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Losing Private Ryan

August 2, 2013


This is not exclusively on Congressman and erstwhile Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan, but Ryan – along with Senator Marco Rubio, are the most notable examples of how elastic any politician with higher ambitions can be when they succumb to the wiles of the lobbying machinery in Washington D.C. I realize that sounds like they […]

The Cover of the Rolling Dzohkhar

July 20, 2013


A friend of mine – sent me over  this goof on the Rolling Stone Dzokhar Tsarnaev Cover (Boston Marathon bomber).  When you listen to it, you will know why he prefers anonymity.  I told him not to quit the old day job just yet. The melody, will probably be familiar as that of the original […]

If he isn’t Black, it didn’t happen

July 17, 2013


Editor’s Note:  Update to this story. The perpetrator of this horrible crime, DeMarquis Elkins, was convicted and on September 13th, 2013 – sentenced to life imprisonment and had the sentence enhanced by another 150 years by the judge, based on another violent crime he had committed (felony assault – attempted murder), 10 days before the […]

Diversity Killed Lee Rigby

May 27, 2013


One aspect of the  recent London terror murder of Soldier Lee Rigby, that stands out in my estimation, is the response of the public officials.  Britain has long been under the threat of islamist attacks from within and has suffered much loss of life and limb in the last decade, but the government has walked […]

Shooting The Messenger

May 17, 2013


Within a few days of my post, “An Ounce of Prevention”, came the quite predictable response to the Heritage Foundation’s  promotion of their policy paper on the fiscal cost of providing amnesty for 11 to 15 million migrants in this country illegally.  The response from the media and advocacy group proponents of amnesty, is not […]

The Note In The Boat

May 17, 2013


CBS News just conducted an interview with one of their ‘special correspondents’,  former Assistant FBI Director John Miller, in which Mr. Miller explained to them about a note that the surviving Boston Marathon bombing terrorist, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is supposed to have written inside the boat where he was hiding from authorities.  In the note, Dzhokhar […]

Loyalty Has Its Rewards

May 13, 2013


It is my opinion that the Associated Press has been, in the most general sense, a reliable partner to the political establishment for many years. They have stepped outside the bounds of objective journalism and far too consistantly, injected the narratives of the socialist / fascist agenda into their reports on any number of issues.  […]

Necessity Is A Mother

May 5, 2013


It’s said that Necessity is the Mother of Invention.  No, that wasn’t Frank Zappa – I believe it was Plato. Well, invention may have leapfrogged necessity by a few feet here, but an emerging technology – 3-D Printers, has the momentum to render all of the debates about gun ownership and gun control, a moot […]

Agents Tsarnaev and Tsarnaev

May 1, 2013


Many reporters, in the first day or so after the Boston Marathon terror bombing repeatedly stressed the caution that “we really are not certain at this time, what the motivation for the attack is”. That may have some merit at the time in a journalistic sense, but it cannot be truly said of officials at […]

Two Wrongs don’t make a Civil Right

April 28, 2013


With all of the perfidy he has perpetrated, I don’t believe I have as yet, dedicated a particular post to Attorney General Eric Holder.  I’m correcting that as of today.  As many suspected, Obama’s re-coronation last year signified a shift from even a modest degree of restraint to the worst behavior of a lame duck […]