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Pop Quiz – Who Said This? Liberal – Conservative – Democrat – Republican?

July 10, 2014


Here is a series of quotes regarding the unlawful border crossing surge of thousands of migrants into the United States from Texas. All of the quotes below are from the same individual. “We have an immediate humanitarian crisis that confronts this country. We also have a crisis in terms of: this country cannot absorb, nor […]

John Kerry, the Frustrated Elitist

August 14, 2013


There are too many fools and too little time. That being the case, I still have been neglecting new Secretary of State John Heinz – pardon me, John Kerry.  He’s made a lot of noteworthy statements in his career – but outside of his treacherous testimony before the Fulbright Committee, where he supplied the Vietcong […]

Me and My Old ‘Gray Lady’

May 3, 2013


I seldom give myself an ‘attaboy’ when an argument that I’ve made here is vindicated by another notable media source.  But when the media source is one that historically has carried water for Democrat office holders, it seems like a special occasion.   Special occasion it may be, but it is no cause for celebration in […]

No End to the Lies

November 3, 2012


You’ve heard of the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.  We have an organized crime syndicate in the White House that couldn’t tell the truth if their life depended on it. But there’s a bigger problem. The disease is spreading to other agencies.  When Richard Nixon engaged in his notorious gambit of obstructing justice back in […]

Leave your Free Speech at the Curb – but only until you are ordered to leave.

October 22, 2012


Originally, I had leaned towards taking a pass on this story. It wasn’t until I found that most of the people I’ve discussed it with, haven’t heard it, but also found it difficult to believe, that I decided to write a post.  I decided that it was important for you to realize the extent to […]

California Hard Reset – Elizabeth Emken

October 18, 2012


Anyone who has been around the block with cell phones, laptop computers or really any device with a central processing chip and a operating system, knows that eventually the device will cease to properly function.  The screen will freeze and the device is useless. The less ‘tech challenged’ among us, know how to restore normal […]

Lara Logan – Journalistic Integrity – it’s not always an Oxymoron

October 11, 2012


I have the sense that I’ve just discovered the needle – or at least a needle, in the proverbial haystack.  A field reporter inside the belly of the beast – the legacy, political, corporate media, that has actually dared to contradict that media’s anointed President and his administration. It’s a little shocking to hear what […]

Do Not Try This At Home

October 2, 2012


Hillary Clinton is a free market capitalist. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Hillary Clinton is a free market capitalist?  What???  On what planet?   Have you lost you’re mind?” I’ve not lost my mind and Hillary Clinton is a free market capitalist on this planet.  Just not in America.   Hillary has decided that reducing regulation […]

Mexicans – Doing the job the American Media won’t do

September 24, 2012


Mexicans – doing the job American Media won’t do… Spanish language news anchors from Univision, got some face time with Barack Obama a few days ago.   To the extent that it is permissible by the MSM to ask tough questions and back the President of the United States into a corner, they made a respectable […]

Jack in the (Ballot) Box

July 18, 2012


Democrats typically take a laisse faire, whatever happens, happens, it’s all good, approach to elections. No worries, mate. What? Pardon me, did you mention something about Bush V. Gore in 2000? Oh, yeah – how could I forget that? They got their shorts in a pretty tight bunch about that one didn’t they? But generally, […]