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Donald Trump is on Probation

November 9, 2016


So, here we are – November 9th. The election is over and the country is not united, in fact it is split down the middle, as the results of the vote tallys indicate – Clinton winning the popular vote and Trump, the electoral vote. I have some random thoughts about the outcome and this is […]

Donald Trump’s Yuuuuge Millennial and Independent problem – It’s either Ted Cruz or we lose

March 15, 2016


I normally dislike such insipid titles as the one I chose for this column. But in this particular case, the reality could not be more simple and straightforward. As the GOP Presidential nomination race moves forward, it is becoming more evident that in terms of voter’s preference, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are going to […]

Donald Trump – your newest Lucy Van Pelt

January 31, 2016


Everyone that grew up with Charles Schulz’ Peanuts cartoon strip and the animated specials, recognizes someone like Charlie Brown, the earnest, good hearted, self conscious and regretfully easily duped, little fellow that really wants to believe. He’s also mildly neurotic and tortured by insecurity and doubts. Many of us even see a bit of ourselves […]

You’re Not Voting For A President – You’re Hiring An Employee

October 16, 2015


You’re not electing a President, you’re hiring an employee Somehow, someway, things have gone off of the rails in America. A Presidential campaign has come to be seen as an ad campaign with the candidate being the subject of the best marketing techniques and image positioning. Part popularity contest and part careful and cautious stage […]

Mitt Romney 2016 – Don’t Even Think About It, Say No Go!

October 24, 2014


  Well, I tell you what. I had an article to write about all the ferment within the neo-con wing of the GOP about Mitt taking another shot at the presidential nomination, but I put it on a back burner to simmer. That was until “the Donald” – yes, that Donald, Donald Trump forced my […]

The Curse of Feinkenstein

May 12, 2013


Senator Diane ‘Feinkenstein’ as she’s known here at Blasted Fools, has her shorts all in bunch again, (can women have their shorts in a bunch – or is that just a ‘guy thing’)?  The latest Bat in her Belfry is the Congressional Committee headed by Representative Darrell Issa (CA – 49). NBC’s ‘First Read’ reports: […]

The Hills Have Eyes

February 1, 2013


Would you have been suspicious if during your good old school days, you had found out that a teacher had given a straight A report card to a particular student for straight F work?  Pardon my disapproval of the lamestream media for handing out going Secretary of State Hillary Clinton top marks for her abysmal […]