Europeans in Rebellion – Leaders in denial

Posted on November 20, 2015



Editor’s Note:  This is the second in the series of reports here at Blasted Fools, on the politics in Europe resulting not only from the Paris terror attacks, but on the rejection of excessive and incompatible migration from Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq.      

The powers that be,

in the Western sector of the European Union, are trying to maintain a unified front against the backlash, mostly in Eastern Europe – from the former Warsaw Pact countries, in response to the mass inundation of asylum seekers from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Northern Africa.

There was a strong resistance building even before last week’s atrocities committed by Islamic State operatives in Paris. Now, the resistance is solidifying, with the terror attacks as the catalyst. Leading the effort in imposing national quotas is Chancellor Andrea Merkel of Germany. She comes off as incredibly tone deaf.

Among her comments in recent days, are these absurd denials of the obvious failure of European immigration:

If that all comes together, then I think integration is possible, but nobody would understand it in such a way that one would abandon certain cultural characteristics.

The “integration”, Ms. Merkel refers to, is the integration of the Muslim refugees, of which Merkel and her government have already imposed hundreds of thousands on citizens of Germany. She either naively or cynically, regards this wave of displaced humanity as a potential “boon” to the German economy.

If there was any chance of successfully integrating migrants from the Mediterranean, into Germany, France and elsewhere, there would be some evidence to point to. There isn’t.

The  only  evidence there is to point to is that of millions of resentful Muslims, collecting unemployment, spending their days in Mosques hearing Jihad sermons and committing violent crime, rape and drug and human trafficking.

In fact, it is interesting to note that the prevailing migration routes of the Syrian refugees, starting out in Turkey and heading Northwest in a crescent arc, mirrors that of the Heroin trafficking routes of the Turkish drug cartels. Tens of thousands of asylum seekers can function as mules for an incredible amount of Heroin.

And just in one weekend in September, 40,000 refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan (the source of the base ingredient in Heroin) and Pakistan, arrived in Germany from its border with Austria.

Not unexpectedly, the Secretary General of the U.N., Ban Ki Moon, also has a leftist narrative that attributes not Islamic extremism, but rather social conditions for the evil and brutality:

“Today’s violent conflicts and violent extremism are often rooted in a mix of exclusion, inequality, mismanagement of natural resources, corruption, oppression, governance failures, and the frustration and alienation that accompany a lack of jobs and opportunities.”

Maybe Volkswagen, in order to atone for their crimes against humanity in recompense for their alleged tweaking of the emissions software on their diesels, should be required to build an automobile factory in Syria?  That would certainly remove “frustration and alienation that accompany a lack of jobs and opportunities” from the nonsensical list of reasons why these people commit atrocities.

We’d soon learn, as we already know, that the hate mongers would still refuse to work and still be more entertained by their pastimes of crucifying, burning, raping and committing mayhem against Christians and other religious minorities, not to mention other Muslims that are not up to their standards of moral purity and savagery.

There is plenty of this pretzel logic that takes exceptional pains to not identify Islam as the prime factor in this Jihad assaults, to go around. Kathleen Cavanaugh, a lecturer of international law at the Irish Center for Human Rights at the National University of Ireland in Galway, stated:

“Even a cursory background check of one of the two brothers involved in the shootings suggest that being part of an impoverished, disadvantaged background and having an exaggerated sense of humiliation and victimhood was more of a compelling factor to taking up arms than any religious ideology or indeed the wish to set up a caliphate in France.”

Once cultural Marxists such as Ms. Cavanaugh fail to distinguish that  the obvious common denominator among Islamic militants is not their varying degrees of social status, but their adherence to Islamic terrorist objectives, compliance with the strict observance of Shariah law and the natural attraction of the movement for psychopaths – all pretense of intellectual objectivity heads for the exits.

The advocates of the status quo among Europe’s political elite, have decided that intimidation may be the most effective tactic against the organized opposition to refugee resettlement and continued migration. In one notable instance, German Chancellor Andrea Merkel took a moment at a moment at a U.N. conference, to petition Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for assistance in silencing the voices of immigration dissidents in her country. Bloomberg News reports that:

Merkel was caught on a hot mic pressing Zuckerberg about social media posts about the wave of Syrian refugees entering Germany. The Facebook CEO was overheard responding that “we need to do some work” on curtailing anti-immigrant posts about the refugee crisis. “Are you working on this?” Merkel asked in English, to which Zuckerberg replied in the affirmative before the transmission was disrupted.

There is little doubt that Merkel is aware that Zuckerberg is a sympathetic ear to her desires to censor opposition to her open borders policies. Zuckerberg has been actively spending large sums of his walking around money to promote amnesty and increased tech worker visas in America, as espoused by the .org he founded with other tech giants in Silicon Valley,

But Ms. Merkel may not be aware that what Zuckerberg may be willing to consider in the way of stifling objectors on Facebook’s European network, he is reluctant to do in America, where such a move would drive down profitability in the US market.

Conservatives are now a significant political force on American social media and to target them would invite a wholesale exodus from Zuckerberg’s main economic engine.

Our counterparts in Europe seem to be more active on Twitter anyway, in terms of instant reactions to unpopular government policies and the emerging ‘Eurosceptic’ movements are more street protest driven as opposed to just wallowing in impotent echo chambers on social media.

In the next in this series, we will further examine the emerging struggle between the European political elites and the citizenry that has awakened in opposition to top down imposed migration policy.