Mitt Romney 2016 – Don’t Even Think About It, Say No Go!

Posted on October 24, 2014


 photo mitt-romney-visits-iowa-state-fair_zpse75949b6.jpg

Maybe Mitt just doesn’t want to eat anymore weird crap at County Fairs.


Well, I tell you what. I had an article to write about all the ferment within the neo-con wing of the GOP about Mitt taking another shot at the presidential nomination, but I put it on a back burner to simmer. That was until “the Donald” – yes, that Donald, Donald Trump forced my hand today.

“No. I don’t think he should run. He had his chance and he blew it,” Trump told Breitbart News. “He had a great chance of winning. He should have won. That was an election that, frankly, should have been a much easier election than the probable 2016 candidate Hillary [Clinton]. That was an election that should have been won by the Republicans.”

“He had his chance and he blew it”. Bingo! Listen, I’m not the biggest fan of the Trumpenator, but I must admit that he hit the nail right on the head with this one. There’s all this wistful clamoring among the hard core GOP establishment politicos that if only Mitt would step up to the plate just one more time, whack!, he’d hit it out of the yard. “Oh, please, please, please, pretty please, Mitt?”

Evidently they have a short memory about what happened last time. Mitt’s campaign waged a scorched earth, vicious, destructive, mean spirited campaign against any opponent that looked like they were gaining momentum in the GOP nomination race.

Mitt was bare knuckles. Then he locked up the nomination and from that point forward, he was Mr. Pussycat.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m an animal lover. I own cats. Love ’em, OK? But after that first debate, where victory was solidly within Mitt’s grasp (pun intended) – he took that momentum and promptly flushed it down the commode. Complete meltdown.

Instead of a Tiger, we saw a little fuzz ball kitten. Meeeeowww. Here’s some Tender Vittles Mitt and a nice bowl of milk. Now take a nap and quit scratching the furniture.  I thought we were done with your potty training in 2008, but evidently not.

Frankly, a lot of us were suspicious. Something stunk about how that played out. But with my absentee ballot in hand and looking at the names, Mitt Romney on one line, and Barack Hussein Obama on the other, I pussed out on my plans to mark the ballot next to the third party candidate or leave the section blank altogether. I voted for Mitt.

Why I did this is not hard to explain. I knew that Obama as a lame duck President, was going to be nothing short of a national security threat and a menace to the balance of powers provided for in the Constitution.

I knew Mitt was not a conservative, but I figured we might be able to steer him ever so slightly in the general direction of sensible governance. Kind of like taking on the challenge of managing a problem employee. Since the man really doesn’t have a political soul, I reckoned the Tea Party could suck all the RINO air out of the room and take control of the Romnalator. Bend him to our will.

The other thing I was thinking, and I still believe it, is that Mitt as a person, is a decent human being even if I have little use for him as a politician. I mean, really, this is the kind of guy that you could hand the keys to your house or apartment to, and leave for 3 weeks and not even spend one moment worrying about everything being OK when you got back home. And that’s regardless of the fact that he is a very well to do guy. He’s just legit as a person, basically.

And I didn’t give a rat’s tookus that he was a Mormon. I know a lot of people – a lot of White, Evangelical Christian people stayed home on voting day because Mitt is a Mormon. I could care diddley whether he was an alien from Kepler 186f – my thinking was Anyone But Obama. So, I voted for Mitt. Mitt got my vote and he fumbled it – badly. So, I’m done.


Why should we be taking about Mitt again? Really – I want to know. Is it because some party insiders think that there aren’t any other viable candidates to run against Hillary? For one thing, Hillary is not the invincible, inevitable, juggernaut that a lot of these wobbly, girly men Republicans think she is. Hillary’s favor-ability polling is heading South.

She hasn’t completely slid off the runway yet, but give it time. Even some Democrats are thinking about other possibilities as their standard bearer in 2016.

Hillary’s high water mark in terms of public sentiment and enthusiasm was her run against Hussein, and she busted off a cap in herself, while at the same time, demonstrating that she’s anything but “the Smartest Woman in the World”. She demonstrated it in so many ways, but never better than her “Bill and I, we wuz po folk when we left the White House” gaffe.

She’s a fraud. Put her in a debate with Ted Cruz, where she’s not scripted, screened and protected by her political handlers and watch the wheels come off the bus. But I digress.

No, I agree with Mr. Trump, comb over punk that he is. Mitt either whiffed it or his campaign was being run by double agents of the NWO, but either way, say no go, Mitt.

Actually he is at this point. Newsmax reports that Romney and his wife, Ann, have tried to stamp out speculation that he will make a bid, repeatedly saying he is not considering it.

“I’m not running and I’m not planning on running. I’ve got nothing to add to that story,” he told supporters earlier this month while on the campaign trail in Georgia.

In two separate interviews last week, Ann Romney also ruled out a possible run. “Done,” she told The Los Angeles Times. “Completely. Not only Mitt and I are done, but the kids are done,” she said, in reference to their five sons. “Done. Done. Done.” To which I say, good, good, good.

She also made similar comments during an appearance on NBC’s “Today” show. So far, so good.

Now, the next guy we have to slam the door shut on is Jeb Bush. Jeb, I see you working. Jeb – I agree with your momma, Jeb. She said, “I hope he won’t run.If we can’t find more than two or three families to run for high office, that’s silly”.

Jeb – listen to your mother. We don’t need any more Bushes in the White House.