Open Rebellion Radio!

Posted on February 20, 2014


Some of you, my readers, might have occasionally wondered what a radio program hosted by me would be like.  OK, I understand that probably never occurred to you.  It didn’t occur to me until about 6 months or so ago.  Since then I’ve been trying to put the pieces in place for a radio program and some of the pieces I was working with turned out to be unworkable – sort of like a piece to a puzzle that no matter how much effort you expend in trying to fit it into the spot, it’s not going to fit – ever.  I think they say in Texas, “That Dog won’t hunt”.

That’s all I’ll say about that. So finally, I realized that it might be more difficult and the going might be tougher, but like the Little Red Hen of the children’s fable, when I eventually got the bread baked, I’d know that if people liked it – I could take all the credit. Sounds crass, doesn’t it?  If Obama told me that I didn’t build Open Rebellion Radio, I could prove him wrong and deny him a sample of the bread, even though “he IS the President and he can do whatever he likes.”

So, what will Open Rebellion Radio be like.  It will be similar to Blasted Fools in some ways and different in others. Specifically, Open Rebellion Radio will be an engine for activism and we’ll be providing our listeners plenty of opportunities to push back against the Socialist / Fascist state that has been metastasizing daily.

I’ll also have lots of fascinating guests – national newsmakers, noted authors, policy experts and people from Liberty movement advocacy groups explaining how we can block the next move of the traitorous, ‘two party’ crime syndicate operating on Capitol Hill – which they’ve now changed the spelling of, to ‘Capital Hill’.

Please join me for the program.  It is scheduled to go live on BlogTalk Radio at 3PM today, Pacific Standard. I’m going to be introducing myself,  talking about the program and what’s in store for it and my listeners, but today, I’m making the callers my ‘co-host’ for this program, as a permanent co-host has not been selected yet. It may be that I don’t choose a permanent co-host and just have interesting people from the Tea Party and Liberty movement join me for individual programs.

I’d like you to call into the program today if you’re able to do so.  I’ll take callers periodically within the hour, to sort of break up my monologue for today.

Friday’s program will be my first with guests. Tomorrow, I’ll have Anita MonCrief, the ACORN whistleblower on the program as co-host and we’ll also be joined by my friend Hugh Fike from the Heritage Foundation to discuss the Heritage Action for America Sentinel program.

Here’s the call in number for the program –  (646) 668-8537.  Most of my callers will be calling in on mobile phones, so I didn’t think there would be much point in the added cost of a Toll free line.  If you are calling in on a landline, I’ll bump you ahead of the pack.

Here’s a link to the show page on Blog Talk Radio:

Looking forward to your participation!  –  RC

BTW,  you know those idiot warning stickers – “Keep hands away from blade, when Chain Saw is in operation”?  I realized that if I didn’t want my program popping up on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of hateful extremists, I’d better at least post a disclaimer on the show’s landing page (which is still under construction):


Special Note – Please be aware that in spite of the rhetorical name of this site and the radio show it references, let it be understood by all that Open Rebellion Radio DOES NOT Advocate, Recommend, Encourage or Promote:

The violent overthrow of the United States Government or that of any of the individual states, commonwealths, counties, municipalities or other jurisdictions.
Violence towards any person, entity or organization in any form.
Unlawful activities of any nature.

Open Rebellion Radio is intended to ONLY inspire advocacy and activism within our system of laws and institutions – peacefully, and in an orderly, socially responsible manner, but assertively within the established boundaries of the citizen’s Natural Law and Constitutional right of Free Speech and to petition the government and its elected officials.