Covering Up The Smell

Posted on August 15, 2013


The Democrats are trying to return the IRS scandal to the store where they purchased it, but have lost their receipt.

Editor’s Note:

As we grow here at Blasted Fools, we are assembling a nascent team of ‘beat reporters’, along with our superb guest contributors. One of our new columnists is Michael Logan, a Tea Party / Reform Republican activist in the San Gabriel Valley.  Michael has identified a characteristic example of the member of Congress – regardless of partisan affiliation, lacking in the courage to face up to the corruption in his party and issue a unequivocal repudiation.  Adam Schiff earns his time under the white hot intensity of the  Blasted Fools interrogation lamp, by attempting to artfully dance around the contemptible and illegal actions of the IRS, on Barack Obama’s watch.

Dear Richard,

I would like to provide you and your readers with a local example of how one democrat law maker is trying to bury the IRS targeting conservatives scandal and my reaction to that.

My representative in Congress is Adam Schiff (d) 28th district California. Schiff has a “safe” seat in an overwhelmingly liberal democrat Southern California district which includes big lib donors in Hollywood. Amazingly Schiff’s seat was formerly held by the honorable (that’s right he’s a judge) Republican James Rogan.

A year before the election Rogan predicted to me in his D.C. office that he would probably lose. He was right because the democrat national committee made Rogan their number one target to defeat as payback for his role as House manager in the Senate Impeachment trial of President Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton. I should remind the reader that Mr. Clinton was impeached for the crime of perjury and not for sex. I should also inform the reader that one of the most unbelievable and fascinating true life stories can be found in James Rogan’s autobiographical book titled “Rough Edges”. Now back to the subject at hand.

I am on Adam Schiff’s online mailing list that includes periodic constituent surveys. Typically my responses to these surveys fall into the category of district minority conservative opinions. It is common for these surveys to have a biased democrat talking point intro that serves to tilt the survey in the desired direction of results.

There are four multiple choice answers that are usually so loaded that I opt for the “other” box where I can write in the kind of answer I would be proud to check in the survey. Yesterday Schiff’s latest survey arrived and this is it.

This year, the Inspector General for the Department of Treasury revealed that IRS employees singled out groups with conservative political affiliations for special scrutiny among applicants for 501(c)4 tax status. Since the IG’s report was issued, Congress has held numerous oversight hearings, the director of the IRS has been replaced, as has the former Director of Exempt Organizations who ultimately had authority over determinations regarding tax exempt status. It has also now been determined that many progressive groups were also selected for special scrutiny.

What do you think about the allegations that the IRS engaged in targeted scrutiny based on political affiliation?

  1. I am very alarmed that the IRS is scrutinizing groups based on political ideology — conservative or progressive.
  2. I think section 501(c)(4) is being abused by political groups of all kinds to hide their donors’ identities and should be repealed.
  3. I believe this is troubling, but I think Congress should focus on other priorities like our economy and immigration.
  4. I am not bothered by this issue.

Other _______________________

Again I filled in the “other” box starting with the question “What is the percentage of progressive groups that were denied 501 status?” Should Schiff ever respond to my opinions on this matter you can bet your farm that he’ll never answer that question.

After submitting my response I decided to go a step further and send a letter to my local paper about this disingenuous survey. As always I first researched like you can by simply googling “progressive groups targeted by the IRS”. I read the June 2013 liberal claim from the Huffington Post first and than the next day rebuttal by columnist Ben Shapiro. That was all I needed to know about this subject and I will bet my farm on Piers Morgan slayer Ben Shapiro over Zsa Zsa Huffy any day of the week.

I send in letters to the local paper on a regular basis of between one to three per month. They are almost always reactions to democrat liberal absurdities. That is our job as conservatives to conserve is it not? This time of the non election year when people are on vacation the paper gets a lot less submissions and your chances of being printed increase dramatically. Go ahead and try it. I’m now at about one for every three submitted being printed.

In the heat of an election I will typically send in ten that don’t get printed and I will send in number eleven along with a gripe to the editor that will result in it’s printing. I sent one in this morning and rather it gets printed or not I would hope to get it’s message out there more and here it is.

Schiffting the Blame

In Congressman Adam Schiff’s latest online survey he tackles, or I should say gently nudges, the IRS scandal. His brief background info prior to the multiple choice answers are both incomplete and false in order to manipulate the results. Schiff concedes that the IRS targeted conservative groups, that congress has had numerous oversight hearings and that two IRS directors were replaced. This would paint a picture of a problem solved. Also stated was “it has been determined that many progressive groups were also selected for special scrutiny”.

Here is the rest of the story and the truth. In the two years leading up to the 2012 election the IRS suppressed the vote of conservatives by rendering them unable to organize for donations. The IRS also released confidential conservative donator lists to democrats. These actions are illegal and no one is in jail for this. The two directors were simply transferred to another cushy job. The term “progressive” was found on an IRS be-on-the-look-out-for list but that’s as far as it went. Agents were only directed to hold up applications for conservative groups. For 27 months not one conservative group was granted 501 tax exempt status while dozens of progressive ones sailed through no problem.

The survey questionnaire has four possible answers. Only one indicates that the respondent sees the scandal as serious and none suggest any further action. I want a special committee to get to the bottom of this covered up travesty and all those involved prosecuted right up to the top. To tolerate political persecution because it is used against the opposition will bring it home to you some day. Is this just another “phony scandal” that the democrats are putting to sleep or is this the birth of US fascism?

Michael Logan