to punching the man in the face and binding him with belts so as to immobilize the target of the attack.  Shortly after this ordeal began, the man’s 84 year old wife returned from the local bank, where she had withdrawn $400.00 cash.  She heard her husband’s cries of pain and injury.

On her way upstairs to find out what might be troubling her husband, she was confronted by the invader.  He demanded money and as she tried to offer him some cash, he went through her purse and took the $400 that she had just withdrawn.  As a gesture of thanks and appreciation, he dragged the 84 year old into another room and viciously raped her.

As soon as this was accomplished, he rummaged through the house and took other valuables including jewelry that he could fence somewhere.  Then he grabbed the keys to the woman’s car and left the scene of the mayhem.

Somehow, the 93 year old man, who had just been beaten and terrorized, was able to manage to free himself from the restraints and limp through the house to find his wife.  When he discovered her body, she was crumpled on the floor in a fetal position.  He feared that she was dead.  He was able to dial 911 and summon the police.  A bulletin was broadcast on the description and plates of the stolen vehicle.

Less than an hour and a half later, officers spotted the car being driven by the suspect with a clown load of homeboys along for the ride.  They attempted to pull the driver over, who commenced to lead them on a chase.  Do you ever wonder what these cretins are thinking when they do that?  Where the hell do they think they are going to go to get away from authorities?  In any event, after corralling the stolen car and its occupants, the police mirandized the driver, who would have been arrested in any event, for suspicion of vehicle theft and attempting to evade pursuit.

Once the questioning proceeded, Putnam blurted out, “It wasn’t them – I did it all.  They had nothing to do with anything.”  Once in custody at Headquarters, Putnam decided to switch gears and deny any of the charges.  “I never seen those people.  I never been at that home.  I found the car with the keys in it at 74th and Troost, ya understand.  Where’d I get that dough?  Uh, my mom gave it to me and the jewelry too.”

Naturally, when you have a dirtbag on ice for safekeeping under a hot lamp, it’s utterly simple to vouchsafe their story.  An investigator picked up the phone and spoke to the suspect’s very own dear mom, who startled by the circumstance and the question, frankly admitted she knew nothing of $392 dollars or any jewelry her son may be claiming she gave him.  This is interesting.  This piece of excrement’s first impulse is to exonerate the homies, but when reality sets in, he throws momma under the bus.

Putnam had another slight problem.  He had gashed his wrist while forcing his way into the victims’ home and had left blood evidence at the crime scene.  “Mr. Putnam, how did you get that injury?”  “Uh, yeah, uh – that was, I got that when I was wrestling wiv my cuzzin”.  Uh, huh.

Putnam has been charged with six counts including robbery, rape, felony assault and some other undisclosed charges.  I would add attempted murder.  He left the scene of the crime and did not know whether the recipients of his beatings and sexual assault were still living or breathing or not.

My impressions of this include my strong suspicion that, as in most instances, these thugs staked out a likely target beforehand.     Likely – in this context, meaning that they were elderly and defenseless.  I have no doubt that this was a crime with a racial motivation as well.  He knew the occupants of the home were White.  Putnam has learned from the Racial Identity Politics (RIP) advocacy of Black ‘Community Leaders’ – you know the usuals on this – that Whites owe the Black man something in the way of their personal property, their dignity and their pain.

Putnam is being held on $200,000 bond.  I just about hit the ceiling when I saw that!  Are you kidding me?   These pieces of garbage go right out and re-offend while they are out on bail, pose a threat to the victims and also are a flight risk.  He tried to run away from police with a stolen car!  Hello?  These judges and particularly these prosecutors, have a role in the terror criminals inflict on society.

It is thankful that the couple were well attended to by emergency room physicians and are likely to recover from their injuries in time.  They will never recover from the psychological trauma they underwent.  Nice way to spend your last years on this earth – having nightmares of a monstrous invasion of your home and person.

As to the rape.  There is a statistic that has been extrapolated from the DOJ crime reports.  Black on White rape is 565 to 1.  Per capita, it is 2,500 to 1.  Some of the motivation behind this compulsive tendency, may be explained by the following sentiments expressed by Black Panther Eldridge Cleaver in his book, Soul on Ice:

“Rape was an insurrectionary act. It delighted me that I was defying and trampling upon the white man’s law, upon his system of values, and that I was defiling his women…I felt I was getting revenge. From the site of the act of rape, consternation spread outwardly in concentric circles.  I wanted to send waves of consternation thoughout the white race.”

Just one other thing perplexes me.  These kinds of crimes are very common and the victims here could both have died in their homes from this attack.  Where is this story on the ‘Alphabet’ channels?  Where is the 6000 degree Fahrenheit intensity on this heinous and repugnant deed – as there was concerning the ‘Travyon Martin’ case?

Simply, there isn’t any.  When the victims are White and the perpetrator is Black, the response is, “Nothing here to see, folks – move along now, move along”.  It’s just ‘Rapanations’.