Ted Cruz, the Donald Trump Anti-toxin

Posted on August 11, 2015


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Editor’s Note:  This was my take on the contrasts between the two men back in August of last year (2015).  I have left it virtually unchanged, because nothing that has taken place between then and now has altered my outlook on the contrasts between the two men and the wide gap in their qualifications to assume the Office of President of the United States.

As has become obvious to this point,

a sizable number of Republicans (not Conservatives), have jumped on the Trump bus, in search for a false messiah to replace the current false messiah in the White House. Trump supporters, in need of a moniker – I have dubbed “Trumpublicans”; as reality sinks in about how unqualified he is to become the GOP Presidential nominee, much less President of the United States – will be looking for a viable alternative.  I’ll discuss the most likely individual to fill that gap, in a moment. But first, an outline why this will be necessary.

Only a celebrity would be able to pull off what Trump has done. No Senator or Governor running for President would get a free pass on intentionally showing up to a debate with no effort made to acquire even the most basic concepts of domestic or international policy which an aspirant to the White House is expected to comprehend.

No one else could regurgitate, what are by now, the most tired and hackneyed platitudes, and spout arrogant self aggrandizing chatter without being dismissed as a buffoon.

Despite the various polls touted as indicating that Trump survived the Fox News debate, there are signs that a Trump erosion is underway. People who castigated Trump skeptics when Trump fever was off the charts, are now hedging their bet, by saying things like “Well, he may not get the nomination and I don’t know if I’ll vote for him or not, but he has made the GOP talk about important issues.” More details of the polling also reveals high unfavorable ratings.

Not a small part of this is accountable to the fact that there is something disturbing about Donald Trump that some of us recognized early on, but others took longer to comprehend and some still have not. What is it? Trump is churlish, crude, boorish, loutish, acrimonious, juvenile, petulant and terribly misinformed. But, I hear you say, “He agrees with me on the border and on illegal aliens and political incorrectness”. He agrees with you now, yes  –  but for how long?  Until it no longer serves his purposes?

Trump’s original stated intention to jump start vigorous immigration enforcement has now eroded to Trump making absurd distinctions between “the good ones” and “the bad ones”.  The “good ones” according to Trump, are the ones that are merely destroying the job market by devaluing labor. Those, Trump tells us via Sean Hannity and elsewhere, he will create a fast track lane for green cards and eventually citizenship. Never mind the fact, that Trump can no more unilaterally administrate immigration law than Obama can, without violating the separation of powers established by the Constitution.

Trump has put forth the proposition that he will act as a dictator.  Nowhere in any of the interviews he has conducted, has he mentioned anything about the role of Congress. Now, you and I may be fed up with that spineless bunch on Capitol Hill and their obstructionist leaders – and we are. Granted.  Does this mean you want to see more in the way of the Imperial Presidency?  I don’t. I want a President that will leverage the discontent of the American majority and persuade Congress to act, not move this country closer to tyranny. Ronald Reagan took his case to the American people and public opinion moved Congress on various aspects of Reagan’s policy agenda.

To make matter worse, Trump has not given anyone legitimate reason to trust him. He has no documentable conservative convictions. He shows up on the scene, cynically spouting off some calculated populist / right memes because the mass media always gives Trump a microphone, but has no record of commitment to them. In fact, when we look more carefully, we find Trump leaning more in the direction of Democrat values and politics – and even these, he concedes are opportunistic.

You do have to ask yourself why – Hillary Clinton – being the despicable individual that she is, that Donald Trump would brag about bribing her to show up at his wedding.  Could his supporters imagine any appeal in such an act? Trump has donated to an embarrassing array of Democrats and liberals aside from Ms. Clinton:

  • $9,900 to Chuck Schumer
  • $9,400 to Harry Reid
  • $9,000 to various Kennedys, mainly Edward
  • $5,500 to John Kerry
  • $20,350 to Charles Rangel
  • $4,000 to Tom Dacshle
  • $50,000 to Rahm Emanuel
  • $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation

Remember Sharron Angle, a solid conservative that was poised to retire Harry Reid in 2010? Well, $4,800 of the above total listed for Trump’s contributions to Reid, were for the purpose of derailing Angle’s bid for US Senator for Nevada. Mark A. Thiessen writing in the online journal of the American Enterprise Institute details how Trump helped propel Obamacare into law:

As Trump knows, money talks — and Trump has given more than $100,000 to the Democratic House and Senate campaign committees. In 2006 — the year Democrats took back Congress — he gave $25,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (while his son Donald Trump Jr. gave $22,500). They gave Republican committees just $1,000 that year. In other words, Trump wanted Nancy Pelosi to be speaker of the House and Harry Reid the Senate majority leader. Which is not surprising. At the time he made those contributions, from August 2001 to September 2009, Trump was a registered Democrat.

Also notable, are the sorts of Republicans Trump gives money to – like $50,000 to Karl Rove , $13,200 to John McCain (yes, that John McCain – the one he just got into a spitting match with) and the late, but not great, Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter, who jumped the GOP ship so he could keep his seat in the Senate.

Trump can attempt to play all of this off any way he likes, including the rationalization that it’s merely influence buying and crony capitalism, but when you add it all up – he’s just someone who doesn’t deserve your trust. He will betray it and make your conservative values look ludicrous and nonsensical in the process.

Is there an alternative? There really is. I have a recommendation. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.  In a cattle herd of contenders, Cruz would have, by now, gained momentum were it not for the lurid, three-ring circus clown act of Donald Trump. (Update – Cruz has since made his case and conservative voters have responded favorably.)

Ted Cruz, while focusing his criticism to the element of the GOP that is betraying conservative and Constitutional principles, would never launch a personal character attack against someone like Megyn Kelly.  He doesn’t have it in his character makeup. He also is not hesitant to confront the political establishment, but does so with genuine conviction of long held principles.

Unlike Donald Trump, Ted Cruz is ready and equipped to defend the imperatives of limited government, tax reform, border security, energy independence and economic growth in a highly articulate fashion. Concerning national defense and foreign policy, I have made the case why he is the “Goldilocks” foreign policy candidate. Senator Cruz has made it his position that a Commander In Chief, must determine and certify the national interest in declaring war and deploying troops, outline a clear objective, assess a certain plan for victory and obtain the consent of Congress.

To be candid, I don’t agree completely with Senator Cruz on every single point of national and international policy.  No one will be able to go down a list and tick off the issues, finding that they are on the same page entirely as any of the declared candidates.

But when you compare Ted Cruz to Jeb Bush, he is at the top of a select group that are the farthest from the GOP business as usual establishment status quo as it gets. Additionally, Ted Cruz is the most articulate of all of them and the most likely to hit a home run for conservative positions in a debate against the eventual Democrat party nominee.

When Frank Luntz asked the in studio focus group he gathered for the first GOP debate for a “word or phrase to describe Ted Cruz,” people responded with words like “next president,” “tough,” “impassioned,” “articulate,” “very intelligent,” “focused,” and “smart guy.”

If you are looking for a nominee who will not discredit your conservative convictions by sounding like the loudest obnoxious drunk in the bar, Ted Cruz is the logical alternative to Donald Trump.

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