It’s Not Andreas’ Fault

Posted on September 27, 2012


California’s main earthquake fault. Nowhere near as destructive as a rogue Democrat party.

California is experiencing dramatic and alarming shifts in political plate tectonics, which make the next societal, fiscal and economic earthquake exponentially more inevitable.  Foolish voters, asleep at the wheel with Socialistic Narcolepsy, have turned the state over to Democrats. 

The Democrat party in California has had a collective feeling of frustration for several years – a pent up fury to implement every self indulgent and disastrous policy on the wish list of the far Left. 

The only thing holding them back was the balance of power.  Through manipulation of the redistricting process and the self destruction of the Republican party, the Democrats have finally swept away any meaningful degree of opposition.  Now it’s payback time and the hit squad is out after taxpayers and responsible citizens. 

In yet another in the endless parade of examples of how California has been hijacked by sociopaths self identifying as legislators, a bill is headed to the desk of Governor Edmund G. ‘Jerry’ ‘Moonbeam’ Brown, Jr., that will in theory if not certainly in practice, transform the Golden State into a Sanctuary State, AB 1081. 

We’ve already unlocked the doors of the candy store for tuition breaks and other preferences to illegals that lawful American citizens from other states are not eligible for.  Why not let all the animals out of the barn?   Some have dubbed AB 1081, the ‘Anti – Arizona Immigration Bill’ – among other things that good taste and decorum prevent me from repeating. 

A driving impulse behind this bill is that enforcing our nation’s immigration laws is mean, unfair and tears at the fabric of our society. Since, liberals and progressives tend to like to hedge their bet in terms of public perception – or at least if nothing else, provide seemingly moderate sounding talking points to the sycophantic media, they are adopting a cover story for this disgraceful annulment of the rule of law. 

The disingenuous premise of AB 1081 is that if the state doesn’t move to protect illegals from immigration enforcement, residents in the communities that are harboring these fugitives won’t report crimes to Sheriff’s Deputies and Police Officers. 

The nuts and bolts of this bill awaiting the Governor’s signature, is that State and Local law enforcement agencies will no longer be allowed to participate in or cooperate with ICE’s ‘Secure Communities’ program.  That program in its most simple terms, means that a Police Dept. or Sheriff, forwards information to ICE. on anyone arrested on a felony or a misdemeanor. 

An ICE spokesperson described the Act as “a mandatory requirement for law enforcement to submit the fingerprints of anyone arrested to “the FBI to be checked against the Department of Justice’s biometric system…and are automatically sent to DHS’s biometric system to check against its immigration and law enforcement records.”

Those that support the bill want to modify the Secure Communities Act to stop the information sharing with ICE.  However, an ICE official insisted that their local field office, “and not the state or any local law enforcement agency, determines what immigration enforcement action, if any, is appropriate…The local field office in that jurisdiction will or will not take enforcement action based on the fingerprint results… State and local jurisdictions cannot opt out of the program.” 

Here, I must comment that if we were to get a regime change in the White House, it would be quite possible that the Justice Department would file suit against this patently unlawful stance of non cooperation with immigration authorities.   If we wind up with four more years of the ‘Counterfeit In Chief’, the chances are less than zero.

Here is what is most sinister about this measure. The ICE official cited as of April that “71 % of the aliens removed or returned through Secure Communities nationwide had criminal convictions.  The remaining 29% were non criminal immigration violators, including individuals who had been previously removed, immigration fugitives, aliens who entered the US without inspection, visa violators, and visa overstays.

 In California, the program has resulted in the identification and repatriation of more than 41,000 deportable aliens, more than 70 % of whom had criminal convictions.”

 The Los Angeles County Sheriffs’ Department has stated that approximately 16,000 illegal aliens are incarcerated in county jails, costing the county $100 million per year; yet, the county is only reimbursed by the Federal Government $15 million per year.  Cooperating with the Secure Communities protocol, actually alleviates part of the unfunded mandates in California, by transferring these prisoners to Federal detention! 

