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Black Gun History Month and the NRA

March 5, 2014


No matter what the subject matter or news item, mass media in America has a set pattern, pre-cut, of how Blacks and other minorities fit into the narrative.  No individual or group that diverges from that established frame is welcome or relevant, as people like Herman Cain, Lt. Col. Allen West and my friend, Anita […]

Open Rebellion Radio!

February 20, 2014


Some of you, my readers, might have occasionally wondered what a radio program hosted by me would be like.  OK, I understand that probably never occurred to you.  It didn’t occur to me until about 6 months or so ago.  Since then I’ve been trying to put the pieces in place for a radio program […]

PC gets a load of Birdshot – The Ballad Of Phil Robertson

December 28, 2013


Welcome to this  Sports Center Free Speech Special Edition –  I’m your host, Richard Cameron. The non-televised free speech SuperBowl has already been played and free speech has taken the Lombardi trophy for 2014.  You don’t have to wait until January to know who kicked ass on Political Correctness – it was Phil Robertson at QB […]

Validation Of Valor

October 16, 2013


Just yesterday I heard the story of retired Army Captain William Swenson and his late in coming award of the Medal of Honor, earned in a tense combat mission, in Afghanistan in 2009, judged by many, to be one of the most, if not the most intense ever in that region. Because the outline of […]

Australia Says: “Let Me Up – I’ve Had Enough!”

September 8, 2013


Saturday’s national election in Australia demonstrates that it’s always possible to energize citizens to reject statism in favor of smaller and more responsive government.  Reuters reports: Australia’s conservative leader Tony Abbott swept into office in national elections on Saturday as voters punished the outgoing Labor government for six years of turbulent rule and for failing […]

Bacon – does it get any better than that?

May 9, 2013


It’s time for me to fulfill my promise or threat, depending on your point of view – to add some lighthearted content and give you a breather from the heavy political fare that is customary at Blasted Fools.  I’ve concluded that Bacon is, for the present moment at least, the number one official food of […]

Doom for Gloomberg

March 17, 2013


                      Mayor Mike ‘BloomBurqa’ is altogether too frequent a subject of discussion on this blog.  He’s been rotisseried for his attack on the 2nd Amendment here  and  taken to task on his ‘Soda Nazi’ edict, here.   Gloomberg doesn’t regret not being born into a […]

Fed Up Brits

January 6, 2013


In light of the election results in America last month, which seem to confirm that a majority of voters prefer dependence to opportunity, I was amazed to discover a contrary trend within the last few years arising from the most unlikely of places – the United Kingdom!   Yes, Great Britain, which remains Britain, but hasn’t […]

Ms. Schneider, Mary, Joseph, Jesus and Me

December 24, 2012


Hey, did you ever do that thing kids do called ‘Scavenger Hunt’?  I never did, but on a few occasions we’d have kids knocking at the front door looking for “Eye of Newt – (no, not him,) toe of Frog, Wool of Bat, and tongue of Dog, Adder’s fork, and ‘Blind-Worm’s sting?”  No, I think […]

Sisters are Doin’ It for Themselves – ‘Director’s Cut’

September 19, 2012


This just in.  Women are not only fed up to the eyeslots in their Burkhas and Hijabs, but are fighting back against the pigs that are oppressing them – in Iran of all places! Hojatoleslam – emphasis on the ‘slam’ part – Ali Beheshti, admits that a woman he harangued for improper attire, kicked his […]