“A Duty To Retreat”?

Posted on July 19, 2013


Another Zimmerman rant from my guest contributor – Doug Gibbs.


Federal Manipulation of Zimmerman Narrative For Political Advantage

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The Obama administration has pinned a lot of political hopes on the rage, for which they, and the media, are largely behind when it comes to their incitement of, that is sweeping the nation among the ranks of minorities, and liberal left whites who suffer from “white guilt”, thanks to the verdict by a jury in the George Zimmerman trial.  President Barack Obama, and friends, are nurturing the idea that this is not only a racist nation, but it has gotten worse under Obama’s watch, and of course it is not Obama’s fault, but the fault of the GOP. 

The fact that George Zimmerman acted in self-defense is being demonized, for if Zimmerman had just laid there and let the poor, innocent Trayvon Martin, who was on top of Zimmerman, beat the living daylights out of him, which included at that point Martin pounding Zimmerman’s skull into the concrete, then poor little Trayvon Martin would be alive today to defend himself, and stoke the fires of the “Zimmerman, and anyone who supports the verdict is a racist” narrative.  But, since the young Trayvon Martin is dead, and unable to say anything, the federal government, under the leadership of President Obama, is going to do all they can to soothe the feelings of the angry folks breaking windows and burning American Flags, so as to humanely destroy the concept of self-defense (if you’re white), stand-your-ground laws (if you’re white), the allowance to carry a gun (if you oppose Obama), and overrule and delegitimize our justice system in terms of jury trials (especially if you’re white). . . Note, white includes people that could be considered white if the liberal left decides they are, like George Zimmerman, who is a white guy with a Hispanic mom, and with some black ancestry. . . which makes him all white because the race baiters say so.

To ensure the narrative goes the way the Obama administration wants, the federal government is going to file a hate-crime federal suit against a man who was defending himself from being attacked, as determined by a court of law.  To ensure the narrative goes the way the Obama administration wants, the federal government is refusing to allow George Zimmerman to have his belongings returned to him, including his gun, because even though he is innocent according to a court of law, the Obama administration believes him to be guilty, and so he can’t be trusted with is own private property (despite the fact that the law says Zimmerman must have his property returned to him . . . but then again, whenever does the Obama administration care about the law?).

To ensure white people know better than to fight back in the future, Attorney General Holder is spreading the word that not only should you dare not to fight back, but that you “have a duty to retreat.”

Since there is no evidence that Zimmerman is guilty, or that he acted in a manner that proves him to be a racist, the Department of Justice, under orders by the Obama administration, is calling for anyone and everyone that thinks that at one time in his life Zimmerman may have acted or spoken in a racist manner, to snitch on him by reporting such activities, even if those words or actions are decades old (just ask Paula Deen), to the federal government.

This is all, of course, a normal mode of operation for the Obama administration.  Turning citizens against citizens is easy.  They even have in place a command for children to snitch on their parents. . . in Obama’s eyes, parents having guns is child abuse.

That’ll teach the opposition for daring to oppose the first black president.

Orwell missed this one. . . To Oppose is Racist.

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