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Carville Comics

June 27, 2012


As the election cycle progresses, the usual ‘Jack in the Box’ nature of crazy liberal / Democrat / Progress-o-bats flapping their wings here, there and everywhere and issuing quotes that would make a fall down drunk seem lucid in comparison – is going into hyperdrive. Actually, from my standpoint, having just dealt with ‘Mad Maxine […]

Der Fuehrer ist froelich – nein doch!

June 10, 2012


Hitler is not a happy camper-wagen.  Things didn’t go in Wisconsin und California quite the way he had planned.  Maybe he needs to do a roadie to get back some farfegnugen.   I’m told by aficionados, that the movie ‘Downfall’ has been for a number of years, a favorite vehicle for superimposing satire in place of […]

Grin N’ Barrett

June 6, 2012


Since the conserative news cycle will be awash today in post-mortems discussing the whys, wherefores and implications of the Democratic Chernobyl event ,  I will briefly just toss out some Red meat of my own and try to avoid too much ‘excessive endzone celebration’.   54% to 46% – wow, that was a real squeaker!  Mainstream […]

I Support Richard Nixon!

May 30, 2012


Richard Nixon is on the ballot in California and I voted for him – and so did the two other members of the household here.  I am feeling very superior to you, in that he was on the ballot in my state and probably not yours.  I’m doing a jive a$$ end zone dance here […]

Kissin’ Euro Cousins

December 14, 2010


The Swiss Parliament is working on a bill to legalize incest (between consenting adults).   I don’t know, but I’m thinkin’ maybe I see a tourism campaign aimed at folks from Arkansas.  I’m just sayin’. By Allan Hall in Berlin 4:17PM GMT 13 Dec 2010 The upper house of the Swiss parliament has drafted a law […]