The Curse of Feinkenstein

Posted on May 12, 2013


She’s a bitter clinger to gun control. BTW – what’s with the eyeball?

Senator Diane ‘Feinkenstein’ as she’s known here at Blasted Fools, has her shorts all in bunch again, (can women have their shorts in a bunch – or is that just a ‘guy thing’)?  The latest Bat in her Belfry is the Congressional Committee headed by Representative Darrell Issa (CA – 49). NBC’s ‘First Read’ reports:

Senate Intelligence Committee chair Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat, said on Meet the Press that Issa’s panel has deliberately put Clinton’s ambitions in its crosshairs.

“My concern is when Hillary Clinton’s name is mentioned 32 times in a hearing, then the point of the hearing is to discredit the Secretary of State, who has very high popularity (?)* and may well be a candidate for president,” Feinstein said.

So, that’s your concern Ms.Feinstein? That’s it?  That’s your only concern?  May I say unbelievable?  You’re not concerned that Hill’s dereliction of duty led to the needless loss of American lives?  You’re main concern is not the lies and the cover-ups?  Your chief concern is not that Secretary of State Clinton presided over an event that brought shame on her office and disrepute to the entire American diplomatic network world wide?

No, evidently not.  The travesty orchestrated by Ms.Clinton, the Pentagon and the callous, careless, distracted and deliberately feckless President, is of trivial importance to Feinkenstein.  It’s that they’re being unfair to her gal pal and by association – her party. It’s those bloodthirsty G.O.P. and conservative villagers with pitchforks and they’re after Hill.  It’s Hill’s turn in 2016 and this petty issue of Benghazi is jeopardizing everything.

Who does this Darrell Issa think he is, anyway?  After all, we’re told by Feinstein that Clinton has ‘high popularity’.  That’s the measure of leadership now, you see – high popularity.  Tell you what – take off the popularity part and I’ll give you ‘high’, as in she (Clinton) was high on something while the butchery was going on in Benghazi.   “And (she) may well be a candidate for President.”  Well, Diane – it won’t be because I didn’t, in my own small measure, try to prevent it.