She’s Baaaaaaaack!

Posted on February 28, 2013


Blunt cutting or burning Blunts?  We report, you decide.

Mad Maxine Waters is running at the piehole again.  She’s been kind of the reference standard for abject political mongolism here at Blasted Fools for a few years now.  This piece of video speaks for itself, but I couldn’t resist riffing on a couple things that had me in near paroxysms of laughter, when I first watched it.

If you thought that what all the talking heads in the national political media were discussing for the last several weeks, is called Sequestration, I’m here to tell you that you are mistaken.  According to Mad Maxine, the term is actually one of the following:

  • ‘Sea-crustaceans’
  • ‘C – Castrations’
  • ‘Sea-Cast-Rations’  – this last one might be a tangled up version of the emergency supplies in the armed forces, known as MREs or Meals Ready to Eat.

She was just getting warmed up with that.  Then she blew the hinges off the door with this line:

“Speaker Pelosi, we appear to be coming to this room as women”  What’s up with that?  Are appearances deceiving?  Have she and her colleagues in the Black Women’s Congressional Caucus, been showing up together appearing as men on some other occasion?  So many questions.  If she and the others came to the room as women, did they leave as some other gender, or did they come and go in the same guise?

The ‘170 million workers’, we already know about, but this IS serious stuff.  If there are 320 million people, plus 15 to 20 million Illegal migrants hiding in the shadows of society, then the 85 million bucks that the mean, heartless, Republicans are going to scrape off this years federal expenditures are going to result in more people losing jobs than are actually employed in the workforce!  That’s outrageous – we can’t allow that to happen!

Why do I always get the impression that she ad libs everything she says?  It seems like she just puts her mouth into gear, pulls out of the driveway and points it down the street, hoping that her mind will catch up.  Ah, well – it’s good entertainment.  Bad representation, but good entertainment.