The ‘A-Team’ Wants You!

Posted on June 3, 2013


Are you a Col. Hannibal Smith, a Mr. T or more of a Hamilton Peck? Maybe you’re like me – a ‘Howling Mad’ Murdock!

Just yesterday I took a snapshot poll of persons on my conservative networking groups in order to gauge the interest level in launching a new and by all appearances, unique method of conducting activism.  The respondents indicated that they agreed that they would like to break out of the echo chamber and begin influencing the ‘unconverted’.  Who are the unconverted and civically illiterate?  You know who I’m talking about.  Your friends who vote according to their impressions of political ads, ‘gut’ feelings, groupthink, biased reporting on the major network news and what ever other factors (distractions, apathy, etc.).  That’s if they vote at all.

The other side of the coin is the squirmy, slimy, spineless reptiles that can change colors at will when they see enough Green.  I refer of course, to the people we send to Congress.  That’s a bunch that you can’t approach with gloves on.  They need a 2”x 4” upside the head. There’s an app for that as well.

I promised that if I got enough enthusiasm to build a core team, that I’d come forward with details.  What I didn’t mention at the time, was that this new enterprise is going to take some of us just a little outside our comfort zone.  There’s a large number of us out there whose reaction to even the mention of social media ranges from indifference to loathing.  But that is I think, based on our disdain for how social media is typically used – trivial, narcissistic, time wasting nonsense.  It matters little what you or I think of Twitter or Facebook on a personal level.  The real issue is that in terms of a powerful and influential medium of communication, they are a tool that we are going to have to embrace and learn to bend to our influence and powers.

The reality as it stands now, is we are getting our heads kicked in with social networking tools.  There is no realistic option not to adopt these implements and begin effectively turning them back against our opponents.  That means that some of you who swore you’d never own a Twitter or Facebook address, are going to have to eat your words.  I’m going to try to make that oath of yours a little more appetizing.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, I know that some of you are voicing the objection, “that’s absurd – how could Twitter and Facebook possibly be used for Conservative activism?”  Let me explain.  For this initiative, I have two partners.  They are heavy hitters in the conservative policy game – Freedom Works and the Heritage Foundation.  The endeavor I am launching will affiliate with both of them in different ways.  Freedom Works provides the online networking platform, Freedom Connector.  On ‘FC’ as it is known for short, there are thousands of Tea Party groups located from coast to coast in a virtual environment.  Heritage Foundation has initiated a activism campaign. The sub-organization is called ‘Heritage Action For America’ and the campaign itself, is called the ‘Sentinel’ program. ‘Sentinel’ will be one avenue of resources for us, but by no means the only.

We will post ‘Action Tweets’ with embedded links, which can be ‘Re-Tweeted’ by you.   But you will also be able to post your action tweets for other members to use as well.  The Twitter part of our battle plan will be most effective towards members of Congress, because virtually all of them have Twitter addresses now.  Facebook posts are the prime avenue for stirring up awareness of government corruption, waste, and tyranny among your uninformed and inattentive friends, relatives and acquaintances.  We’ll have a steady stream of posts, including from group members with which to wake up your fellow Americans.

Let me provide you with examples of things we can do:

    • Bombard Members of the House and Senate prior to a vote on Immigration.
    • Impact Congress on budget, taxes and spending issues.
    • Tell your State Legislator that you approve or disapprove of his / her stance on an Assembly bill.
    • Flood a City Council or School Board with protests on their management of local issues.
    • Target the comments section of online news reporting sites – New York Times, Washington Post, Politico, Real Clear Politics, Bloomberg News, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and hundreds more.
    • Let members with similar policy interests assist you in the role of ‘Force Multipliers’.
    • Initiate campaigns within a Congressional District to compel a House Member to attend a Town Hall meeting.
    • Post regional Tea Party events for re-distribution and wider participation.

These are merely a sample of the utility and functioning of the group.  Members will innovate new strategies on the fly.  We will need leaders.  I’ll want to see members stepping forward to take initiative on the development and execution of these strategies.  We’re going to have a Freedom Connector Group that is going to act as ‘command central’, where the teams get their daily assignments as well as drop them off.

With this group we can go anywhere and strike at any target we want, in real time.  We can have people in Utah hammering a arrogant politico in Connecticut.  We can have operatives in Texas, turning up the heat on the idiots running things here in California.  We can descend on Feinstein, Schumer, McCain, Rubio, Flake, Graham and Bloomberg like a plague of Locusts.  We can defend patriots like Sheriff Joe.

With your slow-witted ‘sheeple’ friends, you can drop in and pick up thought grenades that push the right buttons and wake them from their stupor.  Did they complain about how much it cost to fill their SUV? – tweet them a snappy link on energy policy.  Are they grousing about taxes?  Post a link on Facebook that explains how their money is being wasted by bureaucrats and cubicle monkeys.  Did they gripe about the foolishness that poses as ‘Airline Security’ at the airport? – ping them back a report on how to re-structure it.

Let me re-emphasize two very important things about this enterprise.  At no time EVER, will you be solicited for funds or be presented with a request to furnish personal information of any kind.   The other is that this is not a corporate type entity where someone ‘cracks the whip and you make the trip’.  It’s quite the opposite.  We will not attain growth and influence without your passion, creativity and leadership skills.  You are the engine of growth.

The ultimate goal?  Bring Congress to the stark realization that we are their employers, not the special interests and rent seekers – and that we can fire them if they don’t serve ‘We The People.’   Equally important – to  set the stage now, for a better outcome in the next election cycles including the Presidential election in 2016.

Let’s get started.  First step, please hit the Twitter ‘Follow’ button, and the Facebook button in the sidebar to your Right (appropriately enough).  I want to link up with you so that we can get ramped up quickly on posts.  Next, please go to the new group and sign up here. For those of you on Freedom Connector already – this is going to be simple.  If you are not on Freedom Connector, you will want to register and create a profile.

Let me mention another practical matter.  You do not have to use your personal name as a handle on Freedom Connector, Twitter, Facebook or any other medium that we move forward to impact.  There is no downside to adopting an online ‘nom de plume’, and many do, for various sensible reasons.  You may want to create a secondary account with these social media sites for the purposes of activism.  I’ll put a welcome post on our new group tomorrow and give those of you who are novices to Twitter and Facebook some easy start up tips to help you navigate.  You probably won’t need them, but just in case.

I’ve named the group, the ‘A-Team‘, because we need a mixture of personalities and temperaments.  We’ll need some Hannibal Smiths, some ‘Howling Mad’ Murdocks, some Templeton ‘Faceman’ Pecks, and some ‘Mr. T’s.  Ladies – you’re going to have to conjure up your own role models.  Charlie’s Angels?

I pity the Fools!