Paris Terror, Islamic Militants and Euro vs Euro

Posted on November 17, 2015


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I have a number of observations concerning the horrific attack by Muslim fanatics on Parisian concert goers and others attending sports events and just enjoying the evening on Friday of last week, which claimed 129 victims and likely to claim more.

Before I begin, my heart goes out to the survivors of the attack and the families and loved ones of the victims. To my way of thinking, Europeans are like members of the American family and in many cases it is literally true. In my family, we have European relatives in the Baltics, and my wife’s cousin was in Paris during the Charlie Hebdo terror event, which had our nerves on edge wondering when the next shoe would drop. Nearly a year later, it did.

Fortunately for us, Elizabeth is back home from her exchange studies, but one of the victims claimed by the hateful rampage of the Islamic State was a young woman from Long Beach State University. Nohemi Gonzalez, of El Monte, California, a senior at LBSU, studying industrial design was having dinner with friends at a bistro when shot by the assailants.

No stronger personal expression of the grief we share with our French confreres, can be found than that of Nohemi’s boyfriend.  “Yesterday I lost the most important person in my life,” Tim Mraz, Gonzalez’s boyfriend, wrote in a post on Instagram, with a photo that showed the couple embracing in a parking lot. “She was my best friend and she will be my angel forever.”

And then there is the inspiring story of two survivors of the bloodbath at the Bataclan concert venue, where a young man covered his girlfriend’s body to shield her from the terrorist’s bullets. There are many such stories of heroic behavior – which is the only aspect of this tragedy that takes any of the grisly edge off of it.

We might be tempted to say that the Europeans are slow at learning hard lessons, but in doing so, we might be too quick to point fingers at the residents of France and other nations, when the blame truly rests squarely on their leaders, who impose immigration on them, that ignores quality for quantity and whose policies are a toxic mixture of corporate socialism and cultural Marxism. 

Immediately, political operatives of the various governments such as Chancellor Merkel’s Germany, that are in a myopic, headlong rush to inundate their countries with emigres from various Middle Eastern and North African localities engulfed with sectarian violence, are characterizing citizens and politicians who object as potentially more dangerous than terrorists! 

European Union President Jean Claude Junker, told reporters covering the G-20 Summit that “there is no need to revise the European Union’s entire refugee policy.” Junker (descriptive name), advised Europeans not to start treating asylum seekers as terrorists and not to give in to “base reactions”. 

A little translation is of value here. People who object to mass inductions of Muslims, among whom are likely jihadists on a mission, are – in the opinion of Junker and other European leaders of his ilk, guilty of irrational fear and cultural insensitivity, not to mention lacking in hospitality. This is what the “base reaction” comment alludes to.

I see it differently. Europeans had been sold a bill of goods called Multi-Culturalism and Diversity and were promised that it would all be safe fun and enrich their horizons and broaden their outlook. Now that the citizens have recovered from their White guilt complex about their colonies that haven’t existed for over half a century, they are finding out that these migrants and refugees are about as safe as a plane full of vipers.

They are experiencing buyer’s remorse and the state leaders are trying to scold and shame them for merely not wanting to fulfill a suicide pact. Mustn’t be narrow minded about these things, after all – what is the saying, “In order to make an Omelette, you have to break some eggs”?  I think that one was coined by a famous French terrorist of another generation about 2 and a quarter centuries ago. Anyone remember Robespierre?  Euros are rapidly deciding they would prefer not to be random ingredients in another unpalatable egg dish.

We can’t say we have better, more caring leaders here. The only thing we can say is that today, over a dozen – now, at last count, 24  30 – State Governors have sent a message to President Obama that they will not accept the thousands of refugees that he plans to import into the United States. The number of Governors laying down a challenge to the Obama White House is expected to grow in the next few days.

CNN’s wire service reports that the states range from Alabama and Georgia, to Texas and Arizona, to Michigan and Illinois, to Maine and New Hampshire. Not surprisingly among these 24 states, all but one have Republican governors.

Many have been predicting that the boatloads of exiles from Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Somalia, would include jihadists affiliated with the Islamic State. That was hardly an indication of extraordinary gifts of psychic prediction. It is now known that at least one of the participants in the terror in Paris, Ahmad al Muhammad – was a self declared “refugee” that entered Europe through Greece – the most common point of entry in recent months of tens of thousands of emigrants from the Middle East.

The voices of outrage from the Islamic community are nearly deafeningly silent, with few exceptions. There are some voices in opposition, but they are muted with fear.

It will come as no surprise that the Muslim Brotherhood’s embedded public relations organism, Council on American Islamic Relations or CAIR, is more concerned with opposing efforts to put the brakes on more immigration from the Middle East, than they are in denouncing the Islam inspired violence. The group issued a statement today, including this comment – “Defeating ISIS involves projecting American ideals to the world. Governors who reject those fleeing war and persecution abandon our ideals and instead project our fears to the world.”

Pardon me, if I stand in solidarity with those who have every right to be concerned and even justifiably fearful of the culture that is being imposed on Europeans and Americans – who have already seen more than enough evidence – blood drenched evidence, that many who embrace Islam do not share “our ideals”. Texas Governor Greg Abbott, in a letter to President Barack Obama, said “American humanitarian compassion could be exploited to expose Americans to similar deadly danger.”

Obama, for his part, brushes aside any such sentiment, especially common sense appeals to limit the profile of refugees to oppressed minorities from the affected regions to such as Christians, who are the most vulnerable targets and pose a virtual zero security threat. “That’s shameful. That’s not American. That’s not who we are,” Obama said at the G-20 meeting in Turkey. 

No, Mr. President, Americans are open hearted folk, but we’re not fools or suicidal. We know a threat when we’re confronted with it – more often than not, anyway.

Turkey is an interesting and relevant setting for the meeting, in that this NATO ally has been instrumental in partnering with the Saudis, the US, the British, the Qataris, Kuwait, Jordan and other regional players in sponsoring the development of the Islamic State menace, using the flimsy pretense of “moderate rebels”.

Perhaps the open hearted President can invite some of these refugees into the White House. Something tells me that wouldn’t happen to begin with, but if it ever did happen, the visitors would be vetted quite a bit more strenuously and painstakingly than the tens of thousands Obama wants to distribute throughout this country, in your neighborhood and mine.

In the next report, I will outline the reason why Europeans are being forced to vehemently oppose their governments’ attempts to flood their cities with Muslims that will inevitably include those who intend to perpetrate yet more hateful attacks against them.  We’ll also look at how the existing structure of laws relating to extremism, provide a convenient excuse to authorities to do nothing to prevent atrocities such as took place in January and just last Friday.