Sacre Bleu!

Posted on December 30, 2012


One French institution where you don’t have to leave your mind at the door before entering.

The Euros are making fools of us. We’ve got a corrupt, cowardly Congress and a lying imposter masquerading as a President, that can’t abide by their oaths of office and hence, as I’ve described, calling it the ‘Chicken Game‘, are leading us into a deeper abyss of economic calamity.

France has the same thing, except they have one thing we don’t.  A Supreme Court that has the balls to say no to an irrational despot. They even saved the idiotic voters from themselves. Our court couldn’t even save us from Obama’s dirty partnership with Big Insurance to turn healthcare into Fascist Care.

Yesterday, on December 29th, France’s Constitutional Council, body-slammed Socialist President Francois Hollande’s maneuver intended to accelerate the confiscation of private wealth. Reuters reports:

The Council ruled that the planned 75 percent tax on annual income above 1 million euros ($1.32 million) – a flagship measure of Hollande’s election campaign – was unfair in the way it would be applied to different households. The Council, made up of nine judges and three former presidents, is concerned the tax would hit a married couple where one partner earned above a million euros but it would not affect a couple where each earned just under a million euros. The Constitutional Council is a politically independent body that rules on whether laws, elections and referenda are constitutional.

 That such common sense and principled resistance towards governmental thievery can be found to exist in such a nation as France, is remarkable in and of itself.  Beyond this, is the frank admission of Hollande’s cabinet members that punitive tax rates were of no meaningful value other than as legislated class envy. True, they didn’t say it in so many words, but when they acknowledge that the revenue that would have been generated from such an inordinate, spiteful and inequitable statute is of marginal importance in balancing France’s finances, it’s an inescapable conclusion.

Earlier this month, Edouard Leclerc, founder of one of France’s biggest supermarkets, in commenting on French actor Gerard Depardieu’s departure from the country in protest, compared the government’s attitude to the rich, to the hysterical excesses of the French Revolution.

“Whether you like Depardieu or not is not the point, it’s this government’s fiscal campaign against those who make money in this country. Maybe it’s not 1789, but there will be plenty of rich leaving France. And there is a frightening populism on the rise.”

Pierre Moscovici, French Finance Minister told the press that the loss of the revenue from the fleecing of France’s wealthy would not prevent the government from paring down the deficit to the mandated EU ratio of 3 percent of national GDP. “The rejected measures represent 300 to 500 million euros. Our deficit-cutting path will not be affected,” said Moscovici.

Remarkable similarities to our situation, don’t you think?. When pressed, Democrats also admit that raising taxes on millionaires will not take us where we need to go with regard to tackling the debt problem. So then, if it is nothing more than another nauseating example of ‘gesture politics’, then why put our economy further at risk?

Some very astute observers of the game being played here in America, think that the end game may be the establishment of Socialistic Fascism to replace what remains of our bloodied and battered Free Enterprise. Remember, Monopolists do not consider that there is room for Fascism and Free Enterprise in the same town. Free Enterprise is being told by the thugs in Washington and their Corporatist cronies, to get out of town by sundown.

France’s Constitutional Council, whom I add to my vaunted category of ‘Anti-Blasted Fools’,  looks like Gary Cooper in this Old West drama. Where’s ours?