But what’s a few hundred million dollars statewide compared to the warm fuzzies you get knowing you’ve kept those meanies at ICE from displacing our statutorily challenged undocumented immigrants?

Let’s talk about this from a basic morality (and even though the word’s etymology has been tainted – justice) standpoint. The question that really needs to be asked and answered, is what is the greater risk?  Enforcement, leading to misplaced feelings of guilt on the part of ‘compassionate’ liberals? Or allowing a safe haven for a growing public menace.

 Isn’t protecting citizens from marauding child molesters, rapists, drunk drivers, narcotics peddlers and thieves, job No. 1? Is it decent to harbor another nation’s criminal exports? Is it fair to degrade the wages of legal citizens by obstructing the enforcement of rational laws?

Any clear thinking student of history and knowledgeable observer of successful, emerging nations as compared to failing and stagnant nations, will put one characteristic at the top of their list of differentiators – a system of laws, a general respect for those laws and an even handed enforcement of those laws.

The foundational concept of the birth of our Constitutional Republic, is universal application of basic laws, the majority of which, deal with protecting one’s person and one’s property and defending the sovereignty of the nation.   There is a sliding scale and an essential balance.   On one end is anarchy, chaos, social Darwinism and at the other polar extreme is corruption and a vigorous Police State.

The founders believed that they, along with centuries of the accumulated wisdom of Moses, Greco / Romans, the Magna Carta, English Common Law, Natural Law Philosophy and early colonial charters, were the architects of a sensible, reasonable, respectful and humane balance of governance.   I happen to agree with them.   The lunatics that are running the asylum at the ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’ alternately known as Sacramento, think they possess superior wisdom.

 ‘Broken Immigration System’ is a Leftist Democrat catchphrase for what they consider to be the nuisance of a sovereign nation enforcing the rule of law against particular racial and ethnic groups that they wish to cultivate as future constituencies – in this case, Illegal Aliens.

The argument that California should shun our national immigration laws is flimsy, to say the least – and its disingenuous.  What the Democrats really want to do is prevent any kind of immigration enforcement that involves Hispanics and in a few other instances, Asians.   Enforce to your heart’s desire against other migrants residing here illegally, but hands off of the Latinos and Asians.  Since migrants from Mexico are statistically accounting for the overwhelming number of illegals; this is transparently, a sop to that community.

What would happen if we return to a vigorous degree of cooperation with ICE and the Border Patrol?  People in immigrant communities would still report crimes.  Those whose presence here is unlawful would self deport.  Best of all, we would have removed a highly transient predatory criminal element from our midst that is menacing legal Americans and Californians. As it stands now, two of the largest cities in California are practicing a De-facto ‘Sanctuary’ policy.

I  imagine that some of these cities that are in favor of this ballot measure, welcome the idea that the illegals that are presently concentrating within their city and county limits,  would, under the new law, feel completely comfortable in dispersing elsewhere, on the premise that they would be under a Statewide umbrella of protection.   This to me, is a hypocritical ploy of redistribution of a public nuisance and menace.

If residents in any community wish to receive the fullest benefits of law enforcement, it is their duty to respect and comply with the law of the land.  The only part of our immigration system that is broken, is that singular aspect in which worthy applicants are made to wait in line for years, while at the same time, we allow those who disrespected us and our laws, to maintain their presence here without consequences.

Once we establish a dual system in which any segment of the population is not subject to the equal application and jurisdiction of any laws – we have replaced the bedrock foundations of the Constitution with a base of sand.

What does the parable in Matthew 7:24 illustrate?  Are not the framers of the Constitution and the State Legislature in California contrasting examples of wise and foolish builders?

It’s much worse actually. The lawmakers in California are actually destroying a sound foundation that had already been put in place by master builders and has, up until now, stood fast against the storms, the flooding rivers and the winds.

A hard rain is gonna fall.