Blasted Fool of the Year 2012 Nominations

Posted on December 22, 2012


As you know, Time Magazine has flubbed its ‘Time Magazine Person of the Year – 2012’, by selecting (for the 2nd time), the Counterfeit-In-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama.  Of course, since the American Sheeple also re-elected him, Time can hardly be singled out for ridicule for that.  I did make my pitch for a much more worthy candidate, Malala Yousafzai – but I guess she was too logical a choice and would have suggested that Time was putting Islam and its fanatics in an unfavorable light.  Can’t have that.

So, since Time Magazine has screwed it up again, beyond all recognition, I feel compelled to set things right, by inaugurating the First Annual Blasted Fools’  – ‘Blasted Fool of the Year’.  I’m opening the nominations as of now.   I’ll defer the choice entirely to my readers.  The Blasted Fool with the most nominations will be elected and will wear the crown of shame for all of 2013.

The concept is to identify the most devious, treacherous, traitorous, corrosive, vulgar, despicable, deliberately negligent person in the world.  The only qualification is that the individual be high profile.  We’re looking for Villains here, not Heroes.  Anyone’s ballot  submitting their brother-in-law’s name or the jerk that sold you the Lemon you’re driving, will be invalidated.

When you submit your candidate for this ignominious honor, please outline a few qualifications.  I will be including them in the Blasted Fool of the Year’s bio and laundry list of dubious accomplishments.  You may submit your nomination in comments below or send them to:

I’ll publish the results on December 31st.

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