Doom for Gloomberg

Posted on March 17, 2013


The little tyrant has been thwarted. A tire on his ‘Doom Buggy’ got a nail in it.












Mayor Mike ‘BloomBurqa’ is altogether too frequent a subject of discussion on this blog.  He’s been rotisseried for his attack on the 2nd Amendment here  and  taken to task on his ‘Soda Nazi’ edict, here.   Gloomberg doesn’t regret not being born into a Catholic family, because he considers himself overqualified for the position of Pope.  Even the Presidency offers only mild stimulation to a man of his ambitions.  The office of God looks attractive to him, even though he’s often perplexed over the lack of unanimous approval of his imperial decrees.  It must be irksome to a man of his omniscience to not be able to summarily dismiss the recalcitrant among us.

The Mike Meister is despondent about the latest setback in his drive to centrally plan the lives of New Yorkers from command central in his mayoral office.  A lowly peon, New York State Supreme Justice Milton Tingling put the nix on Bloom and Gloom’s fiat against sodas larger than 16 oz.  Tingling ruled that the regulations, which were set to take effect Tuesday, are “fraught with arbitrary and capricious consequences.”

“The court finds that the regulation herein is laden with exceptions based on economic and political concerns,” the judge wrote in his 36-page opinion.  Judge Tingling could just as well be reviewing the ‘Get out of Jail’ cards provided by the White House to special interests, like crony capitalists and labor unions, after the passing of Obamacare.

According to the Washington Times, a  coalition of labor unions, along with theater, beverage and grocery trade associations and the New York Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, joined the American Beverage Association in filing a request for a permanent restraining order in October.  It must seem a little ironic to BloomBurqa to find himself, a champion of illegal workers in the city, at opposite ends of a policy issue with a racial identity advocacy group.

It is a fool’s errand to be sure, but I remain curious to know how a man like Mike, could be so seemingly devoid of sound judgment and yet have amassed such enormous wealth.  Maybe he didn’t always have his head up the rectal cavity.  Maybe his behavior can just be chalked up to ‘power corrupts’.

The mayor is a sore loser and he’s not going to retire quietly on this one.  He is a man who carries with him the conviction of his fetishes:

“We have a responsibility as human beings to do something, to save each other,” Mr. Bloomberg said after the ruling. “While other people will wring their hands over the problem of sugary drinks, in New York City, we’re doing something about it.”

Pardon me  Mayor, but just how many of these hand wringers are there?  Would they fit in a Manhattan cab with room left over for another fare or two?  Bloomberg will appeal Judge Tingling’s decision.  The Judge, for his part, has joined the auspicious and hallowed ranks of ‘Anti-Blasted Fools’.
I like that name, Tingling.  Hey, Chris Matthews – are you feeling it too?