“Can I interest you in some Free Community College?” NO.

Posted on January 15, 2015


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A friend sent me the new Ann Coulter column in which she takes apart Obama’s latest grasping at straws scheme to change the national subject, the “Free Community College” proposal.

I’m not going to discuss the proposal itself or quote Ann Coulter’s piece. To quote the article even in part, would be to rob you of the pleasure of Ann’s typically great Krav Maga style prose. Oh, what the heck – here’s a small sample:

Community college is already incredibly inexpensive. The only thing that will jack up the price is making it “free.” How about a big federal program to provide every American with free toilet paper? Coincidentally, that’s about all most college degrees are good for these days.

My friend had this to say:

I went to ———- Community College for 2 years………..AFTER I served 4 years active in the USAF……..while working in a factory afternoons and teaching Spanish at a language school at night.  And, yes, getting assistance from the GI Bill………..which I EARNED.

I wrote a reply to my friend who, as you can see, found the concept of free community college quite irritating – which it is. Once I finished, I realized that this was something that might be of general value in relation to what Obama’s proposal actually implies.

This is what I pinged my friend back with.

This is another extremely dangerous problem in terms of people out there needing to be educated on how the world works as opposed to the candy ass socialist siren song of the mass media.  There is NOTHING free! 

Anything you get from anyone, has a price tag attached to it – a stated or unstated obligation. They that give you something, own a piece of you in some way or another.

I don’t know specifically if this is one of those goofy things where he (Obama) ties some sort of gov’t service to it or not, but once you have taken something from the gov’t, you throw away your moral license to criticize government.

Even worse, these kinds of schemes are the pathway to an authoritarian state. It’s like the cheese some cruel bastards put in a trap to catch an animal. “Here little furry thing, come get a little snack … BANG!”

As Bob Dylan wrote, “No, No, No, It Ain’t Me Babe –  it ain’t me you’re looking for”.

I actually know people who have received gov’t assistance and don’t see the irony or contradiction in turning around and saying, “boy, I tell ‘ya, government has just gotten too big!” 

Excuse me???

The only people that don’t owe anything for government handouts and favors are those that purchase them up front from Congress and the White House. Corporate Socialists – cash on the barrelhead, baby. That’s the end of the equation you want to be on. It’s a damn good investment if you can pony up the jack. They call the shots, not the elected officials.

The rest of us at the other end? Good luck, brother.

Rant over.