They Can’t Handle the Truth

Posted on May 10, 2013


A few days earlier, I posted ‘Necessity Is A Mother‘, in which I described to you Defense Distributed, Cody R. Wilson, it’s founder and the engineering marvels he has innovated, including the first complete 3-D Printed gun.  Since then, Mr. Wilson has successfully performed an initial test of the gun as witnessed by the BBC:

Cody Wilson told the BBC:  “There is a demand of guns – there just is.  There are states all over the world that say you can’t own firearms – and that’s not true anymore. “I’m seeing a world where technology says you can pretty much be able to have whatever you want.  It’s not up to the political players any more.”

Asked if he felt any sense of responsibility about whose hands the gun might fall into, he replied, “I recognise the tool might be used to harm other people – that’s what the tool is – it’s a gun. “But I don’t think that’s a reason to not do it – or a reason not to put it out there.” Nor do I.   The U.S. Government, in the service of our Military Industrial Complex, has no qualms about arming any number of regimes, paramilitary groups and foreign nations that happen to be on our chessboard at any given moment.  But let an individual bring forth an implement of self defense that the defense contractors don’t have a hand in, and it must be crushed.

Following the historic test, there has been another development of significance.   The Pentagon and the State Department have ordered Mr. Wilson to remove the plans for the 3-D printed gun from, the website of the developers, Defense Distributed of Austin, TX.  It appears that while the Pentagon is not certain under what authority they can commandeer the technology, the State Department is doing what I’d call ‘layering’ of unlawful authority.  You see before making the Liberator, Mr Wilson got a licence to manufacture and sell the weapon from the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.  The Bureau told the BBC that any American could make a gun for their own use, even on a 3D printer, but selling it required a license.

The Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance (State Department), emailed Mr Wilson a document demanding the designs be “removed from public access” until he could prove he had not broken laws governing shipping weapons overseas by putting the files online and letting people outside the US download them.  They’ve summed up their actions with the statement, “Until further notice, the United States government claims control of the information.”

The BBC goes on to report that Mr Wilson said that Defense Distributed had complied with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) rules.  He said the rules were pretty convoluted, but he believed his project was exempt as Defense Distributed had been set up specifically to meet requirements that exempted it from ITAR.

There is only one small hitch in the U.S. Government’s attempt to put the files for the first completely 3-D printed gun on ice.  The ‘horses’ are already out of the barn and frolicking all over the countryside.  That’s right, ‘Pirate Bay’ a well known digital file sharing site that authorities have found impossible to police, have already had over 100,000 downloads from the site.  No doubt, as downloading continues apace, hundreds of thousands more will have been downloaded by the time you read this.

Cody Wilson uses the same metaphor that I used in the previous report – about the ‘Genie’ being out of the bottle for good.  As he commented to the BBC, “Once people heard what happened, Pirate Bay has exploded.  I’m sitting  here watching it now, seeing the downloads go up and up.”

This all does give us a flavor of how panic stricken the puppetmasters are, with the knowledge that their dreams of debilitating the right to defend ourselves against tyrants, have just gone up in smoke  –  Gunsmoke.