I Love R. Lee Ermey. Geico doesn’t.

Posted on August 27, 2012


That commercial was one of the few that ever made me ‘LOL’ every time I saw it and even some times when the TV was off.

R. Lee Ermey is the prototype of what we love about Marine Corp veterans – real salt of the earth, hard core, storm the gates of Hell with a bucket of water.  At the same time, faithful, well, ‘always faithful’ as the motto or better described – commitment of the Corp expresses it.

That’s R. Lee Ermey – who has appeared in 6o motion pictures, including Apocalypse Now! and Full Metal Jacket.   And then…there’s GEICO.

GEICO is short for Government Employees Insurance Co-Operative.  That’s correct – I’m not making that up.  GEICO, or their ad agency, have turned out to be the prototypical ‘Jackwagons’.  Government Employees and a Gunnery Sergeant and Drill Instructor – how long could it last?

GEICO got its panties all in a bunch about R. Lee Ermey simply telling the truth about the fraud that we have ‘Occupying’ the White House and what he’s doing to this country.  Here is the video (His comments appear following a repeat of the GEICO ad):

Sgt. Ermey told TMZ, “GEICO fired me because I had, I wasn’t too kind about speaking with the, about the administration, so the present administration. So they fired me.”

If you want to let GEICO’s advertising agency know what you think of this decision, you can contact them here:

One Shockoe Plaza
Richmond, Virginia
PH: 804/698/8000
FAX: 804/698/8001

or here:

71 Fifth Avenue
4th Floor
New York, New York
PH: 212/405/4800
FAX: 212/405/4860

and if you want to let GEICO themselves know that you will be looking for car insurance elsewhere (please NOT Progressive – although, I love ‘Flo’ too):


There is – as we’ve seen in countless other instances, a free pass for liberals to express themselves politically to their heart’s content.  Let a conservative do it?  See ‘ya, wouldn’t want to be ‘ya!  Well, as Gunny Sgt. Ermey says in the video, the Corp will always be around.

With any luck, and a little hard work by you and me – the clown in the Oval Office will be gone next January.