You’re Not Voting For A President – You’re Hiring An Employee

Posted on October 16, 2015


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You’re not electing a President, you’re hiring an employee

Somehow, someway, things have gone off of the rails in America. A Presidential campaign has come to be seen as an ad campaign with the candidate being the subject of the best marketing techniques and image positioning. Part popularity contest and part careful and cautious stage management. Some of this is understandable in the context of the distracted and indifferent society we live in, where substance is of secondary importance to the entertainment quotient.

The results are obvious. We’re closing in on 24 years straight, of national ‘leadership’ that has been good for the corporations, bankers, defense contractors, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, labor unions, and the rest of the complex of special interests that feed at the government trough, but not so favorable for the working and middle class and disastrous to your children’s and grand-children’s futures.

I propose a different approach to selecting a House member, Senator or President. You’re deciding if you should hire them or not. Remember, this country doesn’t belong to Congress, the Senate, the bureaucracy, the federal courts or the President of the United States. It belongs to “We The People”, or at least it did. Even if you have never been an employer, this is the one opportunity you have to decide on a job hire.

Benjamin Franklin, whose role it was to keep all of the parties that were involved in creating the Constitution, working with one another as opposed to descending into mayhem, emerged from the final signing session of our national charter, and was asked by either an anxious crowd or one of the ladies of Philadelphia – depending on the story, “Well, Mr. Franklin, do we finally have a government and what sort is it?” Franklin replied, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” What Franklin understood then, has not changed 228 years later.

The only governing charter that is unique in its capacity to preserve a balance between personal rights, responsibilities and government authority, is the Constitution. Yet, the founders and framers knew that preserving it would be a difficult task requiring “eternal vigilance”. The Constitution has been under siege in America. It is inconvenient and a hindrance for those who have a separate agenda to pursue.

Which brings us back to elections. The path to mitigating the intense degree of corruption that has infected the national bloodstream, is to take an active, proprietary role in hiring those we put in charge of the affairs of state. Due diligence. Every time you see a name come forward for election to an office, you need to vet them like you are going to decide whether or not to put them on your payroll.

Never mind what their resume or cover letter claims. What does the background check say about their character, their competency and their honesty?

I also advise against basing your decision primarily on presidential debates. Presidential debates have come to function as a employment interview of sorts. They are almost throughly unsuitable for that purpose. The inteviewers have one or another agenda and often have secret alliances which result in favored treatment for one candidate and harsh, disrespectful treatment of others.

Whereas in most job interviews, if the person conducting the interview is not satisfied with the credibility of an answer or suspects you evaded a question, they will drill down further and seek to find out if there is deception lurking.

This relentless scrutiny seldom if ever happens in a so called “presidential debate”. Candidates can obfuscate and pettifog – and the moderators, who should really be inquisitors, let it go and move on. You can’t arrive at a grounded understanding of a candidate’s instincts and motivations from these televised fiascos scripted more like reality TV than serious news. At best you may gain some superficial impressions. They may be prove to be faulty. The past several elections have been driven by this medium and judge for yourself the results they have obtained.

When looking intensely at a candidate, ask yourself these questions. Would you ever bring someone into your business that had a background of lying to their past employers, serving their own personal interests and working for outside parties when they were collecting a paycheck from their employers?

Would you ever hire someone who barely managed to avoid being arrested and convicted and only so, because they were able to cleverly orchestrate the circumstances?

Has the bar been lowered so far in America that someone like this is considered electable simply because they happen to have access to rich campaign donors?

The bottom line is that we the citizens, the voters and the taxpayers are the owners and these office holders are the employees and the candidates are applying for a job. Many people are still under the generally mistaken impression that elections don’t have consequences one way or another. The vein of truth that runs through that notion, is the existence of a corrupt ruling class in Washington D.C. and an embedded network of special interests that dictate the direction of government no matter how you vote. Like an Org Chart written in invisible ink.

Despite this troubling reality, elections do act as a restraint and do send a signal of approval or disapproval. How strong a signal? It depends on the level and quality of citizen participation. If we continue to conduct business as usual by allowing ourselves to be distracted by the trivial world of entertainment and diversions – what the Romans called “Bread and Circuses”, we’ll continue to get the sort of government that favors the few and regards the rest with contempt.

Currently in the final process, is a book I am writing about Hillary Clinton and her campaign to become the next President of the United States. This book will be a background investigation for you, the voter, on Hillary Clinton the job applicant for the highest office in the land.

However, even if you aren’t presently considering Hillary, the principle here is all important. Every Presidential ‘job-applicant’ needs to be screened – Republican or Democrat. Put them all under the microscope. It’s virtually certain that none will come through the vetting process with a perfect bill of health. But at least you can make an educated comparison, not based on emotional responses to the misleading political ads, but based on what you know to be grounded in fact. Don’t be lazy minded and let celebrities do your thinking for you – especially now that one of the candidates himself is a celebrity.