Posted on January 9, 2013


Feinkenstein’.  That’s Di Fi’s new name here at Blasted Fools.  We published a comprehensive dossier on her, just before last November’s election when we tried to assist her opponent Elizabeth Emken in gaining some much needed traction in the polls.  That and any other efforts in the Nickel State (formerly Golden), were exercises in futility.  California is in its ‘Dark Ages’ now.  You can find and promote an attractive, intelligent, accomplished, capable and articulate candidate like Ms. Emken and the braindead voters in this state will still prefer failure.

Re-electing Feinkenstein is much the same as handing out bonuses at Goldman Sachs, AIG, Merrill Lynch and Fannie / Freddie to reward the incompetence, negligence and Las Vegas style investing.  Perry Mason, would have risen during his famous TV courtroom trials and stated ‘objection, your honor –  Feinkenstein’s re-election is incompetent, indefensible and assuming legislative accomplishments not in evidence’.   If I were the judge, I’d sustain his objection.

You know the old expression, ‘something’s rotten in Denmark’?  Well, the Danes have got that monkey off their back and now it’s on ours.  California stinks along with the pornographic Democrats that have polluted it.  I’m thinking about starting a ‘wise up’ pool.  It would have to be run out of a sportsbook in Vegas.  We could put up bets to see just how long  the useless idiots here in California will take to decide that one party rule sucks on ice.  I’ve got to study some more to come up with a prediction.  I’m not one of those impulsive gamblers.  More of a scientific better.  Additionally, I’m slightly gun shy after making a colossal maroon out of myself, having believed (worse yet, publicly proclaiming) that Romney was going to drop 308 electoral votes on Obama.  I’d like to say that I had no such notion, and that I was just hustling you for a big time take down, sucker bet – but I can’t.  I really was that clueless.  Not any more.  I’m going to look before I leap and before I leap, I’m going to look again a couple of times and get a third opinion.

Back to Feinkenstein.  Di Fi and her admirers and handlers are smugly casting her as a courageous Senator.  She is not courageous and hasn’t been so at any time during her undeserved tenure as one of the two worst Senators California has ever had.  She was courageous at one moment in time.  During her term as Mayor of San Francisco, she took action to shut down the bathhouses where homosexuals engaged in their filthy sex practices and turned AIDS and Hepatitus A and B in to a public health menace.  That was pretty much it for Feinkenstein – her SuperNova explosion.  Now that star has imploded and become a Black Hole in which, truth, reality, sensibility and balanced perspective have been sucked into the vortex of oblivion.  If it please the Court, I introduce my newest piece of evidence, which I will mark Exhibit G.  G for Gun control.

Feinkenstein is not courageous.  Her cronies in the Senate thought that a member of their caucus from the state of California, would be a perfectly expedient choice to introduce legislation that will attempt, with a stroke of Obama’s pen, to transform decent, law abiding, productive members of society into gun hording desperadoes and social pariahs.  After all, she’s got nothing to worry about politically.  She only looks stellar to the ship of fools that once again coronated  her as half of the Senate’s version of Thelma and Louise.  The plot twist here is that California goes over the cliff, while Di Fi and Barbara Boxer hold hands and play tongue hockey.  Bad image, I know.

Feinkenstein is pretty backed up for something to make her stand above her colleagues like Chuckie Schumer.  After she pushes out this load, he’ll probably have to hang himself a la David Carradine – auto erotic asphyxiation style.   I wrote her a note, more to gather my thoughts for a campaign here to stop her, than for any notion she’d ever see it.

Dear Senator Feinstein,

I am in complete opposition to your proposed gun control legislation. Limiting citizens 2nd Amendment rights is not only a breach of your oath of office, but it is a meaningless piece of ‘gesture politics’ that won’t make one person safer.

Gun free zones and the confidence they provide mentally ill individuals are the problem, not law abiding citizens rights under the Constitution. This is a typical example of politics first, perspective, reason and logic a distant second. More psychiatric treatment of disturbed persons holds more promise in addressing mass killings than any new piece of gun legislation.

The facts are that deranged people have many varied options other than guns at their disposal with which to plan and execute rampage killings.  Arson is the most common device worldwide, but explosives, knives, machetes and various ‘melee’ weapons along with automobiles are also employed by psychotic killers if firearms are not available.

If you are serious about working on real solutions as opposed to pandering to your party base, I would like to meet with you to outline effective alternatives to utterly counterproductive and fruitless gun legislation. I’d remind you of the fact that when Congress sought to outlaw alcohol during Prohibition, the only thing that resulted was the emergence of an organized crime syndicate that took 50 plus years to bring under control. Don’t repeat their mistakes.

Missing you,

A Gun Totin’ Critter called Jack

O.K., everything was there except the salutation.  Subsequently I did receive a copy of another letter sent to her office that wound up on her desk in one form or another.  It was more direct, more forceful and more resolute than my rejoinder, which in retrospect, seems to pale by comparison.  It doesn’t hurt that this gentleman, Corporal Joshua Boston, a Marine veteran of the recent conflicts in the Middle East, reproaches her in much the same way that an exasperated parent would inform an unruly child who is attempting to run the household.  I would imagine it caused her a little discomfort, not to mention put a burr under her saddle.

Now for the last week, Obama has had ‘Say it Ain’t So, Joe’ Biden conducting fraudulent meetings at the White House, feigning an authentic effort at learning about what could be done to improve the safety of school children.  Anyone who has put past initiatives of Washington D.C. and particularly the Democrat Party under the microscope, can easily observe the pattern of promising modest intrusions on the privacy and personal property rights of American and subsequent successful efforts to tighten the screws on us.  This will be no different.

There is a lot of buzz and angst among the defenders of the 2nd Amendment, that Barack Hussein Obama will resort to an Executive Order to disarm Americans.  I believe it is imperative to avoid mirroring the hysteria of the Left.  While I have no illusions that Obama possesses the instincts to perpetrate such an attack on the Constitution, I also know that we still have the countervailing force of the balance of power to thwart him.  Recent history provides the example of Harry Truman, trying to nationalize the steel industry by Executive decree during the Korean conflict and the response of the Supreme Court in ruling it unlawful.

So, by all means exercise relentless vigilance while reminding the weak minded among us that the 2nd Amendment is the insurance policy that safeguards the equity we have in all the other rights that our government is contractually obligated to protect.

What I strongly encourage you to do while all of this is being scrimmaged on Capitol Hill, is to make your voice heard, just as Corp. Boston has.  Here  is a good petition site (void of solicitations for funds).   It is called Support Second Amendment.  May I also request that you forward this post on to others so that we can have the maximum impact?