Edward Snowden helped the Paris Terror ISIS plot. Say What?

Posted on November 21, 2015


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Edward Snowden – Saint or Sinner?


Former CIA Director James Woolsey

has called for Edward Snowden to be hanged at the gallows as a traitor. Woolsey, in a joint press appearance with former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Hugh Shelton, opined that Snowden “should be prosecuted for treason. If convicted by a jury of his peers, he should be hanged by his neck until he is dead.”

That’s the actual quote – one of them, anyway. Another is this to CNN’s Brooke Baldwin“It’s still a capital crime, and I would give him the death sentence, and I would prefer to see him hanged by the neck until he’s dead, rather than merely electrocuted.”

The impetus for this hyperventilated rhetoric, was the opportunity to hold Snowden in some bizarre, illogical way, partially responsible for the Paris terror attacks on November 13, which now have claimed 132 victims dead and hundreds of others wounded. Woolsey told Baldwin, “I think the blood of a lot of these French young people is on his hands.”

Woolsey’s rationale for Snowden’s appointment with a Hangman’s noose?

“They turned loose not only material about some procedural aspects of something, they turned loose, for example, some substantial material about the Mexican intelligence service and law enforcement working together against human trafficking.”

“Procedural aspects of something”? “Mexican intelligence service”? The very term ‘Mexican intelligence service’ is an oxymoron and Woolsey is merely a moron. I would expect that Donald Trump could even improvise a phrase that sounded more credible than “procedural aspects of something”. Outside the serious context of dead Parisians, Woolsey’s incompetent meme would be humorous at best.

Holding Edward Snowden accountable (read scapegoat) for the dismal performance of America’s intelligence community and the spectacular failures and conceivable criminal activities in recent decades is fashionable among the usual NeoCon suspects.

In one of his frequent visits to Fox News, which is always a low light of the programming day, former U.N. Ambassador and cheerleader for military opportunism, John Bolton, responded to FN’s Bill Hemmer’s question about the prospect of pardon for Snowden:

“I think it’s a big mistake… My view is that Snowden committed treason, he ought to be convicted of that, and then he ought to swing from a tall oak tree.”

Bolton has had an axe to grind about Snowden from the very beginning because Bolton is a true believer in the notion that the government can never have enough apparatus with which to place everyone on the planet under the microscope of U.S. surveillance – rank and file American citizens no exception.

He also believes that secrecy is paramount and that anything the Surveillance Industrial Complex defines as classified is justifiable on the basis that the CIA, for example, is always right, even when they are dead wrong, exposing Americans to greater risk of harm in some cases than if the agency didn’t exist at all.

Woolsey, interestingly, excuses his own role presiding over the failure to uncover the authentic treason of Aldrich Ames, who, as Wiki notes, acting as a double agent for the Soviets, compromised the second-largest number of CIA agents—second only to those betrayed by Robert Hanssen.

When Congress called for consequences to the incompetence of Woolsey’s direction of the agency, Woolsey deflected the mandate of accountability, saying “Some have clamored for heads to roll in order that we could say that heads have rolled. Sorry, that’s not my way.”

In another blinding example of hypocrisy, CIA Director John Brennan underlined Woolsey’s sentiments, fallaciously claiming Snowden’s disclosures make it harder for intelligence officials to track terror plots. “I think any unauthorized disclosures made by individuals that have dishonored the oath of office, that they have raised their hand and attested to, undermines this nation’s security,”

This, of course is the same John Brennan, who has a track record of lying to Congress about his agency’s actions and of whom, Senator Mark Udall, a member of the President’s own party, said “I have no choice but to call for the resignation of CIA Director John Brennan. The CIA unconstitutionally spied on Congress by hacking into Senate Intelligence Committee computers. This grave misconduct not only is illegal, but it violates the U.S. Constitution’s requirement of separation of powers. There must be consequences.”

But there were none, because Obama approves of Brennan’s leadership and his willingness to lie about such things as the civilian deaths resulting from extra-Judicial drone strikes. In his riff about dishonoring the oath of office, Brennan puts himself and his boss, Barack Hussein Obama at the top of the list.

It is already well documented that no terror plots were broken up with the aid of the surveillance network Snowden alerted us to. As a matter of fact, with the NSA operation in high rev, no actionable intelligence was yielded about the bombings in 2002 in Bali, 2004 in Madrid, 2005 in London, 2008 in Mumbai, and April 2013 at the Boston Marathon – nor the “shoe bomber”, the “underwear bomber” or even Nadal Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter.

And by the way, all these events were perpetrated well before any information surfaced about the NSA’s difficulties in dealing with encrypted communications. Which takes us to November 13, 2015. The Belgian ISIS cell that organized and directed the terror attack in Paris did not use encryption, but instead used garden variety SMS texts to coordinate their plans.

Even with the substantial “Black Budget” ($52.6 Billion) allocated to over a dozen U.S. intelligence agencies, of which an estimated $10 Billion was directed at spying on the French government, none of them were able to alert the Paris authorities of the impending mass assault.

Further, the reality is that French security and intelligence officials were frighteningly inept. They had knowledge of the plotters, just as the Bush White House had knowledge of the 9/11 plotters beforehand.

Conversely, the Russians informed the FBI that we had killers on our hands with the Tsarnaev brothers – but because the CIA had been involved with their activities in Dagestan, no one in Boston was alerted to the risk they posed and the FBI completely mishandled the investigation of the two.

Edward Snowden had a role in the Paris Terror attacks and the resulting deaths, if:

  • he provided arms and assistance to Osama Bin Laden and his militia al Qaeda, in the mountains of Afghanistan in the 1980’s.
  • he carelessly and falsely claimed that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq played any role in 9/11.
  • he misled Congress about the existence of WMD’s in Iraq.
  • he advocated invading Iraq and removing “the devil we knew” who had originally been considered a CIA asset since 1959.
  • he left US weapons in Iraq after our troops left the field of battle.
  • he fomented sectarian strife and pushed Sunnis into the arms of the Islamic State by installing a brutal and abusive Shiite led government in Baghdad.
  • he provided the Islamic State with leftover arms, including Manpads (shoulder launched anti-aircraft missiles) from our successful creation of a failed state in Libya after another disastrous regime change.
  • he instructed our ‘allies’ (Saudi Arabia, Turkey) in the region to supply ISIS and ISIS aligned militants in Syria with weapons they purchased from the Pentagon and State Department.
  • he assisted and armed the Islamic State in Syria under the guise of non-existent “moderate rebels”.

Oh – yes, you’re right, Edward Snowden did none of the above. Maybe we need to blame the innocent blood in Paris, Lebanon, Nigeria, Syria, Egypt, Mali, Yemen and so many other lovely places on other parties such as … Bush, Cheney, Obama, Clinton, Panetta, Petraeus, Brennan, Woolsey … and the crazed Islamic State militants that actually committed the atrocities?