Liberals, Progressives, Democrats and the GOP remain unmoved by Sanctuary City murders

Posted on July 14, 2015


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            “Someone killed by an undocumented? How unfortunate… We’ll it’s none of our affair.”

Liberals, Democrats and GOP open border advocates are in panic mode, responding to the public uproar over the crime wave occurring in the vacuum of immigration enforcement. Not because there is any remorse over the heartbreak and loss suffered by the victim’s families and friends, but because they are taking a little heat and are having to devise a strategy to defend their insane politics. According to a Rasmussen poll released on Friday, 62% of Americans want the Justice Department to “take action” against sanctuary cities. Voters want to cut off federal funding to these cities as well, if it is necessary to compel them to cooperate.

A local reporter attempted to get some answers from Julie Christensen, one of the members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. “I’m not going to address that in detail.” said Christensen. When asked if Kathryn Steinle would still be alive if not for the sanctuary policy, Christensen responded glibly, “I’m not going to go there.”

Jon Feere, a contributor to The Hill, notes that media supporters of amnesty and sanctuary policies and who have been critical of Donald Trump on the illegal alien issue, are either deathly silent on Kathryn Steinle’s murder, or are resorting to mindless deflections. He describes his interaction with one of them:

“Over Twitter, I asked Chicago Tribune columnist John Chapman, who wrote a piece headlined “Trump and the Myth of Immigrant Crime,” published a day after Steinle’s killing, whether he was going to cover the killing. His response: “It proves as much about undocumented Mexicans as John Lennon’s murder proves about white guys named Chapman.” I responded: “So that’s a no? A record in multiple states, Border Patrol & ICE failures, freed by a sanctuary policy — it’s a huge story.” No response. For amnesty advocates, Steinle is just a statistic to be ignored.”

Organized supporters of illegals and open borders are doubling down on sanctuary and either see no contradiction and callousness in their sentiments – or they simply do not care because they are playing to a specific audience – race minded White liberals and Latinos. A trio of activist groups, the California Immigrant Policy Center, National Day Labor Organizing Network and Asian Americans Advancing Justice continue their campaign, “ICE Out of California” and share an ironic Twitter hash tag – #Not1More.

Americans vulnerable to illegal immigrant violence are in wide agreement that “1 More” criminal alien apprehended and deported is well worth the effort in saving the life of 1 more citizen like Kathryn Steinle. “Not1More”, should mean not one more innocent life taken. A visit to the “ICE Out of California” website, reveals that it promotes a tip line and email contact enlisting immigration anarchists to provide intel to thwart immigration enforcement:

PaseLaVoz® is a FREE text alert program for your phone to learn and report the location of ICE checkpoints and raids. PaseLaVoz is for all types of phones. More than half a million people use PaseLaVoz to learn the location of ICE raids, immigration checkpoints, and other matters of importance.

Community Organizers that lobby government for maintenance of enforcement free zones are making statements typical of this from Jesus Guzman, an organizer with the Graton Day Labor Center in Sonoma County, “Deportation as a remedy to prevent something like this is not really the best tool. Can there be other measures, such as investing more in mental health or job creation?”

It does appear that apologists for open borders and the nullification of immigration enforcement, are going to be trying to deflect criticism by employing the capricious subterfuge that inadequacies in the funding and availability of mental health services are accountable for the actions of Sanchez. Witness this comment from Leah Chen Price, an immigrant rights staff lawyer with Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach.

“I do think for all these agencies to point fingers at one another doesn’t really address what could have been and what a lot of people are assuming are mental health issues. I don’t think it’s a Sheriff’s Department or an ICE issue. I think it’s horrible tragedy that makes no sense and everyone is trying to make sense of it.”

You could take this to mean that Ms. Price considers matters such as laws and law enforcement to be trivial and unrelated abstracts and that Kate Steinle is just a random statistic to a leftist utopia still under construction.

If the mental health con is not sufficiently compelling, maybe a ridiculous comparison between San Francisco and assumed non-sanctuary cities such as Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. Such was the half-baked attempt by a writer at the Daily Kos, Joan McCarter, who compared raw crime data between the cities and attempted to draw a conclusion that San Francisco’s lower crime rate is accountable to shielding illegals from ICE agents.

She admits that the comparison and underlying argument behind it is weak and speculative, but still thinks it might be logical. It’s not only weak, it is patently false. Dallas and Fort Worth are known to residents of the state of Texas as sanctuary cities. And if Columbus, Ohio is not a sanctuary city, that fact is unknown to the Columbus Dispatch, “The police didn’t contact immigration authorities concerning those who were determined to be undocumented. Authorities say that’s typical when it comes to misdemeanor charges.”

But the absurdity doesn’t end there. Conveniently left off the list are such gems as Washington, D.C., New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, Miami, Baltimore – all notorious for high crime rates and all with vigorous restrictions on cooperating with immigration authorities.

It might also shed some light on the situation by looking at demographic statistics. Figures from the San Francisco Center for Economic Development reveal that the average household income in San Francisco is $104,879 and 85% of the city’s 854,000 residents have more than a high school education – over 50% with degrees. Over 80% of the population is White and Asian, just 6% are Black and around 12% are non White Hispanic. In short, most people in San Francisco are employed in high skilled occupations and it is very expensive to live there. Usually not the profile of a high crime city. Even so, the murder risk is above the national average, as are all other categories of crime statistics, with the exception of burglary.

