My Electoral College Map 2012 – Where’s Yours?

Posted on November 1, 2012


Editor’s Note:  obviously, the event discussed in this post, which was originally published on November 1st of 2012, is already a matter of history and the outcome is well known.  I have kept all of these posts that pertained to my bold,  foolhardy and over exuberant  predictions, active, for the reason that when I make a mistake, I don’t try to shove it under the carpet.  I take ownership and hopefully learn something in the process.  I go into further detail on how and why the pre-election analysis I did on the numbers went so far South on me here and here.  Blasted Fools is a no-holds barred, civility be damned blogpost and when appropriate, I flash the spotlight on me, myself and I.  Bottom line – just keepin’ it real  – y’all.

As you will perhaps recall, I believe it was about 3 or 4 weeks ago, I put forth my prediction on the final election outcome for November 6th, and projected a final tally of 297 electoral college votes for Romney and 241 for Obama. If perchance you don’t recall me boldly looking ahead, swimming against the current and throwing caution to the prevailing winds of punditry – take my word for it.

I got a little ahead of the curve on the polling and the ‘trend lines’, yes – but I had a feeling that the media polling was engineered to project the inevitability of the incumbent.  That was the story line of the media – so why shouldn’t they tip the survey data (party affiliation) to reflect old voter registration (2008) statistics?

Well, Obama’s storied ‘firewall’ has eroded since then.  Lab tests have confirmed that the President’s firewall was constructed of Alabaster mixed with about 35% Cotton Candy.

The reality on the ground may not even be correctly reflected by the most recent polling, but Gallup, for one, has re-calibrated the input data to reflect accurate party affiliations in the battleground states.

Looking at their polling and the shifting strategies of both campaigns, I see even more of the ‘toss up’ states going Red.  Add to this, Romney’s enormous advantage among Independent voters everywhere, but especially in these key swing states.

Here is a screenshot of my updated numbers: 

This is – as they say on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ – my final answer.

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