MSNBC Lying In The Bed They Made

Posted on January 4, 2014


By now most every political junkie on either side of the spectrum, has digested the Duck Dynasty fiasco and the Melissa Harris-Perry debacle, oh, and certainly let’s not leave out Martin Bashir and Alec Baldwin.   Because of that, I’m not going to discuss the merits of those incidents specifically, but to look at them in the aggregate, along with all the other similar politically incorrect explosions that took place in 2013 and how they have changed the landscape within the confines of the mass media.    That’s right – the lay of the land is almost unrecognizable now and progressives are stumbling around in it in almost complete blindness.

Quickly, let me recap the most recent incident.  Melissa Harris-Perry, one of the cast  Democrat cultists on MSNBC’s Ship of Fools, got her tail in a crack for staging a segment of her program in which erstwhile presidential candidate and former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney‘s family was fodder for sniping.  Here’s the original segment – because, while many of us have heard reference to it, most of us have not seen the replay:

I’ve got to be candid here.  Inappropriate, ill-advised, negligently un-scripted it may have been, can we be honest about it that in and of itself, it’s far from hostile or over the top?  Outside of the broader context of MSNBC, it’s a tempest in a teapot. You may disagree and see something in it that I didn’t see  – that’s fine.  But stay with me here, because MSNBC is not off the hook – not even close.

Alright, now here’s the segment in which Ms. Harris-Perry apologizes for the content of that show segment. Take a look –

O.K., first, I don’t see how we could possibly not accept the apology at face value.  If I were giving a score on the apology itself, I’d have to rate it at least a 9 out of 10.  So, while I am opposed to Ms.Harris -Perry on nearly every topic under the sun, not to mention the worst being that she is a Democrat / Obama cultist – she did the obligatory thing and it came off as sincere.  Again, correct me if I’m wrong.

That solved the Melissa Harris-Perry problem (for her) – temporarily at least, but here’s the bigger problem that wasn’t solved for MSNBC.  MSNBC, as a functional arm of the Democrat party, is a swamp of obsessive racism.  How can you, in anything but an abstract sense, apologize for something that is ingrained in the very fiber of your Weltanschauung –  your core philosophy on society and government? And folks, don’t think for a minute, that the image of a black infant sitting in the lap of a white man, doesn’t tap into some deep psychological vein with your typical progressive Democrat.  If you think I’m making that up, listen to this item from an article on Transracial adoption in the New York Times:

…the National Association of Black Social Workers, in 1972, likened whites adopting black children to “cultural genocide.” The group removed the genocide reference from its policy statement in 1994, but it still recommends same-race placements. And organizations like the Child Welfare League have argued in recent years that while race need not be the primary consideration in placements, it should not be disregarded.

The Democrats cannot abandon the source of the problems that MSNBC have found themselves in.  To do so would be to amputate that which is their public facing raison d’etre.  As Cher sings, “Do You Believe in Life after Love?”, the question to today’s Democrat is, “do you believe in life after victimhood and racial identity politics?”  For most of them, the answer is no.  The obvious irony here is that they are now getting their tail in a crack for expressing the very sorts of sentiments that they accuse  us on the right of harboring.  There’s something pathological about this.

I’d like to point something else out here as well, while I’m on the subject.  MSNBC did not fire Martin Bashir or Alec Baldwin because the network has any lofty moral or ethical standards.  They tossed both of them off the island because in order to maintain the exalted doctrine of speech censorship against people like myself, they had no choice.  Martin and Alec quickly become poster boys for the sort of intolerance that Democrats own and cherish, but prefer to camouflage while indicting others for same.  By the way, I don’t support the firing of these people for revealing their true colors – but that’s just the open minded guy that I am.  Ratings suck, you’re gone, but unpopular speech, huh-uh.  Nevertheless, Alec Baldwin may have a host of reasons why he pretends to be a progressive, but there’s no way he can pull the wool over my eyes.  When the words, “Cocksucking Fag” roll out of your pie-hole, that means that you are no fan of homosexuals or their behavior.  There’s no other way to spin it and don’t waste your breath trying.

When you really look at the serial apologies emanating from the ilk at MSNBC, you cannot but conclude that this is a world of their own making.  They’ve shoved the speech censorship and the feigned outrage on us incessantly, as though it were a vaccination against conversation they deem offensive. The consequence, as they are discovering, is that they have painted themselves into the same corner they intended to trap us in. This is not an ideological conflict we have here, it’s an identity crisis.

It’s funny when you consider the implications.  You see, frankly I don’t give a rat’s ass what they say over there – could care even less, but given the history of moralizing and finger wagging, we can’t give them a free pass anymore.  I’m obligated to rub their nose in their stuff and ask if they think it smells better than anyone else’s.  So now the playing field is becoming level and they don’t like a level playing field.  Comeuppance is a female with a nasty disposition.

What? After all this, you didn’t think I was going to use the word bitch, did you?