Graduate Degrees in Jihad

Posted on September 16, 2012


Evidently the suits and ties didn’t fool the jury. The Irvine 11 after the guilty verdict.

The research and preparation for this post was undertaken before the commemoration of 9/11, the report of the attack on our Embassy and the murder of our Ambassador to Libya and other embassy personnel. So, the topic matter is more than a little ironic.

Last week’s events underline the fact that Islam, an ideology and a religion (as widely practiced since its inception), is incompatible with our values and our civilization. Then why is it that we continue to invite more and more of the practitioners of this culture and worldview into our midst as though we are going to convert them to our ideals, when it is clear that will never happen?  

If you have, let’s say, one individual whose brain is oriented with the collective insight of two Millenniums of human progress and civilization and you have another whose intellect – if you could call it that, is stuck in a retrograde 632 A.D. time warp; how is it possible for there to be a meeting of the minds or any sort of mutual understanding?  The answer is that it is not.

Why do we needlessly expose our citizens to the plethora of risks inherent in absorbing into our society, individuals whose prime allegiance is to a religion that commands the adherent to work for the implementation of a world caliphate?

It is the collective equivalent of snake handling. The snake bites by instinct and you can’t ‘coexist’ with a poisonous adder. The threat of un-moderated Islam is multi-faceted – or you might say ‘mufti-faceted’.  We welcome immigrants from Muslim countries as winners of ‘Visa Lotteries’ on the thread bare premise that they will assimilate and become loyal Americans, because they attest that they will.

Pardon me, but I think this is foolishness for which a price will ultimately be paid. Another facet of the existential threat of fundamentalist Islam is the subversion taking place in our colleges and universities. Consider this outline of the ultimate game plan of the Muslim Brotherhood – ‘Ikhwan’:

The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

Here on Blasted Fools, we have an archived post category named ‘Useful Idiots’. The information you are about to receive, makes a compelling case for placing U.S. Higher education regents and administrative staff at or near the top of the list of useful idiots.

Not all of these University officials deserve the plausible deniability of the title useful idiot, however. It should be clear, in viewing the timelines and circumstances of radical Islamic activities on these campuses, that many of these officials have no philosophical objection to playing host to groups that not only hate America and its way of life, but actively advocate violence against us.

That is way beyond useful idiocy – it is treason.

Over the past few decades, Muslim ‘student organizations’ have established themselves in colleges all over the United States. If you take the mission statements of these groups at face value, it would appear that their only purpose is to provide a welcoming environment for fellow Muslim students. No different than most other ‘faith-oriented’ student organizations on campus.

The reality could not be more different. Their true purpose, motivation and activities clearly demonstrate that it is radical Islam, the recruitment of converts and Jihad which they are promoting.

Because of the fact that they don’t take great pains to conduct their actions secretly, one can only reasonably conclude that they presume the administrations of these institutions of higher indoctrination, have given a stamp of approval to their behavior and will shield them from repercussions. Which seems to be the natural inclination of college administrators. About the only thing that pressures them into cutting ties with radical Islamists is the specter of adverse publicity.

The Muslim Student Association at University of Irvine, had a long history of promoting anti-Semitic expressions until one particular event forced the University’s hand. That was the disruption of the Israeli Ambassador’s speech by the ‘Irvine 11’ – eleven students who were members of the MSA (Muslim Student Association).

As a consequence, the ‘Irvine 11’ were arrested by authorities and the University was forced by circumstances to suspend the MSA from the campus for a year. It should have been permanent.

Just down the coast, another remarkable exchange occurred, memorialized on video. David Horowitz was a guest speaker at the campus on the topic of Islamic radicalism particularly with respect to the activities of the MSA at various colleges across the country. Incidentally, the MSA group had dubbed that week, ‘Israel Apartheid Week’.

A member of the UCSD MSA group, stepped up to ask Mr. Horowitz a question following the lecture. As a prerequisite to answering the question, Horowitz asked the student simply, forthrightly disavow Hamas and Hezbollah and their goals. 

The key excerpt of the exchange between Ms. Jumaneh Imad Albahri and Horowitz, culminated in the following:

Horowitz:  If you don’t condemn Hamas, obviously you support it.  Case closed.  I have had this experience at UC Santa Barbara, where there were 50 members of the Muslim Students Association sitting right in the rows there.  And throughout my hour talk I kept asking them, will you condemn Hizbollah and Hamas. And none of them would.  And then when the question period came, the president of the Muslim Students Association was the first person to ask a question. And I said, ‘Before you start, will you condemn Hizbollah?’ And he said, ‘Well, that question is too complicated for a yes or no answer.’  So I said, ‘Okay, I’ll put it to you this way.  I am a Jew.  The head of Hizbollah has said that he hopes that we will gather in Israel so he doesn’t have to hunt us down globally.  For or Against it?

MSA member:  For it.

Horowitz:  Thank you for coming and showing everybody what’s here.

If you have not yet had an opportunity to view the video that includes that exchange, you can check it out  – (short clip) here.

