21 is a bad bet.

Posted on February 27, 2013



Don’t gamble on Agenda 21 being in your best interests.


Editor’s Note:

I’m always on the lookout for talented writers on subjects that are vitally important to my readers here on Blasted Fools.   Through my many associations within Freedom Connector, I frequently discover colleagues who bring a profound understanding of the threats to freedom.  Ms. Deb Stefani, my guest writer for today is a great example.  Even more than that, she has launched a new activist group that is designed to oppose yet another stealth initiative from the global planners over at the United Nations. 

The name of the organization that she is spearheading is Citizen Alliance Against Agenda 21.  The United Nations has a long and storied reputation for serving as a incubator of treachery, beginning with the very inception of its charter, devised and set in motion in 1949 by none other than the infamous Alger Hiss.  Here Ms. Stefani, outlines in brief, the aims and purposes behind Agenda 21 and in sum, explains a strategy that we can adopt to block the U.N.’s objectives.


Deb Stefani

We can talk about the oppression hitting us from the bottom up and inside out, but talking to the choir, as valid as it is, will not make the changes which is required from every enabled body of Conservative Patriots.

After being heavily involved as a Political Campaign Manager in the past and for over 5 years of being actively involved in groups, I am of firm belief our “one last opportunity” to turn America around in the RIGHT direction is by taking action against Agenda 21 in our local communities with the power of one strong voice from all of us nationwide.

Agenda 21 has it’s organized tentacles already reaching deep within the fiber of our country. First and foremost, it’s priority is wrapping it’s tentacles around in the minds of our youth through educational Institutions.  Second in priority is extending another tentacle to disarm American Citizens, either now through Gun Control Laws or UN Small Arms Treaty , scheduled in March.  All the while, these two tentacles are swiftly being moved forward, so are many other tentacles, slithering through every size of communities, one way or another, without much notice.

What’s the end game of Agenda? With the least amount of civilian resistance, it’s ultimate plan is to shove people into compact areas to live, being sold by building a beautiful image of attractive downtown living with clean streets, easy shopping, less travel with plenty of parks and recreation green ways.  The rest of your State will be off limits to civilian travel to preserve wildlife, fishery, waterways and natural resources for usage of contained farm factories to feed the world.  This is the UN’S Agenda 21’s basic end plan.

However, Agenda 21’s tentacles have ONE WEAKNESS that is our very ONE STRENGTH to sever the ties of this communist beast. In order for Agenda 21’s plans to be executed, they have to get passed the local or regional level of every community in the United States. This is where, our power within local communities with one strong nationwide voice will stop Agenda 21, dead in it’s tracks.

To do this, I would like announce the launching of Citizen Alliance Against Agenda 21 and invite my fellow Conservative Patriot friends to participate in helping each other Campaign in local communities with one strong nationwide voice.  CAAA offers a non-partisan organized platform for local communities to network, discuss and plan easy-to-execute Campaigns, unlike it’s ever been necessary to do before in history.

Your participation is required, as previously stated, it will take every able bodied Conservative Patriot to put their best foot forward to stop the hostile takeover of our great nation.

If not better than us, who should be the ones to reach down and start pulling out Agenda 21’s tentacles?  Are you ready to put your words and knowledge to work?  If so, join us at: http://www.citizenalliance.ning.com .