The Note In The Boat

Posted on May 17, 2013


CBS News just conducted an interview with one of their ‘special correspondents’,  former Assistant FBI Director John Miller, in which Mr. Miller explained to them about a note that the surviving Boston Marathon bombing terrorist, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is supposed to have written inside the boat where he was hiding from authorities.  In the note, Dzhokhar is alleged to have made declarations to the effect that:

  • The Boston Marathon bombing victims were ‘collateral damage’ in the same way that civilian villagers, women and children were innocent victims of America’s ‘War on Terror’ in Muslim countries.
  • “When you attack one muslim, you attack all muslims”.
  • The death and dismemberment were executed in retaliation for the United States’ military campaigns in the Middle East.
  • His brother Tamarlan is in muslim ‘Paradise’ and because of this, he Dzhokhar, has no lingering concern or sadness regarding his death.

The proposition that “when you attack one muslim, you attack all muslims”, is one which should not be shrugged off lightly.  This certainly is not a universally held belief among adherents of Islam, but I think I am on solid ground based on numerous surveys of muslim opinions, that it is a prevailing attitude.  To be on the safe side of matters, we should think and act accordingly – especially since it is no recent discovery that terrorist attackers are indiscriminate in targeting their quarry.

Mr. Miller, when asked if authorities believe the Tsarnaev brothers were acting independently in the planning and execution of the bombings, said that that is the conclusion they are coming to.  It must be born in mind however, that since the CBS interview is an exclusive, it is reasonable to conclude that along with whatever information the Feds have disclosed to Miller, they have also prepped him to deliver the narrative of the brothers as independent plotters.

This version of the origins of the event, whether true or not, would seem obviously to be the safest one for the Feds to propagate, given the FBI’s track record of involvement in failed sting operations.

If, as has been reported by intelligence sources independent of Washington,  the Tsarnaev brothers were CIA assets that had been turned by Wahhabist / Al Queda cells in in Makhachkala – the capital city of Dagestan in 2012,  you can assume that all official and non-classified reports will stick to the version that Miller is disseminating.

The Dzhokhar note raises another matter to be contemplated.  If there is even the smallest amount of reality in the assertion that our military actions in such regions of the world, are contributing to a motive for terrorism – doesn’t it follow that we need to scrutinize our national interest in involving ourselves in these areas going forward.

If we’re there to fatten the wallets of the defense contractors, perhaps we need to put their ‘wallets’ on a strict diet.  If we’re there for oil, then we’d better get cracking on that Keystone XL pipeline and get fracking on more shale and tar sands oil and natural gas.