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I, Gun Owner

October 19, 2015


Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of personal narratives from real people, who rely on the natural law and Constitutional freedom to use firearms to defend themselves from crime. In recreating their stories, I have allowed them anonymity to respect their privacy. These composite first person accounts and viewpoints are characteristic of […]

Protesting and eating vegetables – both unpleasant, but necessary

December 9, 2014


  Protests are viewed with disdain by many on the Right. When some see footage of fellow Americans demonstrating, it elicits something akin to a Pavlovian reaction. They don’t see people exercising their fundamental Constitutional rights to protest. Instead they see malcontents, rabble rousers, troublemakers. They don’t look like people we can personally relate to […]

Eric Garner’s Death Penalty – Not a Left or Right thing, but a Wrong thing

December 7, 2014


My analysis of the current national debate on the police misuse of authority and the particular focus on the racial aspect is bound to make certain people on either side of the question unhappy. It will displease them because the typical categorical judgments about police behavior and the race based perspective on the types of […]

Hell Hath No Fury…like a Di-Fi Scorned

March 12, 2014


One thing you can say about Democrats.  Nothing embarrasses them.  Well, it would embarrass them if it could be proved they slipped up and did or said something that could be identified as sensible or honest – but they don’t have anything to worry about there.  Certainly Senator Dianne Feinstein won’t be troubled or see […]

Black Gun History Month and the NRA

March 5, 2014


No matter what the subject matter or news item, mass media in America has a set pattern, pre-cut, of how Blacks and other minorities fit into the narrative.  No individual or group that diverges from that established frame is welcome or relevant, as people like Herman Cain, Lt. Col. Allen West and my friend, Anita […]

Give the Devil his due

January 8, 2014


“Well, isn’t this special?”  A group headquartered in NYC, called the ‘Satanic Temple’, is anxious to gift to Oklahoma’s State Capitol in Oklahoma City, a statue, illustrated above, depicting the god of the underworld, formerly known as the artist named Prince of Darkness.  This is one of those newsy tidbits with so many shiny threads […]

The ‘Peace Of Mind Metric’

October 2, 2013


In the immediate wake of the initial Snowden revelations about the NSA demanding and receiving millions of phone records of Americans from the telcos, the agency officials and their apologists in Congress reflexively countered the public outcry with the narrative that domestic spying saved us from terror plots and that numerous such plots were thwarted […]

John Kerry, the Frustrated Elitist

August 14, 2013


There are too many fools and too little time. That being the case, I still have been neglecting new Secretary of State John Heinz – pardon me, John Kerry.  He’s made a lot of noteworthy statements in his career – but outside of his treacherous testimony before the Fulbright Committee, where he supplied the Vietcong […]

Obama Vs. Obama

June 7, 2013


Here’s an example (out of many) of Obama campaigning against Bush administration policies – but in reality, indicting his own Imperial Presidency and his regime’s apparatus and practices.   The hypocrisy is staggering. In the video, as you will note – Candidate Obama pledges to give intelligence and law enforcement agencies the tools they need […]

Loyalty Has Its Rewards

May 13, 2013


It is my opinion that the Associated Press has been, in the most general sense, a reliable partner to the political establishment for many years. They have stepped outside the bounds of objective journalism and far too consistantly, injected the narratives of the socialist / fascist agenda into their reports on any number of issues.  […]