Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie, Chevrolet and Chairman Mao.

Posted on October 8, 2012


Obama has made tried to make political hay about Romney and Bain Capital and the assertion that Romney has moved jobs overseas. Whatever the merits of that line of attack, Obama is conveniently neglecting to acknowledge his complicity in doing that very thing. That very thing, being the exporting of American jobs.  

This video, (my thanks to Vince Wade), is a very important investment of 10 minutes of your time. The subterfuge of Obama and how the Democrats have misled on the Detroit Auto bailout, are relatively trivial in comparison to the clear truths that this narratives reveals.

I have at various times commented in passing, that the reality of how the financial elite are operating in the world, is nearly at complete variance with the picture that is shown to you and promoted by their minions in the corporate media mafia. This Machiavellian maneuver is yet another prime exhibit of evidence, I submit to the court.

Socialism is presented as a threat to the interests of the Über investment class, industrialists and bankers. Au contraire. It is seen by them as a working model of a way forward to grow the size and internationalization of government and push America further down the path of Fascism.

Am I drawing a wide net around every wealthy person, investor and mega-corporation?  Certainly not. But the players, once you are able to discern their characteristics and behavior from their rhetoric, come increasingly into focus.  

In this example, we see a remarkably  powerful object lesson of how ‘free market’ capitalists leverage totalitarian regimes for economic gain, while putting the freedom and prosperity of Americans and other nations at enormous risk. You’ll hear General Motors’ CEO Dan Akerson telling Chinese Communist Party members – his new economic partners:  

  • that GM has built 11 assembly plants, 4 powertrain plants, and has entered into long term contracts involving 11 joint ventures with two of the largest communist state-run industry groups – SAIC and FAW.
  • How GM has 2,700 dealerships throughout Red China.
  • Our commitment to working in China, with China and for China remains strong and focused on the future”.
  • GM’s intentions of “diversifying Research and Development into China”.
  • 7 out of 10 GM products are NOT made in the United States.

You’ll also discover GM’s commitment to transfer technology to the Chinese, as documented in a Commerce Department report and GM’s own internal documents. Additionally detailed is how GM’s Nexteer plant in America has wound up in the hands of the CCP, thanks to General Motors. That’s not all, according to Mlive:    

Its purchase of Nexteer isn’t the first General Motors Co. asset it has acquired.   In 2009, Tempo teamed up with China’s Shougang Corp., formerly the Capital Iron and Steel Co., and the Beijing government to purchase former GM parts maker Delphi Corp.’s brake and chassis business in a deal valued at $100 million, according the financial tracking firm The Connors Group.”

 As mentioned in the film, the Chinese entity that purchased Nexteer, was nothing more than a front for the Communist government’s dominant consortium, AVIC (Aviation Industry Corporation).

If you think the working conditions at Foxconn, (the plants in China where the iPad and iPhones and various other computer hardware components are built), are a shining example of what can be realized here – then you will be tickled about the idea of Red China going on a shopping spree here, buying up our industrial base. Think also about the implications of a foreign adversary holding the machinery of our strategic defense assets hostage.

The short film also points out that 2 of Mitt Romney’s top fundraisers have dirt under their fingernails in perpetrating the handover of America’s industrial prowess to the Chinese. That’s an eye opener, but in no way begins to match the final revelation of this video.

If you don’t think it possible that global capitalists are working in complete partnership with Communist and other repressive regimes, I suggest you wake up. The following will be helpful in that regard. GM’s Cadillac Division financed and helped produce a film praising the accomplishments of the Chinese Communist Party!

The Washington Times picked up the 8 month old news today (from China Auto Web) and we re-present it here: General Motors’ Chinese business is sponsoring the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) latest propaganda extravaganza, glorifying a regime that has killed 80 million Chinese and continues to torture, disappear, and execute writers, artists, and religious believers.    GM’s China division is called Shanghai GM. It is a joint venture between GM and the Chinese government-owned Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation.

The film is the second part in a propaganda series about how great the Communist Party is. It will be aired on June 15, two weeks before July 1, the official date of the founding of the Party.

Government Motors and Communist China. Isn’t that a cozy picture?