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Hopping around the web, much of what you find on the ‘political net’, are the same topics bludgeoned to death by 500 or so writers.  After a lot of  thought and observation, it occurred to me that there was no sensible purpose behind producing more of what is already out there.  I’m also curious about the world, diverse cultures and history and I perceived that most politically minded folks (not all – but most), have a limited amount of time and energy to absorb current events and societal trends. 

As a writer, I also considered my own strengths and weaknesses.  I am schooled in journalism.  I know what the rules and best practices of journalism are – and I wish more of those who are engaged professionally, would follow those rules.  But since I don’t aspire to be a journalist in the proper sense,  I began thinking about what distinctive values I could render.  My literary or writing ‘voice’ isn’t a journalistic one.  Yes, I can produce a semi-academic, fact based and argumentative outline of a particular topic when I’m in the mood, but I mainly set out to  mix information with entertainment.  Infotainment?  Frequently, the articles take a facetious, sarcastic and satirical bent, which are among the implements in my compositional tool kit.  Often, the best weapon against egotistic politicians, self obsessed celebrities and other exalted public figures is artful ridicule.

While I am fond of  the scholarly, exhaustive type of books and articles coming out of places like New York, London and with respect to politics, Washington D.C., I  realize  that the reader I’m seeking to serve is more often looking for a few hard hitting, essential facts and talking points arranged on the dish with some whimsy and amusement.  I like to think what I’m doing is something like a fight trainer and my readers, the boxer.  I want to give you the basic coaching to go out and K.O. your opponents in the world of ideas.  In sum, Blasted Fools is a mix of opinion, factually informed argument, commentary and sarcasm. 

The very name of the site should suggest that I’m going to regularly be taking swipes at the politicians, celebrities, bureaucrats, global manipulators and corporations that attempt to run your life, mislead you and confiscate your property  virtually on a daily basis.  I have no pretenses of objectivity other than my basic rule of ‘independent conservatism’ – go where the facts, data and reason lead me.

Blasted Fools is not a site dedicated to a single topic.  I’ll deal with illegal immigration, Second Amendment rights, National Security and pretty much the whole gamut of concerns of freedom minded citizens, but we have a macro, not a micro focus here.  Another trend with Blasted Fools as we move forward, is advocacy and activism for a return to the respect for and adherence to the Rule of Law, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the sovereign authority on all other matters of governance delegated to the individual States. 

Stay tuned.  Film at Eleven.

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