This Must Not Stand

Posted on August 24, 2012


Sgt. Brandon Raub

“If you are unaware of the great amount of evil perpetrated by the American Government I suggest you take … your head out of the sand. The day of reckoning is almost at hand.”

“I am standing against a great evil. I will do it all by myself if I have to.”

These are the words of Marine Sergeant Brandon Raub of Chesterfied County, Virginia. They could have been my words.  I have studied history at length, and Sgt. Raub makes a true statement. One more example of evil can be added to the list. 

Because of comments including the above quote that were posted on Facebook, Sgt. Raub has been detained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and is being held against his will at the Salem VA Medical Center, where he is to be “detained” after a hearing before a judge who has enforced a 96 hour “observation period”.

Raub has been taken into custody, but has not been read his Miranda rights, nor has he been formally charged with any crime or arrested (per se). The FBI, the Chesterfield County Police, and apparently the Secret Service were videotaped by Raub’s family hauling him away in handcuffs.  These agencies claim that Brandon is “not under arrest”. Excuse me? What provision in the Constitution allows for such a procedure?

Dee Rybiski, a spokeswoman for the Richmond FBI office, would not comment on the matter except to reiterate that no arrest had been made. “We don’t comment on mental-health issues or anything like that,” she said. “We simply went to speak with him about the many complaints that we had gotten about his posts.”

Does this mean that if you or I write something on a post that someone finds objectionable that we are liable to Soviet era style apprehension day or night. Brandon Smith at Oathkeepers outlines the history of that kind of behavior that has been (up until now) considered anathema in our system of justice:

During the height of communist power in the former Soviet Union, the corrupt establishment bureaucracy often sought out ways in which they could deal with or silence dissident movements and outspoken individuals while avoiding public exposure and minimize blowback from the Russian populace. 

A very effective method they devised was the use of the ‘Psikhushka’, or psychiatric prisons where activists against the state could be held indefinitely, isolated from other prisoners and the rest of the world. 

By housing dissidents in mental hospitals, the Soviet government hoped that the public would assume that the prisoners were “psychologically unstable or deranged” and that if the activist ever did get word to others about his political incarceration, no one would believe his claims anyway.

The strategy allowed the Soviets to severely stifle anti-government speech for quite some time, feeding terror into the citizenry who now carefully censored themselves for fear of authoritarian retribution, not to mention the possible betrayal of friends and neighbors who might turn them in for a pat on the head from the state.

In fact, the widespread propaganda that the communists promoted amongst the public was that anyone who actually did speak out against the government “had to be mentally ill”, creating entirely new clinical designations to categorize those who refused to comply. 

In a previous post, ‘Tea Party Terrorists’,  I detailed how the Department of Homeland Insecurity, under Janet ‘Big Sis’ Napolitano, has paid out taxpayer’s funds to the tune of millions of dollars to commission studies and reports that brand Tea Party beliefs as dangerous and conceivably terroristic.

Evidently, they are on the same page as professors that were operating in the Soviet run Moscow Serbsky Institute, who claimed that:

 Most frequently, ideas about a struggle for truth and justice are formed by personalities with a paranoid structure…”

So, if you harbor ideas about resisting tyranny, you are clinically paranoid and unfit to mingle with the rest of society that have been conditioned to meekly abide injustice and denial of human rights.

Another organization that has been invited to crawl into bed with the DHS, is the Southern Law Poverty Center.

Before the collapse of the Soviet Union the SPLC was designated as a Communist front. It was essentially run by a couple, Anne and Carl Braden, who were CPUSA members. They had been identified in sworn testimony, and they made no attempt to deny the allegations. They would be proud that their legacy remains intact – their “heirs”- destroyers and America-haters – continue the work to subvert, destroy America.

Bill Keller of provides some insight on the SPLC:

“The sad shooting the other day at the Family Research Council by a man who supports the radical homosexual agenda, was clearly fueled by the left wing group, the Southern Poverty Law Center. I receive at least 4-5 death threats a month for taking a Biblical stand on issues like homosexuality, the false religion of Islam and other cults, and the fact life begins at conception and choosing to end that life is nothing more than legalized infanticide.”

Because Mr. Keller does not keep his mouth shut about his viewpoint on moral issues – he is branded as a ‘hate group’ by the SPLC.  Mr. Keller is going to hit the SPLC and its leader Morris Dees where it hurts. He is going to file a $100 million dollar defamation lawsuit against them.

You can see that we’ve reached the point at which our own government is teaming with private organizations to attack traditional values and mainstream American values. It is quite likely that this unlawful detainment of Sgt. Raub is in part connected with his family’s political activities, which as we know, are frowned upon by the Obama administration. Consider the comments of Sgt. Raub’s mother Cathleen:

He’s a good-to-go Marine who understands he is in a situation where he is watched at all times and he knows they are looking for anything to use as a justification for what they are doing to him.  He is disciplined, but please pray for his patience, and his stalwart faith.  He knew that when he spoke up something like this could happen.  He sensed it was coming, and yet he knew he had not just a First Amendment protected right, but also a DUTY to speak out.

We had conversations about what is going on in our country and then decided to do something about it.  We formed the Richmond Liberty movement and held a rally November 15, 2011 and have been very active in the community since.   We were always speaking out against legislation threatening rights, such as SOPA, and writing our legislators.”

My warning to all of you is that the expression of your 1st Amendment rights under the Constitution are likely to find you in the crosshairs of a government bent on enforcing conformity to what I call the ‘New Fascism of the 21st Century’.  If anyone has doubts about this, ask Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, who dared to question the bonafides of Barack Hussein Obama’s eligibility to hold the office of President and Commander-in-Chief. Lakin was stripped of his military career (including pension) and left to cool his heels in Leavenworth for five months!

Oathkeepers tells us that Brandon Raub has very competent local legal counsel provided by the Rutherford Institute. If you would like to donate to his legal defense, go to and be sure to add a note that your donation is for the Raub case.

I would also mention that for those of you who are in the state of Virginia, there are protests underway and more are being organized. Go to for more details on what is being done to counter this travesty and how you can become involved.