Our Work is Never Done

Posted on September 14, 2012


A class photo of frauds, liers, puppets, tyrants, murderers and fools – past and present.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

There are a lot of confused, misguided, incompetent and in some cases, truly evil – people  relentlessly engaged in the pursuit of the destruction of freedom, the Rule of Law, Free Enterprise, Inalienable Rights, our Borders, our National language and our Cultural heritage.

The purpose of Blasted Fools is to expose their actions, subvert their plans and heap ridicule upon them.   We’re not alone in this effort.  It is because of the miraculous growth of the alternative Conservative media educating and alerting and equipping Patriots in the battle for the heart and soul of America and Western Civilization itself, that we’re turning back the tide of tyranny and growing the ranks of the Tea Party and smart independent minded voters.

Blasted Fools goes after politicos, party hacks, fascists, marxists, progressives, celebrity whacks, partisan hacks, corrupt legislators. banksters, bail out bandits, crony capitalists, special interest lobbies, dictators, globalists, criminal mobs, race card mongers, neo-cons, the GLBT political agenda, Islamic fanatics and anyone else out to confiscate your personal property, income, Natural Law rights and individual freedoms.   In other words, everyone responsible for screwing up the greatest nation in the history of the World.

Conversely, Blasted Fools salutes what we call ‘Anti-Blasted Fools’.  Anti-Blasted Fools are courageous and honorable Americans that inspire us by doing the right thing and standing for virtue.

We’re not a single topic blog.  Blasted Fools at various times will deal with Free Speech, 2nd Amendment concerns, National Security, the emerging Police State, Monopoly Capitalism, Socialism, Illegal Immigration, Crime, Media dishonesty, Corporatism, Globalism, Climate Change fiction and a host of other vitally important topics.

Blasted Fools is always an all-original content site.  Guest contributors are invited to submit content and all contributors are fully credited and acknowledged.

This is also an activist site.  Not only do I point the reader in the direction of the rats, but in certain instances I put you in charge of pest control in the form of links where you can express your displeasure.

May I encourage you also, to use Blasted Fools as a weapon of truth.  Perhaps you are reading an article on a news site and you strongly disagree with some of the people commenting.   I try to build each post I write, around the central concept of rebutting the false narratives of the Left and other opponents of constitutional freedom.   Feel free to use these arguments as talking points in your efforts to do the same.

One very successful tactic that many of my readers employ, is re-posting these articles and even linking them in comments in places like the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Huff Po and hundreds of other places on the net where people are in need of having the scales removed from their eyes.

I warmly invite you to comment on all the content on Blasted Fools and to join us by following the posts so that you can receive an update whenever we post a new article or report – which is typically about 3 times a week.

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