So, Ms. McCarter is just flat wrong on the facts. San Francisco is not a model of resident safety because of the sanctuary policies and even the upward mobility of its residents are not a surety against crime.

Further underlining that the inmates are now firmly in charge of the asylum in California, are the comments in reaction to the Steinle killing from Asian Americans Advancing Justice. This from their Twitter feed;  “ICE claims that anyone w/ a felony record is a threat to public safety, we know this isn’t true #FreeDaniel.” The “Daniel” referred to is a Chinese illegal that committed robbery. Defending such crimes the group says, “we all make mistakes.” Critics might be justified in asking on what grounds legal citizens must stand as a random target in order to provide a life lesson for illegal aliens.

“We’re not going to allow the scapegoating or have the deplorable actions by one deranged individual stop our effort to include the millions of hard-working immigrants who call California home.” said Ricardo Lara, a state senator from Los Angeles and a former chairman of the Legislature’s Latino caucus. “These are two very different things, and we’re not going to let this deter years of progress we have made here.”

“Years of progress”? One might ask, what progress? Was the killing of Jamiel Shaw evidence of progress?

“Every time I talk about this, I feel so sad and so much loss for this obviously beautiful young woman.” said Julia Harumi Mass, a senior attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California. “But it’s really important that we also recognize this is a terrible tragedy, one that would have been difficult to foresee almost, it seems.”

Except that it wasn’t difficult to foresee at all, but for the deadly fog of political correctness. The city turns illegals with criminal histories out on the street with misplaced compassion and a pusillanimous policing policy. What could possibly go wrong? Sadness, without the will and the resolve to address the problem of felons needing to be taken into immigration custody, won’t prevent another “terrible tragedy”. Ms. Mass’ affected sympathies are devoid of humanity.

“Unfortunately, some will utilize this tragic, senseless death to try to impose immigration policies, city policies that are archaic and that are more harmful to the community than they are good.” said Jorge-Maria Cabrera, a spokesman for the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles.

“Unfortunately, a lot of cities in this country have decided they don’t want to cooperate with ICE.” Julie Myers Wood, former assistant secretary of Homeland Security for US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, told CNN on Monday. “They think that cooperating with ICE causes them problems with respect to the immigrant community and public safety, but in fact it does exactly the opposite, as we’ve seen here.”

Michelle Malkin identifies some key players in the “Interfaith” component of the sanctuary city coalition:

The unholy alliance between church leaders and the open-borders lobby extends from the Vatican to Rev. Jim Wallis’ Faith in Public Life (FPL) network, the Los Angeles-based Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice (CLUE) and the George Soros-tied Interfaith Worker Justice (IWJ). It’s a web of nearly 100 interfaith committees, campus agitators and “workers centers” steeped in the organizing tactics of Saul Alinsky on behalf of millions of illegal aliens filling the pews and coffers of their abettors.

Other than the basic reality that progressives have a natural affinity to open borders and sheltering minorities from accountability to the laws we all are subject to – what else could be the explanation for the extreme position held by San Francisco’s government officials?

One is the long standing trait of well to do and well protected elites living in secure areas removed from the effects of their altruistic, lenient and guilt tinged public policies. If they don’t have to directly encounter the crops of human failures they are nurturing, (homeless, public indecency, illegal felons, drug addicts, panhandlers) – they are happy to subject others to them. The other inference is that political correctness, which at first seemed a harmless indulgence, has mutated into a viral plague – a circular firing squad that is now become a terror to those who trifled in it.

Jonathan Chait, notorious liberal writer for the New York Magazine and former editor of the New Republic has even been recently sounding the warning bell that political correctness has become a flesh eating bacteria:

Storming into bars and restaurants, locking themselves to concrete-filled-barrels and blocking Interstates . . . this is the progressive grassroots of 2015. This is the Left, capital-L. This is blind fury, lashing out at others for having the audacity to drink beverages, eat brunch, or commute in a manner that the self-appointed arbiters of justice on the Left deem insufficiently down with the cause. There is no actual “activism” here. There is no attempt at persuasion here. There is no thought here. There is only resentment and anger and a desire to lash out at anybody who isn’t one of them. There’s no agenda or plan to actually improve things. There’s no call to action. It’s just rage-whining. Notice that there’s not a single prominent member of the Democratic party willing to call out this idiocy for what it is. Notice that the furies are disrupting life in Oakland, Boston, San Francisco, and New York City, places where Republicans, much less conservatives, are few and far between. The far Left is making life miserable for the rank-and-file Democrats, and Mayor de Blasio, Governors Andrew Cuomo and Jerry Brown, and President Obama are nowhere to be found, nothing to say. They can’t take the Left on too directly or too loudly.

Next in the series, we look at how San Francisco’s government is focusing the attribution of circumstances for Kathryn Steinle’s death, away from not only themselves toward federal authorities, but amazingly enough, even between city agencies.

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