My Apology Tour

Posted on November 7, 2012


With Sincere Regrets

Time for me to face the music and eat the Crow I ordered with Humble Pie for dessert.  For any and all that I led down the path with my foolhardy election prediction, please accept my heartfelt and sincere apology.  Apparently, there is a category within the general spectrum of idiots covered here in Blasted Fools that fits me.  Let’s call it ‘Embarrassingly Naive’.

I confess that I bought into my own benighted beliefs about who was showing up to vote yesterday and what the prevailing sentiment would be.  I was emotionally invested in it and in my headlong rush to convince myself, I drew others into the fallacy that I was promoting.  Again, if I have caused any of you to endure chagrin, I am truly sorry.

I’m not sorry for myself though.  What truly does make me sad today is what this election revealed about America.  The main thing being how correctly Mitt Romney perceived that a large portion of Americans prefer having Government as a parent.  His only miscalculation was to the extent.  He named 47 percent, when it actually turned out to be a clear majority.

My friends, we’ve turned a corner in this country and it only leads in one direction.  The software on my Political GPS was out of date and didn’t show me the new street called Dependance Avenue.   I knew that many Americans were of the notion that Government creates prosperity, but I vastly ‘misunderestimated’ the actual number.

Stupid me.  I had not an inkling of how many people there are who have no qualms about stealing from the future in order to quell the anxieties of today.   No idea the vast numbers who, without regret, are willing to pass on an unbearable and cruel debt burden to children born today, in 2016 and in 2024.

I don’t know these Americans and I don’t understand them – at least not well enough to know that they would sell their birthright to a lying scoundrel, a pernicious pied piper, who with malice of forethought, is leading them to ruin.

Stupid me.