Public Animal No. 9 – American Parents

Posted on January 15, 2013


There’s not a lot that I can add to the video you just watched, that you aren’t saying to yourself right now.  I do have a few impressions.  Does any of this even remind you a teeny bit of “you didn’t build that”.  Does this perhaps suggest to you that there is a fundamental problem in America that needs to be handled with more urgency than what particular type of weapons are used in mass killings?

On first impulse, it might be tempting to blame the abysmal public education system on this kind of runaway narcissism, complete extinguishment of conscience and sense of entitlement, but we’ve got to lay the blame squarely where it truly belongs.

Who the hell is raising these children?

Is it Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, the Twilight movies, the Jersey Shore people, the latest hip-hop / rap sensation?  Is it their peers?

It certainly isn’t apes.  I believe, without a doubt, children would absorb more decency if only exposed to the society of the ‘lower order of primates’ from birth than from a good deal of what passes for parents in our society.

No, there are ‘parents’ involved.  I have to put that in semi quotes, because the parenting involved is possible to describe only in the loosest sense of the term.  Actually, it does violence to the English language to call it parenting.  It’s child abuse.

Children bring these values to school with them and the shameless behavior is spread like an infection.  Recently, in May of last year, students at Bell Middle School in San Diego,  reported to school officials that several fellow classmates were masturbating to gay pornography that they were watching on their ‘smart’ phones.  These are 7th graders!

The idea was explained as having originated as a ‘gay test’ – i.e., if watching gay men have sex caused an erection – you then ‘flunked’ the test.  I think the test itself flunked the children who took it.  Rather than outrage at the idea of exposure of 13 year olds to gay sex videos – the general outcry is more that this is a manifestation of homophobia.

This kind of behavior that was unimaginable a generation ago, is old hat at this point.  Elementary school children performing sex acts, in some cases, right under the noses of school employees.   It’s far from surprising, even if to some of us, it still holds some shock factor.  I noticed the other day that there is a new book out with the title ‘Oral Sex is the New Goodnight Kiss’.

Immorality and anti-social behavior does not originate in a vacuum.  Adults are exposing children to pornography, profanity, violence completely devoid of a moral context and vulgarity.  That’s what kids assume is normal or acceptable.  How would they know differently?  If a group of boys simultaneously sexually assault a female – they’ve first seen it done on a rape video, euphemistically known as a ‘gang bang’ or on a video game.  That’s not even deductive reasoning on my part – the facts are much more obvious than to  require any high level mental gymnastics.

I heard a talk show host on the radio, lamenting that if parents don’t get a grip on the narcissism of the ‘Facebook’ youth, that society will trend that way.  I beg to differ.  That society is already here and a good many adults are already themselves immersed in that mentality and behavior.  You see it every time you get in your car and drive anywhere.  People are convinced that they are the Sun in the social solar system and that you are a mere planet revolving around them.  So, for example, they just put the vehicle in drive and point themselves in the direction that suits them and they expect you to not only mind your own driving behavior, but to mitigate their pre-occupation with the cell phone conversation and texting.  Not only that, but your right of way or turn at the intersection is trivial if not irrelevant to them entirely.  So, as we say here at Blasted Fools, ‘that ship has already sailed, my friend’.

Yes, the schools have a role to play in the dumbing down of American youth, but it is all they (the teachers), can do to impart any knowledge whatsoever, when they have to compete with the texting, sexting, iPod trash tunes, weird clothing, hairstyles, fashions,etc.  They certainly can’t discuss morality, because that is outlawed by the courts.

Dress codes are a relic of antiquity that would cause the worldly wise among us to snicker.  School principals have learned the penalty for trying to send a kid home to change into acceptable attire.  Hell, hath no fury like that of a parent whose brats’ right of self expression has been impaired!

Ethics are dicey, because they are viewed by social anarchists as a back door approach to moral learning and moral learning might imply the notion of a Supreme Being.  Mustn’t even tiptoe past something that explosive, when after all, the more sophisticated among us are smugly certain that man is at the center of the cosmos and the ultimate arbiter of existential principals and standards.  And by the way, if you wish to add teacher’s unions to the rogue’s gallery, go right ahead – but remember it is parents that have a responsibility to actively oppose the corrosive and insidious curricular and extra-curricular agenda being promoted by these teacher’s unions.  Silence is complicity.

The notion of self as god is reinforced by the indifference of the parental unit.  You see this everywhere you go.  Kids are screaming and bouncing off the walls and infringing on the personal social space of strangers and if you should dare to confront the neo-parent on this, you’ll soon discover where junior is learning all those colorful words.

So, what do we have to show for all of this?   The girls ‘gone wild’ on this video.  The real villains in their mind were the Girl Scout moms who ‘snitched’ on them.   To me the moment that stood out in bold relief, was the answer that the second teen gave to the TV news reporter in response to the question – “What do you think you learned from this”.   “Probably not to get caught”.

What I learned from it is that Obama, the Banksters, the Marxists, the Satanists, the Anarchists, the Gangs, the Drug Cartels, the Murderers, the Rapists, the Sodomites,  the Abortionists and the thieving Politicians along with all the other Blasted Fool elements joining hands to decimate this once great nation, have some of the staunchest allies that any movement could possibly have.

Crappy parents.