November 6th – the New April Fools’ Day

Posted on November 26, 2012


The one point of universal agreement among people who look at the world and events through the lens of conservatism, is that this election is a wake up call. Not the typical one we tend to imagine – the morning alarm, but more akin to being summarily doused with a nice, cold bucket of water from head to toe.

That’s not exactly earth shattering news to any of you.  I chose to not be among the first out of the gate with my reflections on all this, and since I don’t have the magnitude of national impact that  major conservative voices do, I had the luxury of chewing on things a little bit longer.  So here I am 20 days after the event.  Enough chewing, I suppose.

The election results on November 6th reinforced some of our privately held apprehensions and worst fears, while at the same time alerting us to certain realities we hadn’t taken into proper account.  Among them were the missing in action White voters, the death grip of the Legacy Media on the dissemination of news to the mass electorate and the deliberate, politically motivated, withholding of same.

Americans are afraid.  They’ve seen millions being thrown out of their homes and on to the street, but they’ve never seen one – not one, banker who leveraged, manipulated and financially benefited from the TARP bailouts,  evicted from his.  They’ve seen the Federal Government rescuing top executives, but thousands of workers laid off – while those executives divvy-ed up fat bonuses.  Have you ever received a bonus for failure?

They’ve heard the Republican Party rightly condemn the excesses of the social welfare programs, but not heard one peep from them about the obscene manipulation of the Executive and Legislative branch to obtain generous and unjustified monopolies and tax carve outs for insurance companies and hedge fund brokers (just to name a few).  The average American voter may have chosen an improper solution, but it is hard to fault them for their conclusions.

Added to this, the unforeseen (perhaps only to me), extent of gross voting fraud orchestrated by the Democrat party nationally.  For the record, I didn’t doubt that they would be as aggressive with it as they were – I simply underestimated how successful they would be and how passive the Republicans would be in their collective unwillingness to challenge it after the fact.

That also is not unprecedented.  Richard Nixon knew that the Democrats in Illinois and Texas had stolen the election in 1960, but decided to let it go.  No one can prove this, but I can’t help speculating that there was advice given to him to back down and walk away. He wisely read the writing on the wall and took the advice. Whatever you can say about Nixon – stubborn, conniving, overreaching – all true.  Stupid?  Not hardly.

Then there was the first of the more successful ‘ACORN’ style election thefts which involved rounding up and registering bus loads of illegal aliens and executing a heist of Congressman Robert K. ‘B1-Bob’ Dornan’s district in Orange County, California back in 1996.  In that case, Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich abandoned Bob – not negligently or indifferently, but in what could be described in military parlance, ‘with extreme prejudice’.  Some of you still cling to the notion of Gingrich as riding a White Horse.  You would do well to disabuse yourself of that notion.

To underline the rampant corruption narrative, we actually have a situation in which a Congressman – Jesse Jackson Jr., had to pull the plug on himself.  The voters in his Illinois district, ignored smoking gun ethics violation charges and a pending indictment on campaign finance law transgressions, and re-elected him to his Congressional seat.  Shades of Charlie Rangel.  Is it any wonder that Barack Obama’s campaign and its surrogates were at liberty to range wide and free with their malevolent ‘ground game’?

There are so many other factors to this rude awakening, that have already been pulverized into pulp, that I won’t trouble you with yet another outline of them.  I will say that my view of Mitt Romney evolved over time, beginning with a feeling of aversion so acute that I even wrote a post in which I declared my intention to select a third party candidate as a protest vote; and ultimately taking a more optimistic and benign view of the man, centered on the timeless axiom that ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’.

As the election moved towards its ultimate denouement, I saw Governor Romney as a viable ‘compress’ to stanch the bleeding and stabilize the patient (our Republic), until the patient could be removed from ICU and placed in the recovery unit.  This wasn’t to be, and the patient is now barely clinging to life.

My final state with regards to Romney, was wishful thinking combined with denial.  I did not want to believe that the mass electorate was as asleep at the wheel as to double down on stupidity and give Obama the keys to the car for another four years of one freeway collision after another.

Sheer naivete on my part and that is the most galling.  That I thought a mere BandAid in the form of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan was going to forestall the near flatlining of anything that remotely resembles conservative policies – even Romney’s ‘severe’ kind, proves that I myself didn’t have my finger on the pulse of American voters.  Not even close.

The main deduction that we can gather from the outcome is that conservatism is in an acute state of crisis.  Chiefly, from my perspective, it boils down to America no longer embracing certain foundational values and virtues.  To qualify that, I mean that the majority, as reflected in the  choices made in the voting booth, is the strongest indicator of shift in attitude and priorities.

I don’t have a ‘skin in the game’ when it comes to the GOP.  I am an independent conservative.  I often think that the main constituency of both parties is not voters.  It is on one side, Labor Unions, Hollywood and social welfare recipients and on the other side; Wall Street finance firms, Central Banks and Defense contractors.  Both pander shamelessly to divergent groups of potential voters, mostly for maintaining a theatrical presentation.  Defining and re-defining the ‘brand’.  Both sides vie for the attention of Corporate America and pander to its interests – which now, in many cases are antithetical to ours – particularly when it comes to the Culture War.

The Republican party just got a report card, much in the same way that the Democrats got a report card in 2010.  On the GOP report card are low marks for courage, defense of Constitutional principals and communication skills.

In future posts, I’ll expand on the theme of the November 6th ‘Report Card’ and what the GOP can do in detention and study hall to bring up its marks.  It had better take this election seriously, and not only that, but understand why it missed several answers on the final exams.  If not, that ‘child’ may be left behind next semester as well.

While that is going on, we in the Tea Party / Patriot movement also have a pile of homework staring us in the face.  We’d better get cracking.  I’d appreciate your thoughts and feedback.