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The Fed Feeds the Bull

April 7, 2013


A lot of people are puzzled by the strange disconnect between the behavior of investors in the stock market and the underlying fundamentals of the economy.   Psychologists call this ‘dissonance’, which is an expensive word to describe the feeling that what I’m seeing doesn’t make sense.  You’ve been seeing the Dow Jones Industrial Average, […]

Best Government Money Can Buy

February 10, 2013


One of my readers, whose curiosity was sparked by my recent post ‘Please Don’t Feed the Beast’, asked me if I knew where most of the business and organizational campaign money was coming from.  I did see some lists, but as it turns out, relatively speaking, many of the notable players in the 2012 cycle […]

Fed Up Brits

January 6, 2013


In light of the election results in America last month, which seem to confirm that a majority of voters prefer dependence to opportunity, I was amazed to discover a contrary trend within the last few years arising from the most unlikely of places – the United Kingdom!   Yes, Great Britain, which remains Britain, but hasn’t […]

Sacre Bleu!

December 30, 2012


The Euros are making fools of us. We’ve got a corrupt, cowardly Congress and a lying imposter masquerading as a President, that can’t abide by their oaths of office and hence, as I’ve described, calling it the ‘Chicken Game‘, are leading us into a deeper abyss of economic calamity. France has the same thing, except […]

The ‘Chicken’ Game

December 3, 2012


The ‘Fiscal Cliff’.  Of all the shameful travesties that have come forth from a federal government that neither the founding fathers, nor any other American leader of substance would recognize, the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ ranks near the top in terms of cowardice, foolishness and gross negligence. On the odd chance that the Fiscal Cliff hasn’t come […]

The Amphibious Jeep Wrangler

October 26, 2012


Remember that I recently posted about Government Motors thanking American taxpayers for the bailout, by forecasting a move to shift production to China? I know you remember all the shameless boasting the  ‘Narcissist In Chief’ has been doing in the presidential debates and in stump speeches about how he ‘saved’ American jobs.  The Romney campaign […]

Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie, Chevrolet and Chairman Mao.

October 8, 2012


Obama has made tried to make political hay about Romney and Bain Capital and the assertion that Romney has moved jobs overseas. Whatever the merits of that line of attack, Obama is conveniently neglecting to acknowledge his complicity in doing that very thing. That very thing, being the exporting of American jobs.   This video, (my […]

Popcorn, Peanuts, Obamaphones

October 4, 2012


Silly me – I thought the thing to do was to go to the TMobile store and sign up for a 2 year plan or avoid the contract – and just pop for a phone.  You know, cough up some Benjamins”, know what m’sayin? Boy what a dope I am.  I feel a little disenfranchised. […]

Property of the U.S. Government

September 5, 2012


A strange parallelism became visible today – one that has a degree of irony, but is not much of a surprise considering the parties behind it. The parties behind it were the Democrat party and the Communist party of Cuba. First the Democrat party and an advertisement promoting the values of the party:   Government […]

How do I get in on this?????

August 12, 2012


I came across this in a discussion on Freedom Connector.  It was evidently a reaction to the push for Amnesty, euphemistically known among the Beltway crowd as ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform’.  At this point, Amnesty is packed in ice – for now, anyway – so this is an oldie but goodie.  But if Obama gets a […]