Two Wrongs don’t make a Civil Right

Posted on April 28, 2013


With traitors like Eric Holder in charge of the ‘Justice’ Department, our nation is truly in distress.

With all of the perfidy he has perpetrated, I don’t believe I have as yet, dedicated a particular post to Attorney General Eric Holder.  I’m correcting that as of today.  As many suspected, Obama’s re-coronation last year signified a shift from even a modest degree of restraint to the worst behavior of a lame duck term.  The White House is exemplifying that behavior in every crevice and corner.

Two of the festering canker sores of this administration are the Department of Homeland Security, in its headlong, hell bent for leather, race to finalize the infrastructure of a ‘prison continent’ within our borders, plus the conscious negligence and violation of oath of office of Attorney General Eric Holder.

Whereas Jimmy Carter’s term in office exemplified incompetency, the Obama tenure defines unchecked corruption.  There is no undisciplined fumbling going on here.  The White House fully believes that it has solid political cover from the national media and thus has reason to believe that they are untouchable.  They are correct in that assessment.

Holder and his boss, are constitutionally unfit and ineligible for the offices they hold.  Obama, for violation of the Constitution and Holder, for presiding over a criminal infrastructure – in all places, the Justice Department!  Having said that, I’m clearly of the understanding that there is zero chance that Obama or any of his regime will ever be impeached.  The fact of the matter is that a majority of both houses of Congress and a large percentage of the Judicial branch deserve to be removed from office due to treason and violation of their oath of office.  A non starter – no question.

What you have with Holder, is someone who’s view of American government is one in which the rule of law is nearly a complete abstraction.  We’ve seen so many heinous instances where Holder and his office, operating as free agents under the studied indifference of Barack Obama, have mocked the very standards of law and order that they are charged with upholding.  Nowhere is this more glaringly obvious than Holder and the racist attitudes and actions he champions.

The icing on the cake, now, is Holder’s advocacy of amnesty as a civil right.  In a visit to the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, Holder made the following comments – which you will also see in the video:

“Creating a pathway to earned citizenship for the 11 million unauthorized immigrants in this country is essential.  The way we treat our friends and neighbors who are undocumented – by creating a mechanism for them to earn citizenship and move out of the shadows – transcends the issue of immigration status.  This is a matter of civil and human rights.  It is about who we are as a nation.  And it goes to the core of our treasured American principle of equal opportunity.”

Of no apparent consequence to him, is the fact that these people upon whom he desires to lavish ‘civil rights’ are not citizens, but foreign nationals!  With this kind of anti-American mindset, it is patently absurd for us to even have borders.  When individuals that United States immigration law describes as ‘Illegal Aliens’ (sorry about that, Associated Press!) are entitled  to citizenship – any concept of a border is null, void and meaningless.    I can’t imagine anything that defines the true meaning of racism more aptly than Holder’s assertion that citizenship status for illegals from Central America and Mexico is a ‘civil right’.

Can any other ethnicity or race benefit from this entitlement?  I have relatives in the Baltic.  There is no border they can cross and subsequently benefit from the illegal act.  No –  every other country enters the US with a passport or a visa.  So this is nothing more than a racially based set aside.  But the group he was appearing before,  says a lot about Eric Holder.

MALDEF is the real kind of racist organization that the Southern Law Poverty Center is not keen on adding to their list.  In researching them, I happened upon some remarkable background information.  It turns out that the birth parent of  MALDEF and LaRaza is the Ford Foundation.  Credit goes to Craig L. Hymowitz, a staff researcher and writer with the Investigative Journalism Project of the Center for the Study of Popular Culture:

Modeled after the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, MALDEF, with an initial $2.2-million grant, was formed with the mandate “to assist Hispanics (legal or otherwise), in using legal means to secure their rights.” A second grant was made to establish the National Council of La Raza ” to coordinate efforts to achieve civil rights and equal opportunity” through support of Community Development Corporations. Under the guidance of newly installed McGeorge Bundy, the Ford Foundation, in addition to creating MALDEF and La Raza, funded numerous other Hispanic advocacy groups, such as the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project and the Latino Institute.  In 1974, Ford would establish the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund to mimic MALDEF’s efforts among Puerto Ricans. 

I think you would find the profile of McGeorge Bundy rather fascinating.  McGeorge Bundy was from the ‘Brahmin’ class of society and politics in Boston – the ‘old money and old politics’ that the Kennedy family so desperately aspired to become members of.  He came from a wealthy Republican family, but was National Security Adviser for LBJ.  Bundy, would be considered one of the original prototypes, not only of a RINO, but also a ‘Neo-Con’.  He was the man indirectly responsible for thousands of needless deaths of American soldiers in the Vietnam conflict, in that he was the prime force behind escalating the war rather than advising of the futility of it.  It gets more interesting though.

McGeorge Bundy was an internationalist (Bilderberg club), and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) as well as a member of the Skull and Bones fraternity at Yale.  In light of this, it is not at all out of character for the Ford Foundation to seed the growth of separatist organizations such as LaRaza and MALDEF.  The global planners at the CFR, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and others of similar ilk (Obama’s actual bosses) – realize that in order to gain control of people and property one continent at a time, they must first destroy the sovereignty of those nations.  An ideal tool for that are racist /  separatist movements like LaRaza, Mecha and MALDEF, whose modus operandi is to stir resentment among Latinos on the basis of the false premise that the United States stole land from Mexico.

It’s clear from this and other data, that foundations by and large, are funding radicalism and tearing apart the cultural and social fabric of America – and this is not random, but by deliberate plan.  No more clear indication of this is the contempt with which Eric Holder, Barack Obama and Janet Napolitano, view the rule of law, without which, nations disintegrate into tribal separatism and corruption.  Perhaps its time to consider a change in the tax code towards disallowing  exemption of ‘non-profits’ such as these foundations that clearly traffic in political ideologies, activism and agendas.  What do you think?