He Ain’t Be Going to Disneyland

Posted on July 21, 2013


Guess who’s not coming to Disneyland?


The Trayvon Martin debacle still hasn’t subsided.  Now the malcontents want to put the pinch on Florida to try to coerce them into reconsidering the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law.  The fact that ‘Stand Your Ground’, wasn’t an element in the George Zimmerman murder trial, is just a trifling detail to these folks.  Getting rid of SYG, in their minds, is a tribute to Trayvon and don’t try to reason with ’em because they’ve already made up their already closed minds.  Closed Minds – what a terrible thing to waste – so they don’t.  They put them to work and with the help and leadership of Black ‘comic’ Dick Gregory, they’ve hatched a plan to make Florida pay for its insensitivity and disrespect of the brothers (and sisters – can’t forget Rachel Jenteal), ya understand.

The first part of this is to put down on Orange Juice from wherever, because it symbolizes Florida?  I was under the impression that some oranges were still grown out here in Cali, but maybe I missed something.  I don’t know – here it is from the horse’s mouth:

“Whoa. Hang on,” he said.  “Let me say something.  Let me say something.  See that’s what you mean.  Some of y’all ain’t been to Florida in your life and ain’t going.  And all you got to do is get Florida to come to you.  Now what do I mean by that?  They got oranges that they can’t afford to have you not buy because they will rot.” 

“You leave here now and you get on the phone and you call people and tell them to call people,” he continued. “I said to my grandmother, ‘We not going to boycott Florida orange juice because Florida orange juice is sold under different names.  We going to boycott orange juice.’  And when them orange growers start running in to take that governor and he knows he can’t stand his ground with them.  This is who we are.  Starting thinking about Christmas.  You know it’s hard to get us to do something.”

OooooKayyyy.  Could they maybe substitute Purple Drank for the OJ?  Why all this negativity – why not talk about doing something instead of stop doing things?  Start a ‘Choom’ club in honor of Trayvon and his dad, Barack.  How about honoring your friend Bill Cosby and dropping the “We not going to” and the Ebonics and rejection of education that keeps some Blacks out of the social and economic mainstream.  What do you think?

They’re not done yet.  Disneyland is a symbol to the Racial Identity Politics crowd of all that is White and exclusively incomprehensible to Black culture – or so one would think, at least:

“How many of y’all have been to Disneyland to see a rat?” Gregory said, referencing Mickey Mouse, to laughter from the several hundred in attendance.  “But haven’t walked down the street to see King’s tomb?  Had he not died, you wouldn’t be welcome in Orlando.  So we not asking you to do anything that costs you.  We just say save your money.  Don’t spend it.  And when they understand who you are, then things will stop happening.”

“When they understand who you are”?  Who, exactly are the  ‘they‘, in that sentence? Whites?  Who else would he be referring to, but the eternal, chief antagonist in the stock dramatization of the woes of Blacks in all of modern history – Whites.  Yet, to these same cantors of woe and injustice, it is of meager significance that in reality, more mayhem, felony assault and murder is committed against them by members of their own tribe.  Even less noteworthy in their eyes, is the reality that Whites are several times more likely, on a population percentage basis, to be murdered, raped, robbed or beaten by a Black or a Black mob. 

It’s hard to deduce any coherency in the narrative that Mr. Gregory, Sharpton, Jackson and the others are proffering to their followers or to any guilt ridden Whites who may be listening in.  George Zimmerman is every bit as ‘White’, in the context of this presumptive grievance as Barack Hussein Obama is.  Which causes the thinking person, the one who carefully sorts out facts – as did the Martin Jury, to conclude that this agitation has more to do with the need of the ‘community organizers’ to draw attention to themselves and stir up division among Americans, than any actual injury.

I can’t speak with any direct knowledge about Walt Disney World or Epcot Center in Orlando, alright, because I have not been there.  But I can tell you that at Disneyland in Anaheim California, you see a fair representation of Asians, Hispanics, Whites – but Blacks?, not so much.  Every time I go there, instead of playing a mental game of ‘Where’s Waldo’, it’s more like ‘Where’s Leroy’.  There’s just something about Disneyland that – by and large – just doesn’t make it for them. 

‘Hate Radio Stations’? I wonder if that’s a category one can search on Sirius Satellite Radio?


There was a couple of very unfortunate incidents back in late Winter / early Spring of this year, involving those Disney characters that walk around the park and that you can have your kids pictures taken with – but I don’t think that really explains the Disney disconnect with Blacks.  I don’t have any theories and I don’t want to hear any from any White Supremacists either.  Save it for your bigot friends.  I would hope that clumsy mistakes like this, wouldn’t solely account for the lack of enthusiasm among Blacks towards all things Disney:

I didn’t see any little Black kids on ‘It’s a Small World’ eating Watermelon or KFC.

The candy you see in the photo was attributable to a brouhaha a few years back, regarding a perception that someone was deliberately goofing on the stereotypical association between Blacks and Watermelon.  This is something that the Black political movement has focused on, to the exception of tackling the big problems of out of wedlock babies and lower educational expectations.  Yet, it is stamped in the consciousness of Blacks to one degree or another, as this comment on one forum:

“One of the residual effects of racism is keeping an apparently delicious fruit out of the hands of Black people for fear of feeding into stereotypes.  I don’t like the taste of watermelon, in fact I can’t even stand the smell of watermelon.   I’ve always wondered if it’s because I don’t want to cater to stereotypes.  In the summer when I’m at the grocery store, I refuse to even look in the direction of those huge bins of watermelons they always seem to have. White folks are piling their carts high while I walk past, worried that if I even stop to check the price, they’ll all look at each other and say ‘Seeeeee, I knew it was true!!!”

I’m sorry, I just refuse to believe her claim about she doesn’t like the taste or smell of Watermelons.  That stretches credulity just a bit too far in my book.  All kidding aside, the fact of the matter is that Disney is somewhat of a blank canvas upon which any number of agenda driven groups can project their resentment onto – as is illustrated by a most interesting website called ‘The True Intentions of Disney’.  Progressive sociologists have endeavored to point out to Blacks, the myriad of alleged racist symbolism in everything from the Black Crows (not to be confused with the rock band) in Dumbo, to the implicit stereotypes they see in ‘The Song of the South’.  The trouble is that the human imagination is very susceptible to the auto suggestions of implied racism.  I even find myself being distracted on an intellectual plane, trying to decipher ‘racial codes’ within the various motifs in the park.  Very annoying.

The thing is, that at least as far as the Disneyland end of this boycott deal is concerned – I just don’t see it having a huge impact on attendance.  If anything, it might be Disneyland constantly ratcheting up ticket prices in a soft economy, but maybe not even.  People will somehow dig into the couch cushions to come up with the jack to go see Mickey and friends. 

So, the Disney boycott?  It’s just F’ing Goofy!