Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders – two brands of Political Mouthwash

Posted on February 12, 2016


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These are the clear cut choices between two visions for America going forward…


I had an interesting discussion

with a close friend today about a handful of topics. We talked about the trance that millions of people in this country have fallen into – not just with Donald Trump, but Hillary Clinton also. Of course, with Hillary, that’s a long standing phenomenon; with Trump it’s all more sudden in materializing.

Also noted in the conversation was the manner in which the Democrat party is systematically nullifying the votes of Democrats whose choice is not Hillary Clinton. The bottom line and the conclusion we both arrived at, is that America would be better served if at the end of the process, there was one authentic liberal / socialist / progressive (whichever term you prefer) and one authentic Constitutionalist  / Liberty oriented conservative contesting between one another for the nation’s vote. A clear contrast.

That would be a general election campaign pitting Bernie Sanders against Ted Cruz, instead of an election featuring  a guy with a stupid hat and a big mouth spewing vulgarities – selling a phony act – and a woman, who has up to now, committed enough crimes to sentence a mere mortal to several consecutive life terms in prison.

With Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders, you would have two political veterans – the senior of which, of course, is Sanders – that have often operated at the fringes of their political poles of gravity, but have, on numerous occasions given the establishments in their camps, migraines. I’m not the most authoritative source to classify the heartburn (no pun intended) that Bernie Sanders causes establishment Democrats. William Greider, writing in The Nation, is better for summing that up:

Bernie Sanders, you might say, is Senator Inconvenience. He caucuses with Senate Democrats and generally votes with them, but he has built his career on raising issues and reform ideas that party regulars avoid. Vermont voters seem to like his style, since they keep electing him. He operates in Congress with considerable shrewdness, carefully picking fights that can resonate with a broad base of popular needs and desires and even draw bipartisan endorsements.

And then, there is another “Senator Inconvenience”. In fact, to call Senator Ted Cruz an “inconvenience” to his party’s power center, could possibly be the understatement of the decade. Cruz makes the hair stand up on the backs of the likes of Mitch McConnell, who has never heard a proposal to reduce the size, scope and power of the federal government that he didn’t dislike.

Cruz, now has sworn enemies in his own party, who are now gravitating in the direction of Donald Trump, because Trump has dog whistled to them that he will broker “deals”. I always wonder why Trump supporters didn’t catch that Red flag. We already have a party structure and leadership that have been busy “making deals” for decades after repeatedly swearing they had taken the cure. Trump is essentially saying, if it’s broke, don’t fix it – do more of the same that made it broken to begin with.

Sage and wizened veteran political observers like Alex Castellanos, longtime Republican strategist, saw Trump’s play as obvious from his 30,000 foot view:

“With Trump, hey, it’s just a deal. The primary’s one deal, that’s done. If he were to be the nominee, the next deal’s a general [election]. You can see him saying, ‘We had to do what we had to do to win the primary, but now’s the general, and we’ve got to beat Hillary.’ You can see him pivot on a dime.

And Trump frankly admits what Mr. Castellanos says is true, telling Bret Baier of Fox News, “I will be changing very rapidly. I’m capable of changing to anything I want to change to.”

Hillary is the same kind of player as Trump. No wonder he admires her so much that he couldn’t organize a wedding without Queen Hillary in attendance – even if he had to bribe her to show up!  The only time you’ve ever seen anyone tacking more closely to the wind than Hillary and her campaign, are the crews in the America’s Cup yacht races. Hillary is playing ‘charade populism; now, but her elitist roots will be so obvious that no amount of political peroxide will hide them later.

Trump, for his part, will use his followers for all he can take them for in his vanity campaign, and when they prove politically expendable, toss them to the gutter.

In contrast, Ted and Bernie are what they are. Bernie truly believes that Government is the referee standing by to call foul when the Cryptocracy uses its minions on K Street, to gain advantage for Wall Street against Main Street. Ted recognizes the same forces at work, but believes that cutting the umbilical cord between K Street and Capitol Hill, is the way we move forward out of the endemic corruption cycle.

Having a campaign contested between an unapologetic conservative versus an unapologetic liberal, would have the effect of a national political mouthwash. The American people should have the chance to hear the best sales pitch for free enterprise and opportunity – as compared to the best argument for more government paternalism.

Democrats, what you get, if Ted Cruz’ argument prevails, is more restrained foreign policy not subject to the whims of bankers and the Military Industrial Complex. Bernie is also of like mind in that category, which is why he has attracted the support of many veterans’ groups in the country. Both are concerned with the needs of Veterans and our national responsibility to them. Either of them would lean toward a fiscal policy based on a level playing field, not socialized risk where taxpayers are left to pay the tab for the bailouts while thousands of their neighbors take the economic fallout of Wall Street Casino gambling.

With either candidate, you get a renewed focus on investing in rebuilding the crumbling national infrastructure. Ted believes that less matters should be managed at the national level and more decisions delegated to local government; the States and your hometown – as the Founders intended. So do I.

If voters decide on more government paternalism, more and deeper social programs, I will accept – but not agree with their choice. I will also be on hand to point out the unanticipated consequences as they materialize.

But for the election, no matter what happens – we need an oral disinfectant to combat the halitosis of partisan corruption and dirty dealing that holds this nation in it’s grip. Ted vs. Bernie is the national political mouthwash needed this year.

I’m using the Ted brand, thank you very much. It’s clean, invigorating,  gets the job done and has no lingering bitter taste.

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