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Protesting and eating vegetables – both unpleasant, but necessary

December 9, 2014


  Protests are viewed with disdain by many on the Right. When some see footage of fellow Americans demonstrating, it elicits something akin to a Pavlovian reaction. They don’t see people exercising their fundamental Constitutional rights to protest. Instead they see malcontents, rabble rousers, troublemakers. They don’t look like people we can personally relate to […]

Loyalty Has Its Rewards

May 13, 2013


It is my opinion that the Associated Press has been, in the most general sense, a reliable partner to the political establishment for many years. They have stepped outside the bounds of objective journalism and far too consistantly, injected the narratives of the socialist / fascist agenda into their reports on any number of issues.  […]

Leave your Free Speech at the Curb – but only until you are ordered to leave.

October 22, 2012


Originally, I had leaned towards taking a pass on this story. It wasn’t until I found that most of the people I’ve discussed it with, haven’t heard it, but also found it difficult to believe, that I decided to write a post.  I decided that it was important for you to realize the extent to […]


April 2, 2012


Dude look familiar?  If he does, it’s probably because you carry his picture in your wallet.  Yeah, I see you with that wad of $2o’s tucked neatly in the cash pocket.  Well, I’ll be discussing our 7th President in much greater frequency in future posts, but there is no question that he would have a […]