The Hits just keep on coming…

Posted on August 22, 2012



Well folks, the ‘hits’ just keep on coming. I’ve posted several reports of a race war that is underway in this country and at an accelerating pace coincidental with the illegal occupation of the White House by one Barack Hussein Obama.

A friend of mine was visiting a vacation spot in a foreign country, which also happens to host a well known US Military base. He described to me how Black soldiers on leave from the base, in a state of inebriation or under the influence of some substance were marauding in packs, challenging civilians to fights and otherwise displaying rowdy, harassing behavior.

In numerous instances, the hooligans in uniform were heard to exclaim, “Hey, you don’t like the way we’re acting, you can shove it.  We got a N**ger in the White House now, y’all!”

It’s hard  to imagine that this sentiment is not pervasive also among Black teens in urban areas in the US as well. Here is the latest episode of Black Mob Criminality and violence. First let me preface, the details by reminding you of a rather simple rule of thumb when perusing media accounts of hoodlum activity with a racial element associated with it.

There are two reliable clues to look for that will tell you if the crime was perpetrated by a Black or Hispanic against a Caucasian victim. Number one – no picture or name of the victim will be referenced in the report. Number two – unless the assailants are still at large, there will be either no reference to the race of the suspect, or it will be found several paragraphs into the story, where it is assumed that most readers will not have sustained enough interest in the story to discover it.

This is not accidental. It is deliberate. Political Correctness and ‘racial sensitivity’ on behalf of liberals, who have become embedded in the media and among public officials responsible for disseminating information to the public, prohibits straightforward statements of such details because it might tend to unfairly ‘stereotype’ a segment of the community.

On to the particulars of this latest episode in Richmond, Virginia at Virginia Commonwealth University:

Police were searching today for a group of about 15 young men and women believed to have committed an assault and a violent robbery in rapid succession on Virginia Commonwealth University’s main academic campus in downtown Richmond.  

Neither victim was seriously injured in the two attacks, which occurred along Shafer Street on the Monroe Park campus about 2:55 a.m.

VCU and Richmond police described the assailants as a group of 15 Black males between the ages of 17 and 22.

The first victim, who is not a VCU student, reported being punched without provocation by a member of the group while getting out of a vehicle at Shafer and West Grace streets.

Moments later, the group encountered the second victim, a VCU student, at Shafer and West Franklin streets. The student told police one member of the group made a comment about his boots before the victim was punched in the back of the head and knocked to the ground.

Once on the ground, the victim was told by one of the assailants, “Give me everything you’ve got.”  The victim was punched again in the neck and a pack of cigarettes was stolen from his pants pocket, police said.

The assailants were last seen heading south through Shafer Court.

(report courtesy of Richmond Times – Dispatch)

You can choose to remain naïve and assume that the victims were randomly selected – although it is within the realm of possibility. However, it appears that the criminal mob assembles in packs and has a pre-determined plan involving a point of egress that enables them to depart conveniently back into the ‘hood’.

If you pay any attention to the culture of urban Blacks, you are well aware that the rap music scene affords credibility to racial attacks against Whites and other ethnicities. There is a peer reinforced consensual orientation and inclination to seek Whites as the objects of rape, physical assault and theft.

To deny this reality is to place one’s person and possessions in grave jeopardy.