Our Global Reach – International Visitors

Ciao!      GutenTag      Hoi     Marhaban     Aloha     Privet! 

     Salaam     Bonjour     Konnichi-ha.      Sveiki      Ola!

      Goededag      Hej     Mabuhay!           

Sawa dee-krap

Here are the  countries so far that Blasted Fools has victims, er – pardon me,  readers in, besides the U.S.of A.  

We’re having ‘global impact’ with our campaign of intimidation, propaganda, mayhem, anarchy, subversion, agitation, intrigue, espionage and mutilation. 

Speaking of subversion, you’ll notice that I have taken the liberty of including the flags of nascent countries, struggling to emerge and achieve independence from authoritarian states.  It is an ongoing trend that we at Blasted Fools consider to be a positive and healthy development  internationally.

I couldn’t be happier than to be an ‘Ugly American’.

Afghanistan       Afghanistan


Angola       Angola




Bangladesh       Bangladesh

Belgium       Belgium

Belize       Belize

Bermuda       Bermuda

Bosnia and Herzegovina       Bosnia – Herzegovina

Brazil       Brazil

Canada       Canada

Czech Republic       Czech Republic

Chile       Chile

Colombia       Columbia

Flag of Croatia       Croatia

Cyprus       Cyprus

Denmark       Denmark

Ecuador       Equador

El Salvador       El Salvador

Estonia       Estonia


France       France

Georgia       Georgia

Germany       Germany

Greece       Greece

Honduras     Honduras

Hong Kong       Hong Kong

Hungary       Hungary

Iceland     Iceland

India       India

Indonesia       Indonesia

Ireland       Ireland

Isle of Man Flag       Isle of Man

Israel       Israel

Italy       Italy

Jamaica       Jamaica

Japan       Japan

Kenya       Kenya

Korea (South)       Korea – (Republic of)

Latvia       Latvia

Macedonia Flag       Macedonia

Malta     Malta

Malaysia       Malaysia

Mexico       Mexico

Montenegro flag       Montenegro

Morocco flag        Morocco

Burma/Myanmar flag       Myanmar


Netherlands       Netherlands

New Zealand (Aotearoa)       New Zealand

Nigeria       Nigeria

Norway       Norway

Pakistan       Pakistan

Panama       Panama

Philippines       Phillippines

Poland       Poland*

Puerto Rico       Puerto Rico

Qatar       Qatar

Romania       Romania

Russian Federation       Russian Federation

Rwanda       Rwanda

Saudi Arabia       Saudi Arabia

Serbia flag       Serbia

Singapore       Singapore

Slovak Republic       Slovakia

Slovenia       Slovenia

South Africa       South Africa

Spain       Spain

Sri Lanka       Sri Lanka

Sweden        Sweden

Switzerland        Switzerland

Taiwan       Taiwan

Thailand       Thailand

Trinidad and Tobago       Trinidad and Tobago

Turkey       Turkey

Naval Ensign of Ukraine 1997 (dress).svg       Ukraine

United Arab Emirates       United Arab Emirates (UAE)

United Kingdom       United Kingdom

Venezuela       Venezuela


    Virgin Islands
Flag of Zambia       Zambia

*  Nine – no matter what the question is.

Map courtesy of www.theodora.com/maps used with permission

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