Apologists for this student group must feign ignorance of an enormous body of radical behavior in order to justify their presence on a university campus. Consider the fact that the co-founders of the MSA nationally – Hisham al Talib and Ahmed Totanji, were officers of the ‘Safa Group’ – a fund raising arm of various international Islamic terrorist groups including Al Queda as well as being identified as leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Then, there is the example of Aafia Siddiqui.  In 2004, FBI Director Robert Mueller declared Aafia Siddiqui – a Neuroscience student at Brandeis University and an active member of the MSA student group there, to be one of seven most wanted Al Qaeda terrorists.

In 2008 Siddiqui was arrested in Afghanistan and charged with attempted murder of FBI agents. In her possession were plans for a chemical attack on New York City and a large amount of cyanide. In 2010, she was convicted and sentenced to 86 years in jail. Wikipedia reports:

At MIT, several of the MSA’s most active members had fallen under the spell of Abdullah Azzam, a Muslim Brother who was Osama bin Laden‘s mentor…. [Azzam] had established the Al Kifah Refugee Center [Brooklyn, New York] to function as its worldwide recruiting post, propaganda office, and fund-raising center for the mujahideen fighting in Afghanistan… It would become the nucleus of the al-Qaeda organization.

Consider also that one of the co-founders of Al Queda itself, Wa’el Hamza Julaidan was an MSA President at the University of Arizona. Anwar al-Awlaki, the leader of Al Queda’s external ops in the Arabian Peninsula, was president of MSA at Colorado State. These are merely highlights of the list.

Muslim Brotherhood documents that have found their way into researchers’ hands, have included the MSA as one of 29 organizations operating in North America that are affiliated with and furthering the goals of the Brotherhood.

Even the New York Times, according to a February 2008 report, states that MSA:

from its earliest days, “pushed the [Saudi] kingdom’s puritan, Wahhabi strain of Islam.” In the 1960s and 70s, adds the Times piece, MSA chapters “advocated theological and political positions derived from radical Islamist organizations and would brook no criticism of Saudi Arabia.”

Hamid Algar, a faculty member at UC Berkeley, and the biographer of the late Ayatollah Khomeini candidly acknowledged MSA’s historical ties to radical Islam:

Some Muslim student organizations have… functioned at times as Saudi-supported channels for the propagation of Wahhabism abroad, especially in the United States. The [MSA] was established in 1963, one year after the Muslim World League [MWL] with which it had close links. Particularly in the 1960s and 1970s, no criticism of Saudi Arabia would be tolerated at the annual conventions of the MSA … The organization has, in fact, consistently advocated theological and political positions derived from radical Islamist organizations, including the Muslim Brotherhood and Jamaati Islam…. Although the MSA progressively diversified its connections with Arab states, official approval of Wahhabism remained strong.”

Ranking at or near the top of MSA’s prime missions is ‘da’wa’.  Da’wa is proselytizing Islam in general and Wahhabism specifically. One of the MSA members at the UCLA campus admits:

The only justification … that Muslims have to live in this country is da’wa…. [I]f we are not doing something to invite people to Islam, Muslims and non-Muslims, then we are missing the point what Islamic Movement is about…. The end goal of everything I was talking about is the establishment of, the reestablishment of, Islamic form of government.”

It is a reasonable assumption that most Muslims in America are here for this reason and have little to no interest in the distinctive facets of American life or our constitutional form of government. It is also important to understand that Jihad operates on parallel tracks.

One track, that we have witnessed – especially the tragedy we are commemorating this September 11th, is the terroristic track – violent Jihad. The other complimentary track is ‘Stealth’ Jihad. Stealth Jihad is the relentless social and political drive for accommodation of more forms of Sharia. This is a coordinated tactic of MSA as well.

The national MSA, has a committee known as the Muslim Accommodations Task Force – MATF. the MATF has prepared and published guides (for MSA student leaders) on such topics as “How to Establish a Prayer Room on Campus,” “How to Achieve Islamic Holidays on Campus,” and “How to Achieve Halal Food on Campus.”

These guides direct Muslim students to present their demands in the context of multiculturalism and civil rights. “Most campuses,” explains one publication, “include respecting diversity as a part of their mission statement.

I provide this background in order to insure that any skeptics reading this can see that the video presentation, courtesy of the folks at Americans for Peace and Tolerance (APT), is not extraordinary, nor by any means, an isolated state of affairs.

The video outlines the facts of why Northeastern University President, Joseph Aeon, had no alternative than to dismiss Imam Abdullah Faaruuq as Muslim Chaplain at the school. Highlights of the presentation include the phenomenon of self-hating Jews of which Norman Finkelstein is a prime example.

This man seems to have no clue that in an Islamic Theocratic State, he would be subject to annihilation merely due to the fact that he is a racial Jew, if for no other reason. That is not merely a ‘useful idiot’, that is a ‘suicidal maniac’.

I urge you to give the utmost serious consideration concerning the threats revealed.  It is like a plague of which the disease is being spread by infected vermin.