The People’s Republic of Portland

Posted on August 14, 2012


Portland State University is offering courses on Marxism – basically ‘How To’ courses.  Big shock, eh?  Goes on in ‘institutions of higher learning’ all over the country – in this case, Portland State is just adhering to truth in advertising.   In researching the piece about this little island of insanity, Portland, this baby brother of San Francisco, I came across the video you just saw.   The individual who posted it on Youtube, provides the background details:

Following a U-Choose Event the videographer is given the opportunity (with the subject’s consent) to interview a Communist, Grant Booth. Booth is a member of the International Socialists Organization (ISO) which advocates Trotsky Communism. The group was caught on tape last Tax Day leading an angry, violent counter protest to the TEA Party.  The group’s President Neil Thomas Loehlein is featured standing with those who made racist and homophobic comments.  Portland State University conducted an official investigation into the incident.  Booth was recently arrested as a part of the Occupy Portland movement in downtown Portland.   Occupy’s illegal protest cost the city of Portland in excess of $1.75 Million dollars. 

Booth teaches the Marxist curriculum at Portland State.  The classes are described in the syllabus thusly:

“This course is designed to introduce students to the basic concepts of Marxist thought with an emphasis on the practical applications of Marxist Theory in local political struggle.  We will focus on four major areas throughout the semester, including the Fundamentals of Marxist Theory, Marxism and Oppression, Revolutionary Practice, and The Future of Socialism.  In exploring these four areas of focus, the course will compare and contrast revolutionary Marxism to Stalinism, reformist socialism, leading academic interpretations of Marxism, as well as other radical leftist ideologies.”

Another course in the series is ‘Art Within Activism’.   “Rediscover your radical imagination! This course will focus on creating art within Portland-based activist initiatives, such as marches, actions, and causes different grassroots community groups are working on, like the Occupy and Decolonize movements.  We will experiment with applying diverse mediums—graphic design, social practice, printmaking, and sculpture—to actions seeking to resolve diverse problems—hegemony, biodiversity loss, immigrant detention, animal exploitation, debt, insufficient healthcare, etc.”

Man, they just can’t get enough of that word ‘diverse’.  They love it so much they should marry it.   Ah, a Progressive and his ‘Marxist-O-Babble’ vocabulary – isn’t it just divine?     I can’t help but think that someone’s hard earned income is being siphoned off in each payroll deduction to fund indoctrination designed to ultimately transform said taxpayer into a feudal servant of the ‘workers’.

What will these ‘workers’ be doing, once they ‘control the means of production’?  Who will be the ‘consumers’ of these worker controlled products and services?  I suppose the answers would be readily forthcoming from those conducting the Marxist courses at P.S.U.

I propose an excellent way to actually test these theories without causing undo disruption to the rest of us.  Let’s find a geographical area with rich natural resources, plenty of available labor and an educational system to sustain the instruction of ‘pure’ Marxist economic and societal planning and turn it over to them to see what the outcome would be.   Oh, forget it – I just realized it already exists.  It’s called California!!!!!

Portland is a beautiful area, no doubt – but it’s also one of those places where the hippy dippies never grow up or fade away, they just become City Council members, City planners and bureaucrats.  Lest you think I paint with too broad a brush, consider the sample of ‘community organizations’ that call Portland their home:

Occupy PSU, Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights, Occupy Portland, Portland Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions Coalition (BDS), Jobs with Justice, and the May Day Coalition.  ‘Jobs with Justice‘ – that sounds intriguing.  That, and many of these appear to be the result of the ‘breakup’ of American Communism.  By that I mean, just as ‘Ma Bell’ (AT&T) was divested by a court decision back in 1984, into ‘Baby Bells’ – the Communist movement morphed into these smaller splinter cells when the heat was applied by the House UnAmerican Activities Committee in the period following WWII up to the mid 1970’s.

Most recently, the City of Portland is replicating the policies of the Obama administration on a micro scale.  I refer to the political manipulation of the local economy whereby The Portland city council two years ago put in place regulations that force limousine and sedan services to charge a $50 minimum for rides to and from the airport, and at least 35 percent more than taxis for trips to any other destination.

Add insult to injury –  these transportation companies cannot pick up customers until at least an hour after the customer calls for a ride.  So, if you want to choose something more civilized in the mode of transportation, you are acting ‘bourgeois’ and need to be reminded who is in charge.

Care to guess what the stated rationale behind this Leninistic manipulation of the transportation market is?   I won’t make you guess.  Here is a proud, Marxist beard scratcher Frank Dufray, administrator for Portland’s Private-for-Hire Transportation Program, which regulates both taxi and livery services, to explain it.

“The main thing is that you don’t want the Town cars to take all of the best fares, which are to the airport, and not leave any for the taxi industry,” he said. “That’s why there’s a minimum fare and a one-hour wait requirement.” 

Oh, I see – not only does a  little sub-agency of the City get to wield regulatory power over private enterprise, by fiat of a ‘Czar’ (hmmm, where did they get that idea?), but they also decide who are the winners and who are the losers in their economic planning schemes.   I could just be venturing a wild guess, but could it be the City is looking to lend a helping hand in the formation of a Cab Driver’s Union???   Add to the mix, the smell of ‘class envy incense’ and you’ve got a Communist bong hit that is irresistible to these little ‘Trotsky Juniors’.   This kind of thinking, up until fairly recently, scarcely would raise the eyebrow of the average European.

We had a couple of exchange students from Sweden a number of years back and they were wonderful kids, truly.  But one of the things that I found remarkable was their amazement and perplexity at something we take for granted in America – the wide range of choices, even down to the number of breakfast cereals in the grocery store.

Socialist governments are not philosophically enamored with a lot of competition in the economic sphere of goods and services.  The Leninistas of Portland and other such producers of Communistic Greenhouse gases are of like mind.  And yet, the contradiction of it all is that our homegrown Mao Tse Tungs are in reality, very materialistic minded.  God help you if took away the little coffee huts – (Starbucks is now so…’last century’) where the designer ‘Joe’ costs $5, and the Panera bread shops where a pastry costs $4 and the Volvo or the Audi dealership…you see where I’m going with this?

Actually, I just stepped on my own toes on the Volvo thing.  I have a couple of them parked in the driveway.  But I have a valid  reason – I found the proverbial ‘needle in the haystack’ – an honest car mechanic and he only services Volvos and the semi-defunct Saab vehicles, so I have to drive them.  If I didn’t, I’d lose my honest mechanic, you see.  Actually they are damn nice cars, but I resent the fact that liberals have drawn them into their sphere of cultural references.  I promise that I do not have a ‘CoExist’ bumper sticker on either car.  Confession is good for the soul.

You know that what’s become of Portland is a cautionary tale.  It can happen, and in many instances is happening in your town.   I tip my hat to those local Tea Party groups that maintain vigilance over the week to week, month to month doings of city governments.

Stopping tyranny is like the guy Erich Brenn, who spun the plates on sticks as one of the most popular ‘acts’ on the Ed Sullivan show.  The distinction is that one person cannot do this alone.  We can all use our God given talents as ‘American Exceptionalists’.  We can all find a ‘plate to spin’ in the proper direction.

Peace, out.