The Cover of the Rolling Dzohkhar

Posted on July 20, 2013


A friend of mine – sent me over  this goof on the Rolling Stone Dzokhar Tsarnaev Cover (Boston Marathon bomber).  When you listen to it, you will know why he prefers anonymity.  I told him not to quit the old day job just yet.

The melody, will probably be familiar as that of the original song by Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show – ‘Cover of the Rolling Stone’ – which was always a good laugh to begin with.  Hopefully, Paul Shanklin hasn’t already done this!

Final note – I don’t know if this violates the ‘Time + Tragedy = Comedy’ equation or not, so if it does – I denounce this parody beforehand with ringing condemnation.  Lyrics and mP3 – scroll down.

I guess Dzokhar will have something to read in the slam, besides the Kooooran.

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“Well, we’re big Jihadi Killed much more than John Gotti

And we’re feared everywhere we go…(That sounds like us) We love our holy war, we’d like to kill much more You think we’d stop, our answer’s ‘No”…(Right)

We get all kinds of chills as we escalate our kills

Now the thrill we’ve finally known Is the thrill that could hitcha’ when I got my picture On the cover of the Rolling Stone (Rollin’ Stone…) Wanna be a martyr for Allah (Stone…) Either here or over in Ramallah…(Yes) (Stone…) Now you see my smilin’ face On the cover of the Rolling Stone…(Inshallah, if its his will)

Placed some bags upon the ground, up at Boston’s Marathon You could say we came straight from hell We set ‘em off quickly without any great regret

Oh, how many infidels fell Now it was designed to spread the terror

But the terror hadn’t really been known Like the terror that’ll ‘gitcha as I got my picture On the cover of the Rolling Stone (Rollin’ Stone…) Wanna see my picture on the cover (Stone…) Wanna make the victims cry and suffer…(Yeah) (Stone…) Wanna see my terrorist face On the cover of the Rolling Stone

[Instrumental]: (Yeah, I know how….Rock and roll!!) (Oh, that’s beautiful)

‘I’ve been treated like a hero, when I’m a god damned zero

That’s the ‘libs at work, you see

I’m all about killing and I’m all about hate

Even chicks out there want me free

With my pocket Quran, such handsome man,

As I blew many limbs apart

But I need more surgeons, and I can’t have my virgins

So I’ll settle for the Rolling Stone (Rolling Stone)

Gonna send one copy to my imam

And the guy who’d been working on a shoe bomb

Gonna see my murderin’ face (I want one)

On the cover of the Rolling Stone, On the cover of the Rolling

(Stone, Stone, Stone)

On the Cover of the Rolling Stone”

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