Foul Fanatics Foment Feral Fecal Fatwas

Posted on December 4, 2012


My ‘Person of the Year 2012’ – Malala Yousafzai. The epitome of an ‘Anti-Blasted Fool’.

I frequently highlight the many examples of how islam is not now and was never conceived by its founder and his followers as a ‘religion of peace’.  Instead it is a religion in which those who resist its conversion find peace only once they have been murdered and buried in the name of allah.  I have therefore consciously decided to no longer afford any legitimacy to this religion by even so much as capitalizing the names of the personalities associated with it.  Henceforth, allah, muhammed, muslims, jihad, hijab, koran and so forth – all non-caps.

One scarcely has time to wonder what the next outrage coming from the militants promoting this hateful, violent and false religion will be.  As soon as a sense emerges that their behavior and practices are as vile as possible, they double down on their evangelism of evil.  I can’t say that I was much surprised to hear that the muslim brotherhood is moving to consolidate a complete Iran style theocracy in Egypt or that some bearded whack has decided that the Pyramids and the Sphinx must be destroyed because it doesn’t jibe with the koran.  Yet, I felt compelled to document and comment on a new level of contempt, loathing and revulsion emanating from these foul cretins.

Many of you have been following the story of Malala Yousafzai, the child who courageously has spoken in opposition to the brutality, abuse and subjugation of women in islamic societies, including her native country Pakistan.  On October 9th of this year, Malala, then 14, was riding to school when taliban gunmen under the command of human garbage incarnate Maulana Fazlullah, boarded the bus full of terrorized children, dragged her out and attempted to execute her for promoting educational opportunity, fair treatment and equal rights for women. You see, fair treatment of women is not an islamic ‘thing’.

Now I know at this point, that some islamic ‘scholar’ is going to trot out some tortured interpretation of the prophet’s teachings as an apologetic to argue that women are held in high esteem by the moon god religion.  Save your fetid breath.  I’m not buying it.  Jesus said that true followers of God, will be known by the fruits of their deeds.  If your deeds are murderous, then it is obvious to the simplest of folk that you are a follower of the devil, not the Lord.

Though assumed dead by the assailants, Malala was attended to by emergency workers and subsequently airlifted to Britain to receive life saving surgery. By a miracle she has survived.  The taliban and their cohorts in the muslim clergy have expressed regret.  Regret, that is, that they were not successful in snuffing out her life.  But that’s not enough for them.  Al Arabiya reports:

A new British-based Islamist group plans to meet in Islamabad to issue a religious decree against a Pakistani schoolgirl shot by the Taliban, accusing her of supporting “occupying” United States forces.

The move against Malala Yousafzai, 15, is likely to provoke outrage. In the days following her shooting in October, she became an international symbol of defiance against the Taliban, and world leaders pledged to support her campaign for girls’ education.

“There will be a fatwa issued regarding Malala Yousafzai taking into account the full story of her injury including her public statements in support of the occupying US army in the region, and mocking of key symbols of Islam such as hijab and jihad,” said Abu Baraa, a senior member of Shariah4Pakistan.

The group, whose website features a blog below a photograph of Yousafzai in a hospital bed titled “Don’t Believe The Crocodile Tears for Malala Yousufzai,” is associated with some of Britain’s most hardline Islamists.

That Britain (formerly ‘Great’), has not the moral courage to expel such patrons of hate as Anjem Chaudery and Amir Siddique and to close the mosques like lal masjid, from which they nurture and propagate venomous death decrees, is very disheartening to me. This is not the nation of Churchill. Prime Minister Chamberlain would even be scandalized by the degree of accommodation afforded these enemies of mankind and decency.

Some readers are questioning my support of free speech. I support free speech, which is precisely the reason that I’m adamant islamists should be banished. Islam is inimical to free speech. If these bigots were doing nothing more than expressing pride in their religion, they would be within the bounds of accepted speech. When it crosses over into commissioning violent acts against ‘infidels’, it ceases to be free speech under even the loosest definition and must then be defined as incitement, which is a type of speech and a criminal act. Let anyone else threaten the life of a President or a Prime Minister and they will learn what side of the line they are on. A fatwa is a pronouncement of authorization, no, beyond that, it is an ordering and a command to murder.

Malala is being promoted as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. I would say that such an outcome would go a long way towards rehabilitating the tarnished reputation of that once respected award. On another front, Time Magazine’s editors are pondering who they will present as the ‘Person of the Year’ in the 2012 annual edition.

May I kindly ask my readers who agree with me that a ‘fatwa’ against a courageous young woman like Malala, is wholly atrocious, take a moment and go to the following site to vote for her as ‘Person of the Year’ 2012?  Please also pray for her safety and pray for the women under oppression in islamic nations.

Click to Vote for Malala Yousefzai as Time Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year 2012’

At the same time,  Time has also contemplated putting Mohammed Morsi’s evil grill on their magazine cover.  Would you also go here to tell them ‘absolutely NOT!!!!!!’?

Click here to vote ‘NO WAY!!!!!’ on Mohamed Morsi as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year 2012

Please do it now and don’t put it off. The deadline for votes is at 11:59 p.m. (EST) on December 12th.

The winner will be announced on December 14th.

And here you thought that your chance to vote was over for the year. It’s a second bite at the Apple – enjoy it.